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Full text of "Acorn User - Issue 187 (1997-11)(IDG Media)(GB)"

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The best-selling Acorn magazine in the world 

Essential for all users of 32-bit RISC OS computers 

— _— _ 

Better iyp&y 

VI a king 

J JJ J jj 3 J 1 





Storm DMA32 

new 32 bit SCSI 2 interface 

01728 621222 



01728 621179 



inc interface 
ex VAT imV 


inc interface 

ex VAT 


ex VAT in< VAT 



£90 £ I05.7S 

£120 £141.00 




120MB HARD DRIVES from only £90 

Get one of our IDE hard 
drives and increase the 
power of your Acorn. 
Fit it yourself - no special 
knowledge is required and 
no extra parts are needed. 
Just connect and go! 

♦ Rise OS 3.1 required for 

♦ Uses Rise OS 3.1 for full 

♦ All drives formatted and 
soak tested 

♦ Full I year guarantee 

A3 1 0/A400 



£138 £16115 

£129 £15138 

£129 £15158 

£168 £197.40 


( 186.83 











ex VAT hkVAI 


ex VAT mcVAT 


ex VAT inc. Ml 


£99 £11633 



A7000, RiscPC 

£99 £11633 

£129 £15156 

£179 £21033 





High quality 
flatbed scanner 





01728 621222 

The single pass high quality Scanflat II range of A4 
flatbed scanners is a new and improved version of the 
highly successful Scanflat series. With a new compact 
footprint to save space, improved scanning speeds and 
quiet operation, the Scanflat II provides both quality 
and ease of use for the busy office or classroom. 
Available now in 600dpi and 800dpi versions. 

♦ Scanflat II has 400x290mm footprint 

♦ Line art, grey or 24-bit 
colour modes 

♦ Pre-scan colour/brightness 

♦ Free ImageMaster Software 
& TWAIN driver 

♦ PC SCSI interface & 
software kit £45 extra 

♦ SCSI cable included 

♦ Full I year guarantee 

♦ New! Parallel port versions 
now available 

Price in brocket! 
Include) VAT 

(excl. interface) 


Scanflat II 600 (600dpi) 





Scanflat II 800 (800dpi) 





Scanflat 1200 (1200dpi) 

(£35 1.33) 


The unique expandability 
of SCSI makes it so easy to 
install extra SCSI hardware, 
and Castle Technology is 
delighted to be able to make this 
product available to the Acorn user. 
The Combo Case's two standard 5.25" 
size bays and robust construction provide 
a flexible and long-lasting carrier for your 
SCSI peripherals. 


Illustration shows Combo Case with CD-ROM 



Slot I 
Slot 2 
il terminator 

required \ 

Suitable SCSI devices 

include: hard drives, 

CD-ROM,MaxlT SyQuest, 

Panasonic PD. Zip etc 

way SCSI cable 
Own internal PSU 
SCSI in & expansion 

SCSI ID selectors 
Daisychain power 

Whisper-quiet fan 
Phono output (to hi-fi etc) 

Combo Case £60 

(£70.50 inc VAT) 



Deliver} £10 (£11.75 inc VAT) per order. 
Cheques (allow 5 working days lo clear), debil cards (Switch & Delta), 
credit cards 1 1% charge maj apply), ami educational orders act epied 
\ll trademarks acknowledged E&OE 


Ore Trading Estate Woodbridge Road 
Frarnlinghatn Suffolk IP139U 
ail safest uk 
Web httpy/ 

A305 A3 10 A440 A4I0/I RI40 A540 R260 A3000 A5000 A30I0 A3020 A4000 A4 RiscPC600 RiscPC700 A7000 






Find out what's new in the Acorn 

« Graphics 
Tho latest fr 

The latest from Aspex 

^jC Comms 

Introducing Twisted Spires BBS 

*lfi Public Domain 

IV Catch up on all the latest PD news 

o|Q Business page 

I ^9 Hardware on the move 



The PC card-modem adaptor 

Managing Editor Pam Turnbull 

Editor 5teve Turnbull 

Assistant Editor Karen Peach 

Art Editor Ed Burke 

Sub Editor Justine Bowden 


Dave Acton, Ian Burley, Mike Cook, David Dade, Simon 

Kiff, Jack Kreindler, Dave Lawrence, David Mathewman, 

Steve Mumford, Graham Nelson, Geoff Preston, lill Regan, 

Clive Semmens. Mark Taylor, Mike Tomkinson, Paul 


Group Advertisement Manager 

Elaine Prescott 

Account Manager Ian Antrobus 

Account Executive Carl Jackson 

Ad Production Barbara Newall 

Ad Typesetting Malcolm Thorley 

Marketing Manager Steve Tagger 

Marketing Assistant Jane Comber 

Production Manager Alan Capper 

Production Assistant Joanne Clifford 

Circulation Director David Wren 

Distribution COMAG (01895) 444055 

Subscriptions & Back Issues 

Database Direct 0151-357 1275 


Managing Director Ian Bloomfield 

Cover Tym Lecky/Ed Burke 

M.mbtr ol the Audit Bureau of Circulation 

Atom Usfi Ij an Independent publication and Acorn It 

not lejponiible loi any of the article! in thii ll>u« or 

lor any of the opinion! espreited 


^^^ M E D I A 

Published by IDG Media Ltd, 

Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP 

e-mail aueditor^idg. 

Tel: (01625) 878888 Fax: (01625) 850652 

Printed by Apple Web Offset. Warrington 

13 issue subscription rate: £39.99 (UK), 
£53.99 (EU), £68.99 (World) 

% ©1997 IDG Media Ltd. 

No material may be reproduced in whole or in part without written 

pefmiwion. Whllo every care it taken, the publishers cannot be held 

I'.^.illv i"-.|K>n»ible tor any error* in article*, listlngl or advertisement* 

and the view* ol contributor* do not necessarily reflect the view* 

of the publishers 

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Back issues 

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collection of Acorn User 


Air your views on the pages of Acorn 

The Regan Files 

Alexander Streater and the Acorn 
scene in Japan 

hands on 



Are you a winner of the Spooky 
competition? Find out here 

m tn Rambles through 

Acorn Wood 

Mike Cook tackles more of your 

t>(€ Checking the instruction 

Using a software PIC simulator 

OF C for yourself 

■■#»«# Get in control of your fonts 


Education news 

Including the latest from Anglia 

At last - Advance Level 4 

A look at this new fileserver software 





See page 74 for more details 

'Get Online' now 
for only £89 

A fantastic special offer 

with Argonet 

See page 84 

for full details 


Armchair surfing 

The NetStation from another 



Font handling 

Font design made easy 

Acorn w 


J I you need to know 
before your visit to 
Wembley - turn to 
page 33 

M Blowing away the cobwebs 
-part 2 

More on creating an effective website 

The Acorn User Web site 

Check it out at: 
http://www. idg. co. uk/acornuser/ 





page 83 for details 

Next month in Acorn User 

Acorn User CD-ROM 3 

On the next issue of Acorn 
User get your free CD-ROM 

packed with the latest 

software and information - 

don't miss it 

Next issue on sale 30 October 1997 

November 1997 Acorn User uk/acornuser/ 

Acorn StrongARM Rise PC 

all now 233 MHz 

4Mb 1.2Gb 14" Monitor 1350 08 £1149 

4Mb 1.2Gb 17' Monitor 1702.58 £1449 

4Mb 1.2Gb 8x CO 14" Monitor 143938 E1225 
4Mb 1.2Gb 8x CD 17" Monitor 1791.88 £1525 
1 0Mb 1 2Gb 1 4" 1643 S3 £ 1 399 

10Mb 1.2Gb 17" Monitor 1996.33 £1699 

10Mb 1 2Gb 8x CD 14" Monitor 1714 33 £1459 
10Mb I 2Gb 8x CD 17" Monitor 208563 £1775 

Rise PC (non-SlrongARM) Warranty 

3 years on-site Acom226 78 £193 

Rise PC (non-SlrongARM) Warranty 

5 years on-sile * om 454. 73 £387 

Rise PC (StrongARM) Warranty 

3 years .'6 78 £193 

Rise PC (StrongARM) Warranty 

5 years (54.73£387 

1 Mb VRAM 82.28 £53 

2 Mb VRAM 98.70 £84 
1 - 2 Mb VRAM Upgrade 64.63 £55 
16 Bit Minnie Audio Card ESP 50.53 £43 
Ergo Keyboard lor Rise PC Caste 38.78 £33 
Power-tec SCSI II Card tor Rise PC 

*«w»ms!95 05£166 
Rise PC 586-100 Card *-<™45943£391 

Rise PC DX4- 100 Card torn 350. 15 £298 

Rise PC (Series B and above) 
Single Slice Upgrade 4con> 88 


SIMM 4 Mb 32 bit 
SIMM 8 Mb 32 bit 
SIMM 16 Mb 32 bit 
SIMM 32 Mb 32 bit 
StrongARM Processor upgrade 

Acom254. 98 £2 17 


13 £75 
50 £20 
95 £34 
:>3 £59 

New Acorn A7000+ 

A7000 to A7000-f Upgrade 291 40 £248 

A7000+ 8Mb HD 1.2Gb 1056.33 £899 

A7000+ 8Mb HD1 2Gb 17" Monitor 

1439 38E1225 
A7000+8MbHD1.2Gb8xCD 1145.63 £975 
A7000» 8Mb HD 1 2Gb 8x CD 1 7" Monitor 

1S3S 08 £1309 
A7000(+) Warranty 3 years on-site 90 48 £77 
A7000(+) Warranty 5 years on-site 182 13E155 

Acorn Network Computer 

Corporate NC (Ethernet lObaseT) 

Acom457 .08 £389 
Home NC (Modem 28.8 kbps) * i om457 06£389 

A-Link tor Pocket Book Acorn 59 93 £51 

Flash Disc 512K tor Pocket Book 

88 13 £75 

Flash Disc 1 Mb lor Pocket Book 

ton 11868E101 
Mains Adaptor tor Pocket Book Hem 15.28 £13 
Parallel Link lor Pockel Book torn 30.58 £26 
Pocket Book II 256K *»m238.53£203 

Pocket Book II 1MB Acorn 304 33E259 

IDE cd kits 

IDE CD 20-speed Kit lor A3000 Se 

IDE hd kits A3000 

IDE HD 80 Mb Kit tor A3000 Senes 

IDE HD 80 Mb Kit * User Port 
lor A3000 Series res 12925 £1 10 

IDE HD 720 Mb Kit lor A3000 Series 

testes 65E158 

IDE hd + cd kits A3000 

IDE HD 80 Mb i- CD 8-speed Kll 

lor A3000 Series ICS2972SE253 

IDE HD 720 Mb * CD 20-speed Kit 

tor A3000 Series rcs36!90£308 

IDE hd kits Archimedes 

IDE HD 2.0 Gb Kit ICS229. 13 E 1 95 

IDE HD 3 8 Gb Kit /CS276 I3E235 

IDE CD Drive 8-speed 
IDE CD Drive 20-speed 

I0E 2'.." Hard Disc. 80 Mb 
IDE 2',' Hard Disc. 720 Mb 
IDE 3ft" Hard Disc. 2.0 Gb 
IDE 3ft" Hard Disc. 3.8 Gb 

ICS 69.33 £59 
ICS 88.13 £75 
iCS 63.45 £54 
res '129.25 £110 
ICS (68. 85£142 
/CS213.85 £182 

IDE CD Interlace tor A3000 Series 

iCS 70.50 £60 
IDE CD Interlace lor Arcbimedesics 57.58 £49 
IDE CD Interlace tor Rise PC ICS 5523 £47 
IDE CD * HD Interface lor Rise PC 

ics 65.80 £56 
IDE HD Interface lor A3000 Series 

tea 70 50 £60 
IDE HD Interface lor Archimedes ICS55.23 £47 
IDE HD Interface tor Rise PC ICS 55 23 £47 
IDE HD Interface * User Port 
lor A3000 Series ICS 71.67 £61 

IDE 3V Removable Hard Disc 
Cartridge S0327, 270 Mb SyQuest 38 78 £33 
Removable Hard Disc Fitting Kit 
tor Rise PC 5'." bay tcs 1645 £14 

Second Hard Disc Fitting Kil lor A5000 

ICS '4 10 £12 


BJ-30 Bubble Jel (Black) Canon IS3.33E139 
BJ-30 Bubble Jel (White) dm* 163 33 I 139 
BJ-230 Bubble Jel POA POA 

BJC-70 Colour Bubble Jet (Black/White) 

Canon 1 93. 88 £165 
BJC-150 Colour Bubble Jet ;.«.«. 141 00E120 
BJC-240 Colour Bubble Jel Cinonl41.00£120 
BJC-620 Colour Bubble Jet Cnno»2S2.63£215 
BJC-4200 Colour Bubble Jel Canon 1 75. 08 £ 1 49 

14 Sept 97. Quote the password "No Show" for special prices on items not shown here. 

I Have you bought 
a Rise PC or A7000 


BJC-4550 Colour Bubble Jet Caw. 359. 55 £306 
BJC-5500 Colour Bubble Jel Ca«>n645 08E549 
DeskJet 340 HP202. I0E172 

DeskJet 690C «P215 03£183 

DeskJet 870Cxi HP351.33E299 

EP-L Toner Cartridge tor LBP-4c»«»i65.S0 £56 
EP-S II Toner Cartridge lor LBP-8 

Cmod 72.85 £62 
LaserJet 6L hp364.25 £310 

Stylus 200 Epson 139.83 E 1 1 9 

Stylus Color 200 Epson 157.45 E 1 34 

Stylus Color 300 171 55 £146 

Stylus Color 400 Epson 182 13E155 

Stylus Color 600 Epxn245 58 £209 

Stylus Color 800 Epson 363 08 1309 


A305-'3 10/440 1 - 4 Mb 

A3000 4 Mb 

A3010 1 -2Mb 

A3010 4Mb 

A3020 I A4000 2 • 4 Mb 


iff! 103 40 £88 

IFEL 7638 £65 

IFEL 36 43 £31 

IFEL 8225 £70 

IFEL 65.80 £56 

IFEL 7638 £65 

Other hardware 

Access Pack 3 (33 6k modem, upgradable) 

Abo 198 58E169 

CanoScan 300 (scsil 
CanoScan 600 (SCSI) 
Casio Camera QV-10A 

with Connection Kit 
Casio Camera OV-100 

with Connection Kil 

Ca«m296 I0E252 
Canon 645.08 £549 

■I ..,-. 1|:.'.W>S£309 

, . jog B£4aS 

Casio QV-10A/100 Connection Kit 

*wn(J5.!5 £98 
DeskTV Entry Card VB«ra.swie2r7.38£185 

DeskTV Standard Card I with Tuner) 

eztlyer 230 Mb Removable Hard Drive 
(Parallel Port) 
GTx-5000 PC Parallel A4 Colour Flatbed 

Epw.257 3.7£219 

CC 79 90 E68 

CPC 9 40 £8 

CC209. I5E178 

v«oiwlomi 68.15 £58 


Oreoan) 98 58 £169 


Warranty period after extension: 

3 years 

5 years 

A7000 / A7000+ 



Rise PC 



Prices exclude VAT The warranty includes 


On-site for the A7000(+) and non-StrongARM Rise PC. 
Carriage-tree return-to-base for the StrongARM Rise PC 


We need the model and serial numbers for all items 

(don't forget your Acorn monitor). 

Send a dated proof of purchase if you did not buy from us 


Midi Max 
Mouse lor Acorn 
Movie Magic (Rise PC aniyi 
Mozafl Diqilal Audio 
PowerWAVE 50XG 
QuickCarn Colour 
RISC OS 3.1 Rom Pack. 3set/>rem 86 95 £74 
RISC OS 3.1 Software Upgrade 
without documentation 4ran 45.83 £39 

Rise TV w*m2S0.83£239 

ScanLight256 CCI50.40E128 

ScanU'ght 256 lor A3000/3010/3020/A4000 

CC 162. 15E138 
SeanLighl Video 256 A310/400/5000/Risc PC 

Sound Byte Recorder VTt 45 83 £39 

Sportster Flash external us Robotics I9I.53E163 
Sportster Voice 33.6 kbs external 
(upgradable) us Robotics 141. 00 £120 

TV Tuner with Teletexl. otter CC 111.63 £95 
Vision 24 508 line A3000 external 

Vision 24 508 line A3000/30 10/302074000 
internal aim 106 93 £91 

Vision 24 508 line A5000/400/300/Risc PC 

•6 93 £91 
Vision Master Colour Monitor 1 7" 

"W 38 £425 
Vision Master Colour Monitor 17" Pro 

»y»™536 98£457 
Vision Master Pro 500 Colour Monilor 21" 

Hyamtl 204 38 £1025 
Zip Disc 100 Mb VI 14 10 £12 

Zip Disc 100 Mb, pack ol 6 vli 88 13 £75 

Zip Pack (dnve * disc) wee* no interface) 


CD rom software 

AddressIT (annual subscription)^* 74 03 £63 
All About Handwriting, 

and All About Planes, KSi-3 ftpo»g 3525 £30 

Ancient Lands (MS) IMS 49.35 £42 

Artworks CD CC 8695 £74 

Bitlolio 7 * Robert Duncan SuperPack 

mol 68 15 £58 

Bitfollo7CD MSI 37.60 £32 

BodywiseCD. age9i6 Sntmnvn 34.08 £29 

Breakaway Maths, age 112 yitu 5758 £49 
Bntam Since 1930 (Anglia), KS2.3 

(needs KeyinU'Kiiy Plual Anglia 22.33 £19 

British Birds vim 76 38 £65 

British Isles from Ihe Air, kss-4 Angto 35.25 £30 
Cars - Malhs in Motion CD, age 8. 

QmtfSM 3525 £30 

Clip- Art CD 1 cc 1763 £15 

Clip-Art CD 2 CC 17.63 £15 
Cromwell Ihe Fire Fighter, age 5- u 

CamOsSoB 35.25 £30 

Dinosaurs (MS) ims 49.35 £42 

DTP- 1 Clip Art CD APOL 11.75 £10 

DTP-2 Clip Art CD APDL 1175 £10 

DTP-3ClipArtCD APDL 1293 £11 

Dune II CD EcHose 3173 £27 

Matti Mole's Summer Holiday, age a-' 


Mission. Control - Crystal Rain 

Forest 2 CD. age ? 11 Slmston 

Musical Instruments (MS) IMS 

My First Incredible, 

Amazing Dictionary (DK) ims 

Naughly Stories Volumes 1 and 2 

(set of 12) CD. age s-1 Shannon 

Nursery Rhyme Time CD, ageJ-6 

Oxford Talking Infant Atlas CD, 

offer, KS1 Snerslon 

PB. Bear's Birthday Party (DK) IMS 
PD-1 CD (Utilities) APix 

PD-2 CD (Games. Novelties) apdl 
PDCD-1 Oala/ile 

PDCD-2 Ductile 

PDCD-3 Daiame 

PDCD-4 ofHe 





49 35 






22 33 

e i g 







10 58 





I 14 






|e0 ngoweli to5 

It V| «***# 

». • *&* \>*y s © / 

^ontasV x . £\ * 




* n d J * 
L ean to your hearts coxWatflX * s 






Only £9 + VAT this month 

Font Emponum 7anl» 1880 £16 
Frontier 2000 CD rom, ksj-4 

Ca«*So» 44.65 £38 

Garden Wildlife, K8S Angtte 35 25 £30 

Granny's Garden CD Jl 73 E27 
Guardians ot Ihe Greenwoo I 

aMwon 49 35 £42 
Hutchinson Multimedia Encyclopedia 

(shrink-wrapped) 18.80 £16 
Inventors and Inventions, age hi 

yitm 95 18 £81 

Kid PlX 2 CD, KSI2 lda 4 ■ 

Kmglishei Children's Micropedia. K81-3 

LDA 6228 £53 
Kiyeko and the Lost Night ims 35 25 £30 

Map Detectives, age 8- <3 srwrewn 34.08 £29 

Photobase Decades Britain Since 

the 1930s /The Victorians Longman 47.00 £40 
Photobase Decades The 1960s 

Longman 39.95 £34 
Photobase Decades: The Vlctonans. offer 

Longman 45.83 £39 

Photobase: Science, offer Longman 45.83 £39 

PublishArt Release 3 CD Sman 27.03 £23 

Robert Duncan Cartoon Kil iwgi 3760 £32 

Rusty Dreamer, KS2 Stosion 30.55 £26 

Simon the Sorcerer CD. oHersamesvv35.25 £30 

Task Force Clip Art Collection Aumt 31.73 £27 

Tizzy's Toybox CD, age 4-6 Sneiston 30.55 £26 

Typography Fonl CD isv 32.90 £28 

Ultimate Human Body (DK) ims 49.35 E42 

Understanding Energy, KS3 Ant/m 44.65 £38 

Understanding the Body, KS3.4.«nsfia 35.25 £30 

Visit our web site for the latest full price list and special offers: ukj 

to London this yecxr *o 
take advantage of o*±r 

er you. tfie same /antastic 
bargains with, more tirrve to choose. 

your order must rectch. uls bu 
3rd No vember to be sure of these prices 

We may charge carnage of up to £7 » VAT on orders with a very small total margin 

Way Things Work (DK) rft3S £42 

World War II - On Ihe Home From. 
KB2£0wfeK*mMMyPlinl Anal™ 22.33 E19 

er sottware 

out ol 10. various lilies wig II '5 CIO 

Access Pack I (sottware only) Amo 54 05 £46 

Advance nam 115.15 £98 

Advantage. K52.3 Longman 39 95 £34 

Adventure Playground, age s-b swrw 16 45 £14 

Almanac Sanson 76.38 £65 

Atone in the Dark, otter Kosats 5.88 £5 

Amazing Maths, ksi « camtssoi 21 15 £18 

Ancestry II Mama 71 67 £61 

ANT Internel Suile Release II M 104 58 £89 

ArcFax, agnii. Ptma 30.55 £26 

ArcFS2 Wl 18.80 £16 
Arcventure I . . The Romans, age ro-u 

Stomal 27.03 £23 
I ... The Egyptians, eges-ii 

Simmon 27.03 £23 
Arcventure III The Vikings. KS2 

Shwston 27.03 £23 
Arcventure IV .. The Anglo Saxons, age en 

Shannon 27.03 £23 

Aries GamesW 24 68 £21 
Around the World in 80 Days, agat-12 

34.08 £29 

Artworks FD 
Artworks Made Easy 
Audio Mixer 
Aztecs, otter, age an 
Badger Trails, ks? 
Balloons. ksi 

CC 86.95 £74 

Dabs 2.00 v "£2 

VailMsmnv 32.90 £28 

>9.38 £25 

SMvmwi 3408 £29 

ropoag 1763 £15 

BBC Basic Relerence Manual Acorn 20.0O* , £20 
Big Bang Psywre 9.40 £8 

Birds ot War (not.Risc PC) fo» 91.15 £18 
Birds ol War tor Rise PC Fourth 21.15 £18 
Blinds Ouanmm 21.15 £18 

Bodywlse FD. .ige!H6 Shannon 34 08 £29 

Break 147 & Superpool (not Rise PC) 

Fourth 21 15 £18 
Break 147 & Superpool tor Rise PC 

21,16 E'8 
Budget DTP Oats 2.00 ™£2 

Bum 'Out otter 0.59.10 17.63 £15 

C Version 3 Oats 2.00 "'£2 

Calabash Pirates, j«e 7 11 Sum 1645 £14 
CardShop c&rss 21 15 £18 

CC" A;om2f6.20£184 

CDIracker, otter 5.88 £5 

Celebration, otter Clares 22.33 £19 

Chameleon. 0907. -'Mawm 37 60 £32 

Champions Compilation, otter inoi Rise po 

Knaans 5.88 £5 
hocks Away Compendium Foum> 21 15 £18 
Christmas Allsorts, otter, age6- 

Sheraton 10.58 £9 
Classcardz lor Resultz, otter Canon 10.58 £9 
Classcardz lor Wordz, otter conon 14 10 £12 

Cobalt Seed 
Complete Animator 
Composition iRisc PC only) 
Crattshop 1 , otter, age 7. 
Craltshop 2, otter, age 7. 
Crystal Maze FD, ago 7. 

7B4 16 45 £14 

Mi 64.63 £55 

euros 91.65 £78 

:5.85 £22 

aMaoon 5.88 £5 

aMaf/on 5 88 £5 

1283 £11 

Crystal Rain Forest FD, KSZSnurMon 34.08 £29 

Cyber Ape 


Dairyl Ihe Dragon, ksi.2 

DataGraph, otter, kslz 


DataPower 2 

D6skEdrt 4. ofler 

Desktop Folio, otter, ksi < 

Desktop Thesaurus 

Digital Symphony, otter 

Disc Rescue 



Dune II FD 

Dungeon (not Rise PC) 

Dungeon lor Rise PC 

Earthwarp, ofler, kss 

Easy C++ 


EasyFont Professional 

tba 12 93 £11 

EcHpse 17 63 £15 

«Ka«yi 18.80 £16 

1npo*>g 19 98 £17 

■158 £89 

•„,„ 123.38 £105 

BaaOug 22 33 £19 

IDA 29 38 £25 

Beeoug 18.80 £16 

Omgan 45.83 £39 

LOOK 41.13 £35 

W44.W £12 

Fourth 21 15 £18 

frtpss 24 68 £21 

Fourtn 21 15 £18 

Few* 21 15 £18 

Longman 22.33 £19 

Beeoug 9988 £85 

Fans 25.85 £22 

Faiw 44.65 £38 

Eidoscope, otter moi suongARMi ce 94 00 £80 

E-Type 2 (not Rise PCI foun-n 21 15 £18 

E-Type 2 lor Rise PC Founfl 21 15 £18 

Eureka 3 • Longman 76 38 £65 

Eye tor Spelling, otter, ksi. 2 lDA 2233 £19 

Find II!, offer 

Fire S Ice oifei 

Fireworkz Pro 

First Logo, KSU 

Firsl Page, ksj t 


Flight Path, age 9. 

Flossy the Frog, ksi 


Font Designers Toolkit 

Appan 2938 £25 

Renagaos 5.88 £5 

Conon 132 78 £11 3 

Longman 1998 £17 

Longman 39 95 £34 

HMwwy 18 80 £16 

Stom 18 80 £16 

*Ua»on 2468 £21 

1CS 10.58 £9 

iSV 22.33 £19 

Landmarks - The Civil War. offer, KS2.3 

Longman 10.58 £9 
Logic Mania, offer few*) 21 15 £18 

Longman Pnmary bundle. Advantage » Junior 
PmPoinl -i PenDown Longman 7520 £64 

Longman Secondary bundle: Eureka3 + 

PenDown + PinP0lnt2 Longman 144. 53 £ 1 23 

Lookl Hear! Talking Topics (set of 6) 

tj" - l 
MacFS Light 
MathMania. KS2-4 
Maths Circus, ksi-.i 
Merp / Mirror Image 

siMAUon 45.83 £39 

CC 81.08 £69 

CC 43.48 £37 

Topoiog 24.68 £21 

tMailon 27.03 £23 

:?93 £11 

Real McCoy 4 

Real McCoy 5 
Replay Starter Kit 
Report Generator 
Report Writer, ksi -a 

Fourt'i 21.15 E18 

Fou*i 21 15 £18 

#78 £33 

&V 18.80 £16 

Creetiw 4348 £37 

Revelation ImagePio 24 bit. 

limited offer, KS2-4 Longman 25.85 £22 

Revelation, offer inoi Rik pci Knaus 3,53 £3 

Revolver Psycom 9 40 £8 

Rhapsody 3 Clams 83 43 £71 

Rhythm-Bed curat 44.65 £38 

Rick Dangerous »»wi 8.23 £7 
Ridiculous Rhymes FD. ago 7, 

Sneraron 22.33 £19 

RISC OS 3 Programmer's Reference 
Manual vol 1-4 team 101 00*£101 

RISC OS 3.1 Documentation 20.00*>£20 

RISC OS 3.6 Programmer's Relerence 
Manual vol 5a Acorn 30.00"£30 

Rosie and Jim: Jim Gets Ihe Sneezes, age 3-6 

Sneraton 5.88 £5 

Rosle and Jim Talking Aclivities, age 3* 

Shooton 1058 £9 
RTF and WordPerfect Loaders and Savers 

CC 25.85 £22 
19ARM1 orc-gan 17 63 £15 
Longman 76.38 £65 

Sally and Wally (rwi sm 
S-Base 2 Developer 
S-Base 2 Personal 
ScreenTurtle, ksi-3 
Sea Rescue, age 7-9 

Sibelius 6, KS3.4 
Sibelius 7 

Longman 37.60 £32 
Topoiog 41 13 £35 
snersran 22.33 £19 
Clara 88.13 £75 
Data Slow 8.23 £7 
iVenwoir 16 45 £14 

Simon the Sorcerer FD (wi sirongARM) 30.55 £26 

Sleuth 2 

SmArt, age 7. 

smArt Faces: English 
smArt Fantasy 
smArt Fashion 
smArt Homes: English 
Smudge Ihe Scientist, ago » 
Smudge the Spaniel, age 4. 
SolidsRENDER, ofler 
Space Cily. age 7-9 
SparkFS, age 7. 
Spex-i- Home version, otter 

Baeoug 92.83 £79 

aMaoon 35.25 £30 

aManon 15.28 £13 

•rttolfon 15.28 £13 

Motion 1528 £13 

AMatton 1528 £13 

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Authorised Acorn Dealer and Developer wx 

Font Directory 2 

Font Directory Professional 

LOOK 39.95 £34 
LOOK 58.75 £50 


Fonl Pack 277 

Font Pack 298 

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Formula Two Thousand 


Freddy's Adventure, ksi 

Freddy Teddy, ksi 

Frontier 2000 FD, kss 4 

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Giant Killer Support Disc, offer, KS2.3 

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Giant Killer, otter. KS2 3 ropotw I 

Granny's Garden FD. KSI 2 JMaiw 23.50 £20 

Graphics Loaders cc 2585 £22 

Graphics on Ihe ARM Machines Ono» 2.00 ™£2 

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Hatchback, age 7. 
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Hearsay II 
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ImageMasler, ngen. Ming 24.68 £21 
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Impression (Dabs) Dana 2.00 "t2 

Impression Publisher cc 115.15 £98 
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lnterTalkV2 Acom 9165 £78 

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James Pond - Underwater Agent / Running 

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Oxford Reading Tree Clip Art, ages. 

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PholoReal (Canon) 
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Star Fighter 3000 ' - v, 

Stig ot the Dump. KS2 3 (noi Roc PC) 

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Web Designer's Toolkit 




Xenon 2, special offer 

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Longman 2938 £25 
Zoo. KSI Topoiog 1763 £15 

Task Force Clip 
Art Collection 
only £27 + VAT 









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Computer Concepts, Xara and now Zyris 


LRU imp 

It's an unofficial fact that Computer Concepts has now 
virtually ceased software development for the Acorn plat- 
form, however, Acorn roots refuse to dock. The Xara side 
of the Computer Concepts group has been working in the 
P( software market for nearly five years. 

Many expected the company would wash their hands of 
the Acorn connection once and for all, but the latest 
venture to emanate from (iaddesden Place maintains one 
more link with Acorn. The new company, called Zyris, is a 
joint venture between Computer Concepts founder, Charles 
Moir and Nova Fisher - who heads up Minerva Software 
and the Zynet Internet service provider. If that wasn't 
enough, Acorn former technical supremo, Malcolm Bird, 
has also joined the new venture as a non-executive director. 

So what is Zyris all about? When we spoke to Charles 
Moir he was being somewhat coy about the potential of 
Zyris. After all, his plans are not unique and there are 
some competitors to watch out tor. 

Basically, Moir believes the future lies on the World 
Wide Web. Software Computer Concepts and Xara have 
developed almost entirely products which are designed to 
run inside the computer in front of you. Zyris is all about 
software on world-wide world servers, powerful comput- 
ers which can be accessed from anywhere where there is a 
suitable Internet access point. Ibis brings us to another Acorn link 
- NCs. Zyris-hosted sen ices on the World Wide Web will be ideal 
for so called thin clients, Network Computers or N< s. 

The opportunities are almost limitless. There are already several 
examples of diverse services being hosted by servers on the World 
Wide Web, for example, Web e-mail, search engines, catalogues, 
news services and video conferencing. Some of these services 
require software to be run on the client' side - your computer in 
other words. However, Zyris are banking on the success of the now 
ubiquitous Web browser. 

Zyris applications will run entirely on the central server without 
the need for specialist software on the client, for example, the latest 
Xara software release is a 3D application. A Xara customer can buy 
and download this application over the World Wide Web, but the 
software must be run on the user's own computer. If you are not 
within reach of your computer you don't have access to that software. 

Today, to avoid this situation, many people resort to using 
computers they carry with them. Charles Moir sees a future where 
you will not need portable computers - you will simply use the 
nearest computer connected to the Internet via a standard World 

Frisco: /.wis hontfppf f 

^ H<j|jg fll/ll|B 


ii ii :\ri\ i mi 


\ young, .uiibiiiDuv .mil leading edge Internet 
uxnpauy, Zyris wta cmnd i" exploit anttupated 
opponunitie* m the uuhmhiiw Internet and 

c-commeive markets 

Penned b) two experienced DUecton "i MocessAil 
Enteral companies *nli .1 combined M yean "i 

Wide Web browser. Of course many of these computers will be \< s. 
Zyris are scheduling their official launch in November or there- 
abouts, and will start by hosting a selection of services themselxrs. 
Later it is expected the software developed for these services will be 
made available to other Internet or intranet service providers. 
Meanwhile Zyris are recruiting staff for the new company. 

While Nova Fisher and Charles Moir will be on the board of 
directors, they are also looking for a candidate for the position of 
managing director. 'Alas, the Zyris software has no direct Acorn 
link. Zyris will be supporting Windows NT and I nix'. Sales will be 
supporting Microsoft Windows NT and Unix. There isn't even a 
connection to Java. The basic common denominator is HTML 3.2 - 
as long as your browser supports this level of HTML you should be 
able to use Zyris services. 

Payment is likely to be via a subscription and when a standard 
for electronic payment over the Internet is agreed upon it is likely 
that Zyris will be able to charge per use without the need for an 
account. At the time of writing Zyris had not yet been officially 
launched. However, there is a Zyris home page on the Web at 

Acorn World show rescued 

Serious problems hit the Acorn World 
show just two months before the event 
was scheduled to take place. The good 
news is that Acorn have stepped in and 
saved the day. Problems became apparent 
when people found they were not able to 
purchase advance tickets for the show and 
there were even reports that the Wembley 
ticket office was telling enquirers that the 
show had been postponed. 

Behind the scenes, the contracted 
organiser of the show - EPS Events - had 
apparently begun to experience difficulties 
in their business relationship with the 
Wembley venue. Eventually it was clear 
that neither EPS nor their sister company 

EPS HOYS (Horse of the Year Show), 
would be able to organise Acorn World 97 
at Wembley. Acorn have since stepped 
into the fray and assumed the role of 

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, 
there was concern that deposits paid by 
exhibitors to the former organisers might 
be lost. It also seems Acorn were not able 
to obtain details of exhibitors who had 

previously booked stand space with the 
original organisers. This meant a lot of 
hard work contacting dozens of compa- 
nies to find whether they had previously 
booked space and whether or not they had 
paid deposits. 

The encouraging news is that as we went 
to press, Acorn confirmed the show would 
take place as originally planned. Advance 
ticket sales have re-started and Acorn are 
working hard to address the situation 
regarding exhibitors. With a bit of luck 
these problems will not have any effect on 
the end product in any major way. If you 
have not yet ordered your advance tickets 
the number to ring is: 0181-982 6500. 

6 I Acorn User November 1997 

l http://www.\dq. 


Eesox ships new SCSI-2 card 

Last month it was < astle technology who 
launched a new SCSI-2 card. This month it is the 
turn of Eesox to launch their own. The new 
Eesox t tirti is capable of transferring data at up 
to seven megahytes per second in asynchronous 
mode and ten megahytes per second in synchro- 
nous mode using DMA on a Rise PC. 

Other features include background transfers, a 
cached filing system and enhanced SCSI driver 
software from Eesox. The card is auto-configur- 
ing so there is no need to enter awkward 
configuration commands every time you 
change, add or remove a device. Eesox said that 
software is provided with the card to enahle any 
hard disc or CD-ROM drive to he used. 

Additional drivers may he required for specific 
devices, such as scanners or ( D-writers. The card 
is also supplied with a program called SCSI 

Director, which is designed to maintain SCSI 
peripherals - formatting and verifying, etc. 

Four gigabyte partitions are possible using 
the Eesox card and up to eight partitions per 
device can be set up. The card can be used 
with all Archimedes and recent Acorn RISC" 
computers which have standard 16-bit full size 
poclule slots. Rise PC and A7000 models make 
best use of the cards performance because they 
support DMA. 

Eesox is charging £125 plus VAT for the SCSI-2 
card. There is also a £25 discount on the card if 
you buy a SCSI peripheral from Eesox at the 
same time. 


Tel: 01954 208208 


WWW :http://xvww. eesox 

Portable doubts 

It was with some frustration that the Acorn 
Products Group learned that it is now unlikely 
that they will be able to market a consumer 
version of the portable computer which was 
shown at the Wakefield show earlier in the year. 
Acorn have never tried to avoid the fact that 
the prototype portable shown at Wakefield was 
primarily a development project for an 
unnamed US company. The Acorn Products 
Business were banking on the portable project 
being put into production so that a version of 
the computer could have been produced for the 
consumer market. However, Acorn's US client 
has decided that the portable form factor for the 

device they ultimately required is not the 
answer. Unless, the same client revives the 
portable project or another client takes an inter- 
est in it, it is unlikely that a consumer version 
will be possible. 

The news is frustrating and removes one of 
the forthcoming highlights of the Acorn World 
show. However, we understand that Chris Cox, 
who heads the Product Business section, is 
working on another attraction to replace the 
portable at the show. Unfortunately, we were 
not able to find out precisely what this might be 
- so perhaps there's another good reason for 
visiting the show! 

New integrated StrongARM 
from Digital 

It had to happen sooner or later - Digital 
Semiconductor has produced an integrated 
version of the StrongARM processor which 
includes practically everything a system designer 
would require for a portable battery-powered 
device with a LCD screen and PC card slots. 

The new SA-1100 chip includes system support 
logic, multiple serial communication channels, a 
colour/grey scale LCD controller, PCMCIA 
support for up to two sockets and general 
purpose I/O ports. Sounds familiar? The new 
chip is practically a StrongARM version of the 
older ARM 7500, though without external moni- 
tor drivers, or more closely the ARM 7800 as used 
in the new Psion Series 5 palmtop computer. 

The Series 5 chugs along at a relatively sedate 
18MHz, so a StrongARM version of the Series 5 
would see a dramatic performance improvement 
- even at the SAllOO's slower speed option of 
133MHz. The faster option is 200MHz. The only 
component missing appears to be a floating 
point arithmetic processor, but if the ARM 7500 

1 : E can have one, so can the SA-1100, one day. 
Digital says the SA-1100 is aimed at handheld 
personal computers or HPCs, smart phones, digital 
cameras, subnotebook computers, wallet personal 
computers, screen and Web phones and portable 
NCs. The only item on that list Acorn haven't 
publicly revealed that they have worked on is the 
wallet computer. The maximum heat dissipation 
of the SA-1 100 is still minuscule at half a watt. 

To put this into perspective, Cyrix, which 
recently introduced a Pentium MMX clone, were 
singing the praises of its product's sub-15 watt 
figure. Digital are also highlighting the potential 
of the SA-1100 for voice recognition and Java 

A list of nine supported operating systems can 
be found in Digital's literature, though oddly there- 
is no mention of either RISC OS or NCOS. This is 
odd because RISC OS patently will work on the SA- 
1100, and NCOS version I is RISC OS by another 
name, plus NCOS 2 is a Digital NC operating 
system which runs on the StrongARM platform. 

Acorn licenses Java 

It is certainly no secret that Acorn 
are developing a Java Virtual 
Machine (VM) - it's a vital ingredi- 
ent for the long term viability of 
Acorn's NC product line and it's 
called RISCafe. The news is that 
Acorn have finally paid up front 
for a Java licence, which suggests 
that RISCafe is nearing its debut 
as a full commercial product, likely 
to be made available to NC 
customers and, of course, Acorn's 
third party NC clients. RISCafe is a 
run-time environment for execut- 
ing Java applications which 
operates on top of RISC OS. 

233MHz StrongARMs 

Digital Semiconductor have 
started to produce 233MHz 
StrongARMs, replacing production 
of the original and familiar 
200MHz parts which have been 
used in the flagship Rise PC until 
now. In fact some StrongARM Rise 
PCs have already started to ship 
with the faster StrongARM fitted 
because the summer Rise PC 
promotion was more successful 
than anticipated, exhausting 
stocks of the 200MHz model. 
It had originally been planned to 
launch the faster StrongARM Rise 
PC at Acorn World 97. StrongARM 
upgrade kits are still being 
supplied with the old chip, but 
233MHz upgrades will be avail- 
able from Acorn World 97. Despite 
the slight performance boost there 
is no change to pricing. 

ARM Club events 
coming up 

The National Motorcycle Museum 
will be the venue for The ARM 
Club's Midlands Show on 
December 6th. More details on 
this event can be found at 
midlands.html and anyone wish- 
ing to exhibit there should contact for details. 
The club will also be returning to 
Merton Court School in Sidcup, 
Kent on March 1 1998. Details of 
this event can be found on the 
Web at http://www.armclub. 

November 1997 Acorn User 



Rewritable DVD news 

CD-ROM as we know it is definitely old hat now. Who needs a 24X 
drive if it only holds a paltry 650 megahytes? That was ohviously a 
tongue in cheek observation, but with the imminent arrival of 
DVD-ROM and DVD-RAM (rewritable), good old CD-ROM is going 
to look very ordinary indeed. 

DVD-ROM drives are already filtering onto the market. 
Commercial content on DVD-ROM promises over two hours of top 
quality video and stereo sound courtesy of MPEG-2 A/V compres- 
sion - there will be no need to swap CDs in the middle of a movie. 
A single-sided single density DVD-ROM has the space for nearly 
five gigabytes of data, enough to store the contents of more than 
seven 650Mb CD-ROMs. Ultimately, a single double-sided, double- 
layered DVD-ROM will contain 17Gb of storage space - that's 26 
CDs or about 12,000 floppy discs! The big news is that some of the 

most important CD-ROM players have agreed on a specification for 
phase change rewritable CDs which will be compatible with the 
DVD standard. 

The companies which have announced the agreement include 
Hewlett-Packard, Philips Electronics, Sony, Mitsubishi, Ricoh and 
Yamaha. Conspicuous by its absence from the ranks are Panasonic, 
who pioneered the original PD format phase change standard 
which marketed as a CD-ROM drive enhancement, but wasn't actu- 
ally CD-ROM compatible. 

Phase change describes the two optical states of the recording 
medium which can be written using a single-pass laser system, 
unlike magneto-optical (MO) drives, which require two passes per 
write. Phase change is purely optical and the blank media is consid- 
erably cheaper to produce than MO. 

The new phase-change rewritable specification presented by the 
group of companies is based on a standard 120mm disc format 
designed to be read by future DVD-ROM drives. This data-storage 
format specifies an initial capacity of 3.0Gb per disc surface. In the 
( mistant Angular Velocity (CAV)(1) mode high-performance 
random access and transfer rates are achieved by using techniques 
similar to those used in hard disc drives. The official name for these 
new devices will be 'DVD+RW drives. 

As yet there is no firm idea of when DVD+RW drives will appear 
in quantity or how much the drives will cost. However, the possible 
uses are clear. live hours of CD-quality audio could be recorded on 
a 3Gb disc, or a little more than five hours of MPEG- 1 video. Or 
how about 125 uncompressed 600dpi 24-bit 6x4 inch photo scans? 
3Gb is larger than many hard disc drives too, so drive back-ups 
could be a doddle. SCSI is likely to be one of the main interface 
options for these DVD drives, so the Acorn platform looks well 
equipped to embrace the new technology. 

Calling all would-be butlers 

A Psion Series 3, or the Acorn Pocket Book 
equivalent, is now one of the recommended 
tools for learning to be a successful butler. 
Welsh butler, John Thomas, says life 
wouldn't be the same without his Psion 
Series 3a. 'I know it's not exactly in keeping 
with a butler's image, but I'd be lost with- 
out my Psion,' he explained. Thomas, a 
butler of eight years now runs his own 

training school for butlers and household 
personnel. He added: T use mine daily to 
make appointments, write class notes, or 
send and receive faxes.' 

A Series 3 is now included in the syllabus 
of his butler training course in order to 
encourage trainees to use the technology. 
He explained: 'Apart from training students 
how to clean silver, lay tables and serve 

food, I also introduce them to the advan- 
tages of owning a Psion. 

The main uses a 21st century-style butler 
will put his pocket computer to include 
stock control - the wine list, for example, 
surfing the Net, e-mail and sending faxes. 
'I've even been known to take it to bed 
with me, to tap in some last-minute notes,' 
said Thomas. 

Acorn sets up shop in Taiwan 

Taiwan is to computers as Hong Kong is to plastic toys or Japan is to 
cars. Taiwan is the busiest computer manufacturing country in the 
world. A few other countries may exceed Taiwan's bottom-line 
computer manufacturing volume and value in a given year, but 
"feiwan single-handedly produces more different brands, makes and 
models of computers and component parts than anywhere else. 

With this knowledge, it's not difficult to understand why Acorn have 
tied a deal with l.umax Technology Inc., based in Taiwan's capital city 
of Taipei, to act as its Taiwanese agent. Lumax Technology are no 
strangers to Acorn, as they have been promoting the Digital 
StrongARM in this market for some time. 

Eric Chou, executive vice president of Lumax Technology Inc. 
commented: 'Since our founding in 1975, Lumax have excelled as a 
solution supplier of high-tech products in Taiwan and China. Utilising 
our established technical background and familiarity with the Asian 

Acorn User November 1997 

http //www. 

high-tech industry, we are confident that we will be an outstanding 
representative for Acorn.' Peter Bondar, Acorn's senior vice president 
of technologies and engineering, commented: 'Our Asian presence is 
getting stronger by the day. We are already working with Samsung in 
Korea, and NTT in Japan, so this is the next logical step forward. The 
Taiwanese market is an exciting place to be, and the fact that we're 
working with a recognised leader in this market to promote all design 
and licensing opportunities for Acorn's technology is just fantastic. We 
look forward to a long and successful relationship with Lumax.' 

It's still early days for the NC or thin Internet client market, but if 
and when this market takes off, the myriad of small anil medium- 
sized computer manufacturers in Taiwan will move to ride the market. 
Acorn's deal with Lumax is designed to ensure that Acorn technology 
will be at the top of the shopping list among the Taiwanese manufac- 
turers when the big day finally arrives. 


Oregan serves up the mail 

Like the new Zyris venture from Computer 
Concepts founder, Charles Moir, Oregan's new 
NC-Mail product adopts the Internet server as a 
centralised and universally accessible service. 
NC-Mail is a server-side e-mail processor, mail- 
box and transmission tool. It was developed 
primarily for the Acorn-based NC. or NetStation 
and is designed to integrate with the ROM-based 
NCFresco web browser, by providing browser 
"mailto:" URL support, as well as conventional 
e-mail sending and receiving capability. 

Rather than use the server as a temporary store 
for your messages which are then downloaded to 
your local computer via a mail client program, 
the Oregan system simply needs a browser to 
view and edit received mail as well as prepare 
new mail and then send it. All the action 
happens on the server, with the browser serving 
as a remote display. 

NC-Mail supports customised signature 
attachments and address books, e-mail save, 
print and forwarding, provides "mailto:" URL 
processing capability, optional quoting of orig- 
inal mail, minimal client processing - virtually 
no overheads on an NC plus extensive customi- 

sation available via an extra client-side 

handler. The beauty of the system is that you 
don't need a specific computer to access your 
e-mail, which is certainly the case with most 
Internet e-mail users at present. You could, in 
theory, wander up to any old NC. or PC with a 
standard browser and Internet connection, log- 
in to your mail server site on the Web and then 
carry out mail actions remotely. 


Tel: 0121 353 6044 

Image processing on your NC 

Oregan are taking on the brave new world of 
Network Computing with products on both sides 
of the client/server divide. In another story this 
month we bring news of a server-side e-mail 
facility for NCs from the Midlands company. At 
the same time, Oregan have introduced an image- 
processing package for NCs called NC-Photo. 

Oregan describes NC-PhotO as an image process- 
ing, photo-retouching and colour painting tool 
all in one package. NC-PhotO has been designed 
specifically for the Network ( omputer, with a 
consistent NC look and feel, integrating scam 
lessly with other NC tools. The package includes 
dozens of filters, special-effects and image 
controls and it is able to import and export 
industry standard image files types, like JPEG, 
GIF and TIFF. 

All special effects, image enhancement, and 
filter operations may be applied globally, or may 
he gradually applied using any of the \( .-Photo 
painting tools. There is a cloning brush, airbrush, 
a texture builder, transparency, translucency, 
colour correction, linear and gradient fills, 
morphing and other distortions, scratching, 
rippling, embossing and protection masking. 


Tel: 0121 353 6044 

Teething problems 

The Internet is a wonderful thing and people are 
trying out new and increasingly clever applica- 
tions across the Internet. Some might say that one 
day you will be able to do anything on the 
Internet using an NC. within reason. BT's latest 
smart idea is to use the Internet as a virtual slide 
projector to accompany telephone conferences. 

Basically, you log onto the host website which 
displays the" 'projection' screen and a conference 
moderator on the phone introduces speakers who 
can display their electronic slides to all the partici- 
pants through their Web browsers. So you're 

listening to the person giving the talk on the phone 
and watching their presentation on the Web. 

Nice idea BT, but it would be better to make 
sure it works before trying to demonstrate it live. 
Myself and 15 other journalists were literally 
hanging around on the Internet twiddling our 
thumbs while BT tried to jump-start the Internet 
'projector' After an hour's delay and a second 
abortive re-start, the demonstration was aban- 
doned. Apparently BT's network was 
experiencing problems. The Internet is a wonder, 
but it also has teeth to bite you with! 

Get the DARC bus to 
Acorn World 

Derbyshire Acorn Rise Club (DARC) 
are offering a limited number of 
places on their special coach which 
will take both members and non- 
members to the Acorn World show 
this year. 

The coach will start at Matlock, 
but people will also have the 
opportunity of joining the coach at 
several pick up points during the 
journey. St.Helens House in Derby 
and also Thulston are definite pick- 
up points and it's possible the 
coach will be able to stop at other 
points on the A6 through to 
Junction 24 of the M1. 
Anyone who is interested can get 
the latest details of cost and pick- 
up points from the club secretary, 
Margaret Barefoot, e-mail: bare- 

Werewolf's new 

Werewolf Software's new phone 
number is 0181 289 6003. The old 
one still works, but it's now best to 
use the new one. 

Werewolf will also have their 
own independent stand at Acorn 
World for the first time. One of the 
highlights will be none other than 
the new game Sheep Racing Deluxe, 
plus various special offers. 

Werewolf Software 
h ttp://www. werewlf. 

ESP takes on Audio 
Dynamics MIDI 

ESP have announced they have 
taken over the licence of the Audio 
Dynamics DMI MIDI card along with 
its associated range of XG 
Synthesiser and Sampler options. 
ESP says they are committed to 
the long-term support and develop- 
ment of MIDI and Sound on the 
Acorn platform, including extended 
software support for the DMI cards. 
Any orders for equipment and 
upgrades placed with Beebug have 
now been passed on to ESP. 


Tel: 011 S 944 4140 

Fax: 01 15 944 41 50 


sales@exso ftpr. demon, co. uk 


http://www. cybervillage. co. ukl 


November 1997 Acorn User 9 


Acorn dangles the NC carrot 

Atom believes the NC.'s market's proverbial 
'big bang' is now just waiting to be ignited. 
Much of the hard work in researching and 
designing the NC platform is finished. All 
Acorn and their many partners and competi- 
tors need is some strong market growth. 

In a bold move to deliver just that, Acorn 
have decided to offer their Network 
Computer hardware production and refer- 
ence designs free of charge to licensees of 
RIS( OS, the same operating system we all 
use in our desktop Acorns which is at the 
heart of Acorn NCs. A tailored version of 
RISC OS was licensed to Oracle to form 
their ARM-processor-based NCOS (Network 
Computer OS) operating system. 

By charging only for the operating 
system licence, Acorn are simplifying the 
deal and hopefully encouraging more play- 
ers to take the plunge with them. The 
designs being offered free of charge 
include updated and lower cost versions of 
thi' NC reference designs that were origi- 
nally developed by Acorn for Oracle. 
Acorn's existing customers for these 

designs include RCA, Zenith, Akai and 
NetProductS. Peter Bondar, Acorn's senior 
vice president of technologies and engi- 
neering, commented: 'These changes in the 
license pricing structure will ultimately 
benefit the consumer, because Acorn will 
now be able to offer more companies the 
NC technology at lower costs. This will 
spur the growth of the market, making the 
final products less expensive and more 
widely available to the public' 

He added: 'This is a fantastic opportu- 
nity, both for Acorn and our RISC OS 
licensees. We have the hardware designs, 
the operating system, and excellent rela- 
tionships with content providers and 
manufacturers. This allows Acorn to be a 
one stop shopping centre for anyone 
hoping to create a digital product, or 
enhance one they already have.' 

By licensing RISC OS, Acorn can open 
avenues to lucrative development contracts 
which will involve designing, developing 
and production-engineering RISC OS-based 
devices for their clients. Acorn also believes 

that they can bring designs to fruition more 
quickly than anyone else because they have 
most of the technology on the shelf already. 

Projects will often require the relatively 
simple job of cementing some of the Acorn 
library or 'kit bag' as Bondar likes to put it, 
building blocks together with production in 
mind. With NCs, you're not just talking 
about a standalone product. Network 
providers and content providers become 
important partners as well. Acorn have 
these in their armoury as well, with the 
likes of Curtis Mathes Xpressway(tm), 
NetChannel and Argonet to provide sen ic :es 
to include such features as managed access 
(providing secure storage space for online 
users) and the integration of Acorn's 
flashDisplay(TM) technology. 

Acorn's own press release unabashedly 
declares that Acorn network computer tech- 
nology is at the heart of more Original 
Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) NC prod- 
ucts than any other technology. Making its 
reference designs free of charge should help 
Acorn to keep this advantage. 





Siren **—> 


Siren Technologies Ltd is a newly created 
company incorporating Siren Software 
Systems and will continue to market and 
support their product portfolio. Siren 
Technologies will trade under two operat- 
ing divisions - SirenSOFT and SirenNET. 

The role of SirenSOFT will be to continue 
to market Siren Software Systems' product 
range in particular the Neos, Time and 
Attendance System and to continue to 
support the Acorn platform, 

SirenNET will aim to provide Internet 
consultancy and design services for small to 
medium sized businesses. The new contact 
details are as follows: 

All correspondence to Siren Technologies 
Ltd, 11 Eastville, Birmingham, B31 3UJ. lei: 
0121-683 8440 (Siren Technologies and 
SirenSOFT), tel: 0121-683 8441 (SirenNET). 
Fax: 0121-683 8444. E-mail: sirentech 
("' (Siren Technologies Ltd), 
sirensoftin'argonet. (SirenSOFT), siren- 
netC"> (SirenNET). The URL for 
their Web site is now: http://www. siren. 

10 Acorn User November 1997 

New pi 




New features/Product details 




"Network clip art browser to work 
alongside Mr Clippy 

£31 50 incl p&p & full site 
licence (Mr Clippy costs 

iSV Products 
Tel 01344 55769 


"Latest demos 'Over 1 000 utilibes 
" Games ' Rasmol plus senpts and 
PDB files " Zip2000 adventure 
system and adventure files ' Flight 
Sims " Internet Software 
'Animations " Educational Software 

£17 50 incl VAT & 

The Dataf.le 

Tel 01934 644046 


' New version of DrawWorks 
package ' Will include named 
colours, definable text styles, 
selection of default font path 

moulding and more ' New interface 

Not fixed yet Upgrades 
from DrawWorks2 
available at AW — take 
master disc to iSV stand 

iSV Products 
Tel: 01344 55769 

'Fast" SCSI interface 

" Designed to make using SCSI 
simple and easy " For use with 
many different SCSI devices 
"Simple to install & auto-configunng 
' SCSI Director provided 

£125 (ex VAT and 


Tel 01954 208208 

Rocks. Minerals & 
Fossils Picturebase 

' Origin & properties of common 
rocks and minerals ' Mining " 
Identifying fossils & more " Covers 
KS3 & 4 requirements 

£69 * VAT 


Tel: 01291 625439 

Physical Processes 



* For KS2 and 3 science ' Covers 
forces and motion, light and sound, 
the earth and beyond energy 
resources and transfer and 
electricity and magnetism 

£69 i VAT 


Tel 01291 625439 


* To help children improve their 
multiplication and division " On 
screen help ' Monitors progress " 
Tailors itself to the changing needs 
of the child " Progress recorded " 
Fully configurable 

£35 ♦ VAT 

Site licence £70 * VAT 
Half pnce to existing 
MathsBookl owners til 
Dec 31 1997 


Tel 01326 377771 

Simple Circuits 

* A simple simulation to help 
students learn about electrical 
circuits ' Includes worksheets and 


A3000 - A5000 & Rise PC 
site licence - £25 * VAT & 


Tel. 01985 840329 

Contacting me 

You can contact the news page by writing to me Ian Burley at the usual Acorn 
User address or by e-mail: 


I Acorn 

Rise PC Upgrades 

See below for BEEBUG Special Offers when you 

purchase a Rise PC 


Free RISC User Magazine Subscription & 

Free Ovation DTP 

PIUS 0% Finance (subject to status, phone for details) 

VisionMaster 15" add 
VisionMaster 17" add 
VisionMaster Pro 17" add 


16Mb SIMM 

32Mb SIMM 

1Mb VRAM (expandable) 


CD Drive Twelve Speed IDE 
CD Drive Twenty Four Speed IDE 
CD Drive Twelve Speed SCSI 
CD Drive Writable PD Drive 

StrongARM Upgrade (for old style rpc's) 

SCSI I Interface 

SCSI II Interface 

PC DX4-100 Card with Rise PC (£351.33 without) 

PC 5x86 Card with Rise PC (£468.83 without) 

2 Slot Backplane (for 4Mb Rise PC) 

2nd Slice (inc. 4 slot Backplane) 
IPC Pro Upgrade (incl PC Exchange) 














If upgrading the original 1.2Gb hard drive, deduct £100 from the 
following prices; 

2GB Drive IDE £205.00 

2GB Drive SCSI £434.75 

4GB Drive SCSI £787.25 

Windows 95 OEM (CD) 

Windows Workgroups 3.11 OEM (CD) 


Rise PC 

This is the most flexible machine in 
| Acorn's range and has a wide range of 
cost effective upgrades. Please 
phone for our full listing. All hardware 
upgrades are fitted free of charge. 
Have your Rise PC system tailor-made to meet your requirements. 
All systems are supplied with 1 year warranty, including 1 year free 
technical support. Trade-in discount available. 

Rise PC 4Mb HD1.2Gb/AKF60 £1397.70 

Rise PC 4Mb HD1.2Gb X8CD/AKF60 . . . £1482.96 

Rise PC 10Mb HD1.2Gb/AKF60 £1697.70 

Rise PC 10Mb HD1.2Gb X8CD/AKF60 . . £1782.95 

NEW Acorn 

This is the first production 

Acorn computer with an 

integrated Floating Point 

Accelerator. The combina-tion 

of a fast 7500FE processor 

and high-speed EDO DRAM 

give a dramatic improvement 

in desktop performance, but 

with no increase in price! The A7000+ offers: 8Mb EDO 

1.2Gb IDE hard drive, RISC OS 3.71, Floating Point Accelerator, 

Integrated 16-bit digital stereo sound, 1.6Mb floppy drive, VGA, 

SVGA, and other resolutions 

A7000+ 8Mb HD1.2Gb £1099.00 

A7000+ 8Mb HD1.2Gb 8xCD £1199.00 


Choose one offer per Rise PC purchased. 

Offer valid 1st Sept to 25th Oct 1997, subject to availability. 

And you still get the Beebug offers of FREE Ovation DTP & RISC User Magazine Subscription 

offer l 

FREE Canon 

BJC4200 Bubblejet 

Colour Printer 

RRP £210 


USR 33,600 external 

modem, ANT Internet 

Suite & Internet 

Survival Guide 

Only £150 
(normally £276) 


£140 off 

any other 

purchase from 



FREE 12 speed 

CD-ROM Drive & 

15W Speakers 

Worth £141 


Multimedia Pack 

Only £400 
(normally £515) 


BEEBUG Ltd., 117 Hatfield Road, St Albans, Herts AL1 4JS 
Tel: 01727 840303 Fax: 01727 860263 Email: 

Prices ft Specifications maybe subject to change Prices include VAT Courier Delivery from £11.75 


Full-frame, True-CoLour, Non-Linear Video Editing System. 


• Frame accurate editing. 

• Separate audio and video tracks. 

• Instant playback of edits. 

• Effects include mix, fade and wipes etc. 

• Multi-level undo and redo. 

• User selectable quality factor up to S-VHS*. 

• Composite and S-Video inputs and outputs. 

• Resolution of up to 768 pixels x 576 lines. 

• 50 fields per second capture and playback. 

• 24 bit colour range. 

• 16 bit stereo inputs and outputs. 

• Audio sampling up to CD and DAT rates. 

• Direct-to-disc recording. 

• Built-in hardware Moving JPEG (MJPEG) Codec. 

• Contrast, Brightness and Saturation adjustment. 

For the Complete Picture... 

Videodesk is a significant advance in video editing 
for Acorn machines. It allows full-size, full-colour and 
full-motion video to be compressed to disc in real-time 
using MJPEG hardware. The compressed data can be 
edited frame accurately and output back to video. 
Unlike tape-based editing systems there is no 
generation loss or waiting for tapes to rewind. 

Complete video editing software is supplied as 
standard, which is sophisticated, flexible and 
simple-to-use. Editing is done on a multi-track 
time-line with separate audio and video tracks. 
Effects are generated digitally and include mixes, 
wipes and fades. Sequences of clips can be played 
back continuously without waiting for them to be 
assembled into a single file. So there is no waiting to 
preview an edit and disc space is not wasted. RiscTV 
is supported for real-time desktop display up to full- 
screen size. 

Videodesk is available now direct from Irlam 
Instruments Ltd. 

Irlam Instruments Ltd. Brunei Institute for Bioengineering, Brunei University, 
Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 3PH. Tel/Fax 01895 81 1401. Email: 

Please note: Videodesk requires a RISC PC. large fast hard disc and 8Mb RAM minimum. A StrongARM 
processor is recommended. Check suitability for your computer before ordering. I years guarantee. E & OE. 
*To obtain good quality video requires storage of around 1 .5Mb per second (5.4Gb per hour). 




3D engine - to render 
all others obsolete? 

Aspex, authors of DaVinci 90, the 3D 

graphics package, have given Acorn User an 
exclusive demo application of their latest 
developments. Aspex see the Virtual Reality 
Modelling Language, or VRML as their key 

VRML is probably the most comprehen- 
sive 3D graphics standard used on the 
Internet, and with main Acorn HTML (web 
page) authoring packages on the market, 
there seems to be a considerable market tor 
a powerful 3D graphics editor specialising 
in this area. 

Aspex have developed the new graphics 
engine from scratch and will be incorpo- 

rated into DaVinci 180, the successor to j^H 
DaVinci 90. The engine supports the 
latest revision of the VRML2 standard, 
VRM1.97, with an impressive specification 
including 8 to 32-bit Z buffered rendering 
modes; yaw, pitch and roll, walk, fly and 
examine; rendering modes from points to 
phong shading, texture, bump, chrome, 
environment mappings and transparency. 
Glowing lights, depth of field' and interac- 
tive, point and click' animation are other 
features 180 will support. 

Aspex's demonstration program clearly 
illustrated the power and stability of their 
VRML97 engine and incorporated into a 



Simple to use but powerful editor as it will 
be in DaVinci ISO - it may prove to be an 
unparalleled tool for 3D Internet graphics 
origination. It is as yet unclear whether 
DaVinci's modelling tools will ever match 
Sincronia's TopModel 3D application but 
hoards of users are now awaiting a more 
VRML angled application which Aspex's 
looks certain to deliver. 

I he future of the DaVinci series will con- 
tinue on VRML lines with fuller support of 
the \ RMI x\ standard including sound and 
sound editing in the planned DaVinci 270. 
Sadly, because of being booked for another 
event, Aspex regret they will not be at 
Acorn World. 


Tel: 01822 611060 

Even more ViVid 

iSV Products have announced an upgraded version of the their soft- 
ware-only video performance upgrade for A7000 and Rise PC 
machines without VRAM. 

The program costs a mere £11.50 all in, and now works for 
higher specification monitors than the low-medium grain I4in 
screens which previous versions were limited to. lor anyone who 
cannot afford a hardware Video RAM upgrade, iSV's ViVid solutions 
are a must. Additionally, iSV's new version of DrawWorks Designer 

will be released at Acorn World '97. I have not had any hands-on 
experience of the package yet, but as an evolution of its predeces- 
sor, DrawWorks 2, Designer should be another very useful addition 
to your vector graphics design suite. Features include multi-level 
undo and antialiased GIF file export for website imagery. 


Tel: 01344 757769 

E-mail: atimbrell@aoU om 

Picture of the month 

kell Gatherer is this month's winner with probably the most detailed 
and intricate map yet submitted to the magazine. The ArtWorks file 
weighed in at a hefty 578K, and even on a StrongARM Rise I'C it took 
well over 30 seconds to redraw. 

Apart from the sheer complexity of the file, kell has managed to 
liven up a two-dimensional, monochrome street map, something 
which has the potential of being very drab, and turn it into a very 
appealing design. 

kell has achieved this by a careful choice of fonts and by limiting 
the extent of the streets so they do not bleed into the grid, room was 
made for the attractive Location Works film location services logo. 
I he map, created using the IStreetmap program makes up one side of 
a complimentary AS road-finder of Soho, notorious in many ways, 
not just for its difficulty to navigate by foot or by car. On the other 
side are printed all the street names and their grid reference, and it all 
folds up into a credit card size - essential for anyone travelling 
through the streets of London. 

Congratulations to Kell to whom the grand sum of £20 makes its 
way, providing the postman cm find the address. 

0171-494 0&&& 

>^^ \\i*«ian— a^'i r i' ' ' >»* 


In last month's issue, the phone number for Akalat Publishing should have read 01582-881614. Apologies f or any inc onvenience caused. 

r — — - 

Contacting me 

You can contact the graphics and DTP page by writing to me, Jack Kreindler, at Acorn User, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP, 

or by e-mail to 

November 1997 Acorn User 


Showroom open Mon-Sat 10-18.00 hrs (All prices INCLUDE VAT) Carriage not included 

CD-ROM Drives ?/. 

Multi-Session, PhotoCD, CD-DA. While & ~ 

Green Book compatible. SCSI drives require 
I SCSI card withCDFS>2.20 ^V? 

I Carriage: a=£2. b=E6. c=£8 /; • 

Internal CD-ROM Drives 
Panasonic 24xCD ATAPI £90c 

I ATAPI Cable & Fitting Kit £5a 

Above dnves are compatible with RiscPC/A7000 only 

Sony 2x CD SCSI 275-™ £80c 

Pioneer 1 2x CD SCSI 130^ £200c 
External CD-ROM Drives M 

Panasonic 24xCD ATAPI £190c 
- suitable for Simtec IDE interface 

Sony 2x CD SCSI 275ms £1 35c 

Pioneer 12x CD SCSI 130™ £280c 


Hard Discs 

Carr.: a=E2. b=E6. c=£8 

NEW!! Simtec IDE Interface 

.1 performance IDE/ATAPI Interface 
lers trom A3000 to RiscPC (specify when orde 



3rts up to 4 IDE/ATAPI devices including CD-ROM's 

tW Hard Drives 

IBM 540Mb 
Quantum 1Gb 
Quantum 2.1Gb 
Quantum 4Gb 


£21 5b 

5 ■ \ , .. 


TopicARTCD £15 

I This CD-ROM contains over 2000 
C.pArt files, each m Dtaw. Artworks & 
CorelDraw3 EPS lormals. The CD 

I also includes high quality Replay Movies 
& other demos Site Licence is included 




Syquest Removable SCSI Drives 

1 05Mb Int Drive C90b ( 1 05Mb Cartridge E29a 
EZ230 Ext Drive £242c | EZ230Mb Cartr. C21a 
EZ135MbCartr E20a[ 270Mb Cartridge f40a 

Hard Disc Interfaces/Accessories 

IDE interlace £69b 1 50-50C SCSI CbleE 1 2a 

Morley Uncached £100b 25D-50C SCSI Cbl£12a 
Morley Cached C1 65b SCSI2-50C Cable £ 1 8a 
Cumana SCSI II £175b SCSI2-25D cable E18a 
50IDC 4-way SCSI£12aj 
External case/psu £90c 50C Terminator E12a 
2nd IDE Drive Kit £ 1 5a 50HPC Terminator£1 5a 

zip/jaz Drive 

Now include our RiscOS JazZip 
tools (£15 if purchased separately)! 

■ zip & jaz Drives work just like hard drives except I 
they are removeable. giving instant access to filesl 

• zip drives use 100Mb capacity discs & jaz drives] 
use 1Gb discs 

allowing unlimited capacity. 

• The drives are last. Data transfer speeds up to 
1 1 Mb/s for zip drives & >5.5Mb/s for jaz drives - 

ideal to backup your hard drive. 

• Each drive comes with 1 year warranty and a 
starter disc. 

• These drives require a SCSI card that is suitable| 
lor removeable devices 

Internal zip drive (SVi") £120c 

External zip drive £120c 

Single 100Mb zip Cartridge £14a 

Pack of 6 zip Cartridges £65b 

Internal 1 Gb jaz drive (3'/2") £245c 

External 1 Gb jaz drive £320c 

Single 1 Gb jaz cartridge £76a 


JazZip Toots* 

The ultimate utility for SCSI or 
Parallel Iomega Zip/Jaz Drives 


(free when purchased with a drive) 

JazZip provides you with a complete set ol 
RiscOS tools lor Jaz/Zip drives which are 
equivalent to those provided with the PC Window/ 
DOS utilities that are provided with the Iomega 
drive. Features include; 

• Password protection of discs using the standard 
Iomega protection leatures which are compatible 
across RiscOS, PC and Mac platforms. 

• Lock/Unlock zip/jaz discs without passwords. 

• Lock/Unlock zip/jaz discs with passwords. 

• Unlock zip/jaz discs until next ejected from drive. 

• Low Level format zip/jaz discs. 

• Initialise zip/jaz discs lor RiscOS. 

• Initialise zip/jaz discs for DOS. 

• Unprotect the Tools disc provided with drives to 
allow them to be reformatted/Initialised 

• Compatible with IZipFS, Morley. Cumana, VTi, 
PowerTec SCSI. Other support to be verified. 

RiscOS Computer Systems 

t/r warranty Carriage included on computers. All machines are single slice « B backplan 



















Computer Model with 14"(AKF60) 17"(AKF91) No Monitor 

NetStation (Modem OR 10baseT Ethernet) ECall £Call £Call 

NEW A7000+ with 48MHz ARM7500FE, 32MHz memory bus, EDO RAM. 

A7000+ 8MHD1.2Gb NEW! 

A7000+ 8MHD1.2Gb+24xCD NEW! 

RiscPC StrongARM 4MHD1.2Gb 

RiscPC StrongARM 4MHD1.2Gb+24xCD 

RiscPC StrongARM 10MHD1Gb 

RiscPC StrongARM 10MHD1Gb+24xCD 

Deduct £125 for iiyama MF-8617E or £105 for MT-9017E off 17" prices. 

20/20 Finance on Acorn computers -20% deposit & 20 interest ; 
[free monthly payments. Loans from £700(min) - £3000. Subject to status. 

StrongARM Upgrades with RiscOS3.7 

QuickLynk (vi 04) £24a 

With Local Cable 5m - £36a, 
10m-£38a, 20m - £44a 

QuickLynk allows you to 

access another remote 

RiscOS computer using 

the serial port via 

modems or locally using 

a cable to connect the 2 

computers. Each 

computer can be 

configured to allow access to any attached 

filing system device eg ADFS. IDE, SCSI. 

CDFS. etc. Once connected, files can be 

transferred to/from the remote computer. 

Other features include password access, aulo 

dialler with phone book and chat mode to 

send messages to remote computer/user. 

Transfer rates up to 1 .9 kbytes/s can be 

achieved with older computers, eg. A410. 
po«50 I A3000 ' risin 9 to 1 1 .4 kbytes/s on the RiscPC 
*"^* ,v ' I; range. The transfer rate is limited by the serial 
6 port speed QuickLynk cannot at present be 
K used directly from programs/command line 



QuickTile 0103) 

QuickTile allows you 
to create posters 
from ANY RiscOS 
application, including 
Impression. Simply 
enter the size of 
poster required & 
select PRINT from the application! 
QuickTile does the rest, printing 
each tile with crop marks and tile 
references. New features include 
the facility to print inverted crop 
marks or no crop marks. QuickTile 
can only be used with the RiscOS 
printer Driver or TurboDrivers. 
Requires RISCOS 3.10 or later. 
Return disc to upgrade for £4. 
Upgrade from Tiler for £18. 

Mail Order - 0161-474 0778 (All prices INCLUDE VAT) The lowest prices without compromise 

RiscPC PC Cards 

A1 5x86-100 (51 2kb) £380c 
above price includes PC Pro 
Acorn 586-100 (256kb)£350c 
Acorn 486DX4-1 00 £230c 

PC PrO (without PCExchange) £38a J] 

Window '95 CD (Full) £90a I 

The above can be installed directly trom CD 
ewously installing DOS or Window 


2nd Slice with 

2nd Slice without PSU £90c I 

YES 16 bit Mozart Card £70a| 


I stocks last 

RiscPC/A7000 SIMMS 
4Mb £20a|8Mb £28a| 
16Mb £50a|32Mb £100a| 

1Mb 2nd user £40 |2Mb £95 I 

1 -2Mb u/g (exchange) £75 1 

Call lor details ot memory lor other models 

onitors (Carriage 

llyama MF-8617E 17" £500 

High spec FST Tube wilh 0.26" dot pitch 

llyama MT-9017E 17" £530 

rimers (Carriage £8) 

anon BJU-240 
Canon BJC-4200 
Canon BJC-4550 (A3) 
Canon BJC-5500 (A2) 
Canon BJC-620<7zod P i) 

EpSOn 400 (720dpi, 3ppm) 

Epson 600 (720dpi. 4ppmi 
Epson 800 (t44Wpi, 7ppmi 
Epson 1520 (t440dpi,A2) 
HP LaserJets 6P 


Add £47 loab 


Portable Computers 

Pocket Book II (1Mb) £305b 
NEW Psion Series 5 

- includes PsiWin Link 

4Mb RAM £430 

8Mb RAM £480 

Psion 3c(backlit) 2Mb-£325b 

AutoRoute Express UK/Eire £60a 

- one ol the best packages lor the PB/3a 
A -Link £S9a Mac Serial Link f50a 
Parallel Link £34a PsiWin PC Link f 80b I 
123k RAM SSD £48a 512k RAM v 

256k Flash SSD £53a 512k Flash SSD £89a [ 
Mama Adaptor ft 8a PBIKPs3a Games£38a| 
I" P 


Dual Serial Card £104b| 

FPA for 25MHz ARM3 £67a 
Joystick l/F (Not riscpc) £30a 
Logitech Mouse (Acorn) £26a 
Midi Max Card (CC) £79b 
Movie Magic (1 only) £210b 
RiscTV Card (Irlam) £265b 
RiscTV Teletext option £45ai 
Scart Cable o or 15 P m) £1 2a 
Serial Upgrade (A3000) £27a 
2 x 25W Speakers £30b 

2 x 80W Speakers £35c| 

Videodesk (Irlam) £11 1 

See top lor olher Fard discs. Carriage E 

A3000/A3010 Hard Cards 

340Mb £175b| 

420Mb £195b 

Modems (Carriage £8) || Books (No VAT) 

33.6 FLASH Sportster £175 1 
Flash upgradeable to 56kbs 

Modems come wilh a 9-25 PC wired cable. 
A3000/Archi requite an Archi wired cable. 

ANT Internet Suite 


Dual Serial Card 


£31 a 


£99. 95c 
£29 75b I 
E1 9.95b I 

f 5 00a I 
£5.00a I 
ES 00a 

rinter Consumables 

Carriage: £2 lor Cartr' 

IBJ-10 (BC-Oli CIS 
BJ-210 (BC-05) £28 
BJC-600 Series 
BJI-201bk Black 

| BJC-800 

-643 Black £18 

IBJI-643C/M/Y £23 ea. 
HP DeskJets-500 ser. 
Mono £23 

Colour £25 

Epson Stylus Colour 
Epson Stylus Colour II 
C3903A Toner (LJ5P) 
EP-L Toner (LBP-4/HP LJIII) 

| HP 92274A Toner IHP I.J4L) 

| S will24 Mnnn/C i h 


Carnage: In tipneli 

dgcs. £8 lor Toner 
BJ-200(BC I 
BJ-240 (BC06) ECall I 
BJ-300 (BJI-642) £16 
BJC-4000 Series 
BCI-21Bk Black 
BCI-21C Colour £17 I 
BC-20 Fast Black £28 I 
BC-22 Photo Cart £34 
BC-22 Photo Kit £39 I 
HP DeskJets 600 ser. I 
Mono £25 1 

Colour £27 

Black £16/Colour £26 
Black E20/Colour £26 
£60 I 

Acorn Volume 5a PRM 
Acorn BBC Basic VI Guide 
Acorn RiscPC Tech Rat Man 
Artworks Made Easy (Dabsl 
Budget DTP (Dabs) 
■C A Dabhand Guide (Dabs) 
RiscOS 3 First Steps (Dabs) 
Wimp Piogi am ming lo r All (Beebug) £10 95a 

ware I 

Artworks nn CD (CO (Cant 

Childrens Micropedia (Kingfisher I 

Dinosaurs (Microsoltl 

Dune II (Eclipse) 
I Granny's Garden CD 
I Guardians ot Ihe Greenwood 
I Hutchinsons Encyclopedia 
I Kiyeko 
I Musical Instruments (MS) 

" " ' 1st Incred Amazing Dictionary (DK) 
■> Birthday Party 

£21 each I 
£32 1 
£51 [ 
ECalla I 
£42 I 
RiscDisc Vol 1 / 2 CD 
Simon Ihe Sorcerer CD £41 [ 

The Way Thmqs Work (DK. IMS) £50 

Ullimale Human Body (DK/IMS) £50 I 


A30X0 EtherLan 1 02 
Archi EtherLan 514 
RPC/A7k EtherLan 602 £120 

Add CI 7 to above prices (or A 

canners (Carriage 

ScanLight Video 256 £21! 
Epson Colour Scanners 

Include 'TWAIN 
Bundles include 
PCs/PC Cards. 


rlage; I n tipn,.in i .-i . ■ 
I showroom carriage Is Itemised separately The I 
I carnage indicated is lor single items Please 
■ call us lor total carriage when ordering more 
I than one ilem since il is not cumulative 
I Terms: All pnces include VAT except books. 
I Carriage is not included unless otherwise 
[staled. Carriage charges apply lo mainland UK | 
[(excluding remote areas. Scottish Htghlantte, 
IChann Isles, IOM), elsewhere at cost. Orders 
[ MUST be accompanied by a phone number 
Prices and spec's subject to change without 
| notification Goods subiect lo availability. 
I Goods not ottered on tnal basis. Restocking 
i non-laulty returns. Educ Inst official 
:cepted E&OE 

Para bundle £275 
SCSI bundle £360 
Para bundle £525 
SCSI bundle £550 
Para bundle £630 
SCSI bundle £660 

Acorn C/C++ (Acorn) £229c 

Advantage (Lor.;- 1 £51a 

ANT Internet Suile (ANT) £1 10a 

ArcFax (David Pilling) £3 1 a 

ArlWorks (CC) Limited Oiler £88b 

Card Shop (Clares) £23a 

Chameleon 2 (4Mation) £39a 

Compression (CC) £34a 

DalaPower (IOTA) £105b 

Spex) ECalla 

Disc Rescue 2 (Look) £43a 

Easy C++ (Beebug) El02a 

Eureka v3 (Lonaman) £93b 

FireWorkz Pro (Cotton) £1 1 0b 

Fonl Direclory2 (Look) £42a 

Font FX (DataStore) £l2a 

Hatchback (4Mation) £35a 

HTML Edit 3 (R-f £47a 

lmageFS2 (All Publ) £43a 

Image Outhnet (IOTA) £52a 
Impression Style / Publisher £80b ' £l25b 

Impression Graphics Loaders (CC) £40a I 

Impression Text Loaders (CCI £30a 
MacFS / MacFS Lite (CC) £89a / £50a 

Ovalion Pre CI 75c 

PC Pro I without PCExchange) £38a 

PC Pro (with PCExchange) £47a 

PC Sound Professional (R-Comp) £27a 

Personal Accounts (Apr) f 40a 

PhotoDesk Lighl (Spacetech) £l20b 

PhotoDesk2 (Spacetech) £245b 

Prophel (Apncole) £154b 

Result (Colton) £85a 

Rhapsody (Clares) v3 £84a I 

S-Base2 Personal .' Developer 
ShapeFX (Datastore) 


I Sibelius 6 ■ 7 

[ Sleuths (Beebug) E99a I 

[SparkFS.r £24a | 

| Speech 2' (Supenor) £24a 

| StrongGuard (ARMClub) £24a 

| Sludio24 Pro (Pineapple) £1 30b 

Textures Professional (R-Comp) £1 9a I 

| Touch Type (IOTA) E42a 

| Top Model 2 (Spacetech) £149a 
I TurboDrivers Canon/HP or EpsonlO 

Vector (4Mation) £72a I 

Wnt Designers Toolkit (R- Compl £2Ba I 

ames (Carriage £2 

e warn (Knsalis) 
Birds ol War (4D) 2Mb 
Break 147/Superpool 
Carnage Inc (4D) 
Chocks Compendium 

It (Sher) 
Cyber Chess (4D) 
Darkwood (Eclipse) 
Dnlter (4D) 

Dune II (floppy) (Eclipse) 
Empire Soccer (Maglm) 
E-Type Compend. (4D) 
E-Type 2 

Global Elfect (Eclipse) 
GODS (Knsalis) 
Haunled House (4D) 2Mb 
Holed Out Compendium 
James Pond (Knsalis) 
Knsalis Colleclion 
Lotus Turbo Chall2 (Kris) 
Magic Pockets (Ra 
Play it again Sam 2/3 
Populous (Knsahsi 
Real McCoy 2/3/4/5 
Repton 3/4 (Superior | 
Sally & Wally (Oregan) 
Saloon Cars Deluxe (4D) 
Scrabble (US Gold) 
Sim City 2000 (A5000) 
Simon the Sorcerer 2Mb 
d Fantasy (40) 
Slartighier 3000 (Fednel) 
Slum Racer 2000 i 'ID i 
Tanks (Werewolf) 
Time Machine (4D) 
Virtual Golf (4D) 2Mb 

Wolfenstein 3D 

3rly Essenlials (over 7), English (6-16yrsl, 
I French (8 16yrs). Junior Essentials (5-11). 
I Maths (Number) (6-16). Maths (Alaebra) (6- 
1 16), Maths (Statistics) (6-16). Maths (Geom'y) 
(6-16), Spelling (over 9). Essential IT. Geog . 
Fun School 3 (under 5. 5-7, or ove' 7 
Fun School 4 (under 5, 5-7. or over 7) £20 

Granny's Garden (lloppvl (4M) £25 

Maths Circus (4Mation) £27 

Naughty Stones Volumes 1 or 2 £45 each I 

Playdays (Gameswarel £22 I 

Ridiculous Rhymes £45 1 

| Rosie & JimTwin Pack £18 | 

Tel: 0161-474 0778 

Authorised Acorn Dealer. Fax: 0161 474 0781. Email: 

Unit 2A, Heapriding Business Park, Ford St, STOCKPORT, Cheshire. SK3 0BT 

NOV 97 


Twisted Spires - the last best BBS 
hope for East Anglia? 

East Anglia was once served well by Acorn Bulletin 
Boards, and most have featured on this page at 
some time. Names like Archive, StarNet, 
Archipelago and Archiboard Central have passed 
into BBS history, but if you consider Peterborough 
to be in the East Anglian province, Mossoft and 
ARM Pit BBSs are still very much with us. 

So it's nood to be able to report the last Anglian 

A new BBS to call between times? 

birth of Twisted Spires BBS, run by Sysop Miah 
Gregory from the village of Gooderstone, midway 
between Swaffham and Downham Market in 
Norfolk. Miah is an A-level student at present and 
a keen Acorn computer user. He and a small group 
of friends are writing Acorn software, and projects 
in hand include a Net management system and a 
BBS server. 
Twisted Spires' BBS runs \e\vsl lash software on 

a Rise PC 600, with 17Mb of RAM and two hard 
discs totalling 1.4Gb, a 16 speed CD-ROM drive 
and a US Robotics Sportster 28k8 lax modem. 
Miah says of the Newsflash software, It's quite 
old, but up to the job and after a few additions is 
running better than ever'. In spite of this enthusi- 
asm, he hopes to move over to his group's BBS 
server software eventually. 

I he BBS concentrates on its f debases and down- 
loading as the main online activity. Point messag- 
ing is encouraged, where subscribers call in briefly 
to download their mail and choice message areas 
for reading offline on their own machines and a 
fully pre-configured mail package is available 
troni Twisted Spires for this purpose. 

Hie BBS is linked to five lidonet-typc BBS net 
works and chives users access to Internet e-mail and 
all the Acorn newsgroups cross-networked via 
lidonet from other BBSs. Miah is working on an 
interesting development to allow World Wide 
Web type access to the BBS. This illustrates the 
kind of adapt-to-survive thinking that is needed to 
keep Bulletin Boards alive. 

Miah says the name Twisted Spires was sug- 
gested by a friend, referring to the nearby village 
of Oxborough, which not only boasts moated 
Oxburgh Hall (1482), but a church with no spire at 
all - its wooden one fell down in 187') to be 
replaced by a stone spire that also fell down in 
1948. With luck Twisted Spires' BBS will stay up a 
bit longer. 

Twisted Spires />'/>"> 

01366 328725 Ringback system - let ring once, thai 

i nil back within one minute 

The Acorn Webring - roses or noses? 

David Horman's Acorn Webring seems to have cre- 
ated quite a stir in the Acorn newsgroups, but not 
in quite the way he expected. His idea is to link an 
expanding number of Acorn-interest World Wide 
Web sites, such as Acorn computer enthusiasts' 
home pages and software writers' freeware and 
shareware download sites by using a simple click 
able icon set added to their pages, that takes you 
and your browser around the ring. 

Webrings are not new and can be found linking 
websites specialising in many minority group sub- 
jects. David is the tirst to implement this idea for 
Acorn enthusiast websites though, and the Webring 
CGI software that creates the ring links runs on a 
server at the University of Bath. Joining is free and 
requires only a site II) number supplied by David and 
an HTML fragment to create the images and links. 

What seems a fairly reasonable idea to help 
rationalise the mind-engulfing enormity of the 
Internet has not however left the Acorn Webring 
smelling of roses. Great enmity and name-calling 
has been rife in the newsgroups and it's been sug- 
gested as just being a way of dragging visitors by 
the nose to sites that don't deserve attention, and 

that no-one with anything worth showing on their 
pages would want to join. 

There are hundreds of Acorn users' websites with 
long lists of 'Acorn Links' which some people think 
offer you a more individual and considered choice 
of where to go next than being sent off to a ran- 
domly-selected site. But if you have never visited a 
particular site in one of these lists of links, what's 
the difference? 

In fact, David couldn't have wished for a better 
advertising campaign if he'd tried, because the 
number of news articles with 'Acorn Webring' in 
their subject lines far exceeds the number of sub- 
scribing sites to the Webring, and no-one reading 
the newsgroups regularly could have missed at 
least one reference to it, and here's another: 

The Acorn Webring 


Contacting me 

Keep sending me interesting URLs for the next yoUR List 
by e-mail to, 
or mail #2 on Arcade BBS 0181-654 2212. 

Werewolf bows out 

Reluctantly Dane Koekoek has 
decided to close The Werewolf 
BBS after a run of over two 
years operation. An enthusiastic 
exponent of FidoNet BBS opera- 
tion, Dane had become a well- 
known figure in the London 
Fidonet scene and demand built 
for 24 hour operation of The 
Werewolf BBS in April 1996. 

A year later, the Internet has 
enticed away so many of those 
callers that Dane has decided to 
concentrate on his Werewolf 
Software business, but will 
remain as an observer of the 
BBS scene. We wish him well. 

Werewolf Software 

FreeNet moves 

Stewart Brodie, author of 
ArcWeb and other excellent 
Internet applications, has now 
left Southampton University 
where the FreeNet software 
archive which he co-ordinated 
was hosted. The archive has 
now been moved to Barnet 
College, London, UK and the 
new site maintainer is Joseph 
Heenan (author of NewsHound). 

Also from Barnet College, 
Carol Carpenter has assembled a 
new up-to-date version of the 
FreeNet Internet Suite Acornet. 
Discussions are in progress with 
Demon Internet to host a mirror 
of this site on their FTP service. 
FreeNet FTP site 

ftp://freenet. uk/pub/ 

It could be Mossoft 

Mike Mostowyj of the 24 hour 
Peterborough-based Mossoft 
BBS now enters a line in the 
National Lottery each week on 
behalf of all his registered 
users who have added their 
names free of charge to his list 
for a share in any winnings he 
might get. 

Mossoft BBS offers FidoNet 
Point mail, Netmail and Echo 
message areas, Internet E-mail, 
web space and all the other 
friendly features that only bul- 
letin boards can offer. 

Mossoft BBS 
01733 701501 

November 1997 Acorn User 

http://www.idg. co. ukyacornuser/ 

public domain 


PD games 

For the latest in games news, 
check out Alasdair Bailey's new 
website, featuring reviews of all 
the latest PD games. The site also 
holds Alasdair's photographic 
backgrounds. You can contact 
Alasdair at and 
access the website at 
http://sun2. botany,^docs/johnb/ali.htm 

Kulture website 

Following the recent release of 
Kulture's Freestyle demo, the group 
have produced a complete set of 
stylish web pages detailing the 
members, aims and productions. A 
special section on the Freestyle 
demo features scanned plans of the 

The site also includes some more 
unusual sections including music 
charts by the group's members and 
the rather cheeky InXperienced web 
pages. The group plans to update 
the site every month with the latest 
news on games, demos and the 
QTM music player. 


Following last month's mention of 
the rather nifty AutoVCache module 
I've had chance to do a few speed 
tests. The module enables the 
screen memory to be cached on 
StrongARM machines, giving a large 
speed increase to graphics software 
like games and demos. Running 
speed tests with the Vcac/ie module 
and some Gourard shading plot rou- 
tines, I was able to obtain a massive 
30 per cent speed increase. 

Without AutoVCache, plotting mul- 
tiples of four words to the screen at 
a time is no faster than individual 
word stores. With caching enabled 
the speed increase is considerable. 
Note that the tests involved only 
plotting to the screen, with no read- 
ing back - as is necessary with 
routines like blurring or trans- 
parency which produces even 
bigger speed increases with the 
caching enabled. Why didn't Acorn 
at least give us the option of turn- 
ing on caching in RISC OS 3.7? 

Aufol/Cache has recently been 
updated providing facilities to flush 
the cache allowing the last screen 
plots to be visible on the screen. 
You can also turn the caching on 
and off. Expect to see AutoVCache 
in all the forthcoming demos. I'd 
recommend anyone writing graph- 
ics software for the StrongARM to 
check this module out immediately. 

Acorn User November 1997 uk/acornuser/ 


I've finally managed to catch 
up with the spate of recent 
demo releases with a review of 
one of my favourite demos 
from the year, kebird have 
always been a scene orientated 
group, and Reisnac, their 
second place entry at 
Siliconvention '97, has a 
strong scene feel. This demo 
has the style of the Amiga 

demo scene at its peak, mixed 
with the speed of the 
StrongARM processor. 

The demo begins with an 
introduction picture that's rip- 
pled onto the screen rather 
smoothly. A 3D tunnel launches 

you into the main part of the 
demo and, as with the rest of 
the production, it's both techni- 
cally impressive and very nice 
to look at. The tunnel walls are 
bump mapped and light- 
sourced to produce the best 
effect of the demo. The only 
minor niggle is the texture itself 

- if only a bit of 
time had been 
spent to ensure 
that it wrapped 
around properly. 

The noticeable 

edges do spoil the 
appearance a little. 
The name of the 
group and demo are then intro- 
duced with some nice 3D 
texture- mapped 
words that spin 
round on an unusual 
and very stylish back- 
ground made up of a 
kind of flared star 
effect. Un fortunately 
a bug in the back- 
ground effect creates 
odd flashes of white 
every so often. This is 
flashed into the next 
effect with a few 
palette changes by way of a 
very quick tunnel transition 
effect. You only get a second or 
two to see it, but it looks 

Next up is an effect taken 
straight from a classic Amiga 
demo, updated for the Acorn. 
What you see on screen is a 
bouncing ball that has several 
boles cut in it and appears to 
have a light inside it. The holes 
cast beams of light that shine 
out of the ball as it spins 
round. To really 
show off, the beams 
of light are actually 
transparently tex- 
ture-mapped tubes. 

Following that cod- 
ing extravaganza a 
still graphic and a 
slow down in the 
music drop the pace 
to a laid back feel. 

artist who has pro- 
duced some dubious 
graphics in the past 
is on top form in 
Reisnac with several 
quality hand-drawn 

The demo is then 
rounded off with a 
3D scene featuring a 
character looking 
suspiciously like 

Rayman standing on a rocky 
outcrop. After a few spins to 
view the scene everything turns 
black and white and the usual 
credits and greetings are 
scrolled past. 

As with the improvement in 
still graphics by artist di/mo, 
Icebird's musician Skid has also 
come a long way since their last 
demo. The Reisnac music is a 
dark and brooding drum 'n' 
bass number that's been crafted 

into the production very well. 
Ibis seems to have been said 
too many times before, but you 
really need to hear demo music 
from a proper pair of speakers. 
This is particularly true for the 

Reisnac music which is based 
around bass samples that just 
aren't audible on the com- 
puter's speaker. They really 
prod buttock from a proper 
stereo system though. 

To sum up, this is a very cool 
demo. It's as simple as that. 
Reisnac is available from 
the Icebird website at 


MAMli or the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator 
is the new emulator program to arrive on the 
scene. ARM MAME has been ported from the MS 
DOS version by Gareth Long and provides game 
emulation for a variety of classic arcade 

The code provides emulation for over a hun- 
dred different games including everything from 
1942 to Commando and Vie At Kung Fa. The only- 
problem is getting hold of the games. 

Several sites on the Internet hold disc images oi 
the game ROMs, but playing these on your Rise 

PC without owning the original games machines 
is technically breaking the law. Emulation is sur- 
prisingly accurate but you'll need a fast machine 
to get the games running at a playable speed. 
Even with a StrongARM and AutoVCache run- 
ning, the frame rate can still be a little slow. 

Not really my cup of tea, but if you can get 
round the problems it may just satisfy your 
appetite for games until Iron Dignity is available. 
The RISC! OS version of MAME is available from or from 
Arcade BBS on 0181 654 2212. 


Andreas Dehmel has put 
together a rather nifty little 
palette optimisation routine 
that takes 24-bit colour sprites 
and outputs a 2, 4, or Sbpp 
sprite with an optimised palette. 
It has been possible to do this 
with ChangeFSl and a PI) util- 
ity, but OptPal is a little easier 
to use and has a much greater 
range of features. 

For example, the iterative 
process used to select the best 
palette can average the colours 

around the mid range of the 
palette. OptPal supports the 
method of using Fixpoints to 
'secure' the RGB values of cer- 
tain colours, thus ensuring a 
good colour balance across the 

Results with the program are 
a little varied. Some test 
images were a little disap- 
pointing but others produced 
perfect colours that couldn't 
be bettered after several days 
work by hand. Fortunately 

OptPal uses dithering to 
improve the output images, so 
even if you use an input 
image with a big range of 
colours the output won't be 
too disastrous. 

Unfortunately OptPal is usable 
from the command line only, 
but hopefully someone will 
knock up a nice RISC OS front 
end for us (if you do, please let 
me know). You can find OptPal 
on the August Subs disc from 

Shuffle Puck 

Shuffle Pack is a 3D wireframe version of the clas- 
sic pub game - Air Hockey. The game is played on 
a low friction air table. The idea is to knock a 
puck into your opponent's goal using a circular 
bat and prevent them from scoring goals against 
you. This simple game implementation pits you 
against a computer player who competes with 
progressive skill levels. The start is very easy but it 

soon gets hard. 1 had trouble making it past level 
five and much higher than that and it all becomes 
quite intense. 

Not a game with great lastability but it cer- 
tainly achieves the author's aim of demonstrating 
what you can knock up in BASIC on a rainy alter 
noon. Comments by e-mail to the author at 

Recommended PD Libraries 

• APDL, 39 Knighton Park Road, Sydenham, London 

• Five Star Marketing, 4 Shepherds Walk, Bushey, 

SE26 5RN 

Hertfordshire WD21LZ 

• Arch Angel PD, PO Box 41, Exeter EX4 3EN 

• Naked PD, 'Fayence', Fulford Road, Stoke-on-Trent, 

• ARM Club PD Library, Freepost ND6573, London 

Staffs ST119QT 

N12 0BR 

• The Datafile, Wllloughby House, 89 Woodville 

• Beebware PD, 83 Forrest Road, Huncote, Leicester 

Road, Boston PE21 8BB 

LE9 3BH 

Contacting me 

You can contact the PD page by writing to me, Paul Wheatley, at Acorn User, IDG Media, Media House, 
Adlington Park, Macclesfield, SK10 4NP. Or preferably, by e-mail to 


RiscWorld PD is no longer owned 
by Daniel Hayes and has been 
bought out by PD enthusiast Tony 
Bonner. The library is currently in 
stasis as Tony rearranges the cata- 
logue and prepares for a 
re-launch. Expect full details here 
when RiscWorld becomes opera- 
tional again. 


Lipsum is Tony Howat's Lorem 
Ipsum generator for RISC OS. No 
idea what I'm talking about? 
Here's Tony to explain: 'It 
means nothing whatsoever, but 
it's surprisingly useful. The main 
idea behind lorem ipsum is to 
have 'convincing' text, sepa- 
rated into words, paragraphs 
and with punctuation etc. This 
'text' is then used by DTP 
bureaux and designers for 
roughing out document designs, 
it helps the design of flow 
boxes and run arounds before 
the final text arrives. It allows 
designers to show their propos- 
als without having clients 
distracted by meaningful text'. 
Not the most essential of pro- 
grams but certainly something 
you'd only ever find in the 
Public Domain. Lipsum can be 
located on the August APDL 
subs disc. 


DrawRot is a handy design util- 
ity that accepts drawfile 
outlines as its input and pro- 
duces rather attractive rotated 
patterns with just a few clicks of 
your mouse - an essential tool 
for every DTP enthusiast. 
DrawRot can be found on the 
APDL subs disc for August. 


What do you think of the PD 
pages? Am I covering the right 
software? Have I missed any pro- 
grams which should have been 
endorsed by the PD column? Am I 
too obsessed with computer 
graphics? I'd love to hear your 
comments on the column, so 
please drop me a line at the 
address below. As always PD soft- 
ware authors are welcome to 
send in their software for review, 
or pass on the latest news about 
their up and coming projects. 

November 1997 Acorn User 

hup //www uk/acornuser/ 


( ompaters 

StrongArm Rise-PC 233MHzl 

4/HD1.2Gig ba«>«,iv C1 133.00e f 

lO/HD1.2Gig tawomy C1433.00e I 

I A7000+ 
(1 6 Floppy 6 Mb EDO expandable to 136Mb ( 

I Arm 7500FE 1.2Gb HD, lyr on Site warranty) j 

8M/HD1 2Gb | C834.00d 

| 8M/HD1 2Gb/8xCD Due only E934.00d 

SffH/l/l H '- I \1HII i ' 

M option 

mpulen art Mil i ■ 
dispati ft, with printers and . 

bmouedas requited at no additional t'tutt 

Acorn AKF60 E264.C 

■ Acorn AKF92 E640.C 

Acom AKF93 E423.C 

I liyama 1 7"MF861 7E 26001 E549.C 

llyama 1 7"MT901 7E 2500. E639.C 

Microv 14"1438 cucr-ai E289.C 

Microv 14"1450 iakfgo, C219.C 
Microv 15' 1565 > 

Second I scr 

!A30102mb floppy b« ,. E175.I 

1 A3020 2mb floppy baa , E250 i 

A4000 2mb 80 HD tra only £350.i 

lA5000 4mb210HDb,« L .on„ E475J 
' RPC600 8mb + 1 Vram 

420HD 2xCD tawonty C700.00d ! 

| AKF1 7/ 18/30/40 • , 12500d 

Ri\c-i'< ides 

I486-DX4-100 PC Upgrade P230.00d 
'586-100 PC Upgrade E349.00d 

1 586-133 512k PC Upgrade £390.00d 
1 Access* Card ei39.00c 

I Strong Arm upgrade E289.00c 

' Audio Mixer ~ £40.00a 

| Movie Magic E279.00C 

Second Slice no PSU £90.00d 

' Sound Card £69.00b 

I RiscPC 8Mb RAM £35.00b 

RiscPC 16Mb RAM 
iRiscPC 32Mb RAM C139.00c 

' RiscPC 64Mb RAM 
I RiscPC 1Mb VRAMsimlec £81. 00c 
I RiscPC 2Mb VRAMsimlec £11 6.00c 

jgj (Portable ( omputers 

Zj Pocket Book 2(256k) £239.00c 

iTiV Pocket Book 2(1 MB) £31 9.00c 

'*\ A,M.orPC+-Link (each) £59.00b 
I Parallel Link £29.00a 

Power Supply £1 4.50b 

Flash SSD 1MB £1 19.00c 

Ljl llardwi 


1 Casio QV-10a mc soitware* »nk£375.00d 
Casio QV- 1 00 inc soawan & wȣ525.00d 

I Casio QV-Mams Adaptor £1 5.00a 
Casio QV-10a/l00Con.Kit £1 16.00c 
Lark Midi Sound-Sa. £1 72.00c 

Midi Max £78.00c 

Rise OS Upgrade Chips £36.00a 
RiscTV (triam) £295.00c 

Teletext module lot above £45.00a 
SCSI 16bit £95.00c 

SCSI 2 32bit (power-tec) £205.00c 

! TV Tuner + Teletext £1 59.00c 

Data Storage 

A30x0 CD Atapi interface £84.00b 
Quad External Atapi CD £ 1 76.00c 
A30x0 IDE interface £88.00b 

A30x0 IDE/CD interface £1 04.00b 

all above include HD lixing kit 
IDE 2.5" 

£1 29.00c 
£1 69.00c 



EIDE 3.5 

1.2 gb 
1 1 .7 gb 
1 2.1 gb 

2.5 gb 
i 3.2 gb 

lyr Warranty £169.00c 
2yr Warranty £199.00c 
3yr Warranty £2 19.00c 
5yr Warranty £239.00c 
5yr Warranty £289.00c 
SCSI 2 3.5" 

1.0 gb 1yr Warranty £209.00c 

2.0 gb 2yr Warranty £299.00c 

3.2 gb 3yr Warranty £359.00c 

4.3 gb 5yr Warranty £649. 00c 
SCSI PD System (comprising) 
4 speed CD / 650mb Optical Disc 
Internal or External* 1 Disc £539.00c 
Extra 650 mb Cartridge £45.00a 
IDE Tray CD 

8 speed £85.00c 

16 speed £89.00c 

20 speed £99.00c 


Zip Drives 100mt 
I Zip Discs 100mb 

£ 175.00c 
£1 3.50a 

V»1T Archimedes Memory 

I A3000 1 -4mb 
A3010 1-2mb 
! A3010 2-4mb 
I A3020 / A4000 2-4mb 
l A5000 2-4mb 

£89 00b 

All Upgrades lifted tree it ordered 
with Computer else C18.00 


Epson GTX5000 parallel £289. OOd 

Epson GTX5000 scsi £349.00d 

Epson GT8500 para/sesi £4 1 9. OOd 

Epson GT9500 para/scsi £5 1 9.00d 

Scanlight 256 8bit £1 64.00c 

I Scanlighl 256 16bit £151 00c 

1 Scanlighl 256 Video £222.00c 
Image Master/Twain Driver £35. 00a 

M «emWr* l *M 

Mai HtrlfiK Tel: 01924 25480 ° Fax: 01924 258036 
I VI all UlUtJI E.Mail: 
additional adverts on> WEB: 



StrongARM 233MHz 

Free Offers for October 

16 Mb Ram Or 
20x IDE CD Drive 


Clearly the Best Choice 

(based on 203 deposit and OT Hnince 

V orn Item- Onls I 


Personal finance is available to qualifying 

purchases Credit subject to status 

Written quotation on requesl 

APR if, 


-30 (black) 

C-70 (colour) 

C-240 (colour) 

C-4200 (colour) 

C-4550 (A3 colour) 
C-620 (colour) 


rlus 400 (colour) 

i\us 600 (colour) 

/lus 800 (colour) 

i Stylus ProXU(A3colour) 

| Hewlett Packard 

l DeskJet 400 (colour) 
DeskJet 690+ 
LaserJet 6L 

I Calligraph 

>A4 1200 Laser 

£169 OOd 
£159 OOd 
£339 OOd 



Printer Inks/R 

£145.00d J 
£2 1 9 OOd 

£1099.00d a 


Inkjet Refills are an economical way 
I of re-charging your existing cartridge 
All inks come complete with gloves, 
syringe and easy to use instructions. 
I Single 20ml Any Colour £6. 70a 

I Twin 2x20ml Black £ 1 0.00a 

I Bulk 125ml Any Colour £2 1.00b lj 

'CartridgeMate' Anewand 

I easy to use cartndge refill system for 
HP 51626A high cap. cartridges 
A refill system with no mess 
I Comprises: CartridgeMate 

& 2 x 40ml Ink Tanks 
, Cartridge not included £30. 00b 

Ink Tank 2 x 40ml £20.00a 

[ HP51625A Tn-Colour Cartridge refill 
kit 3x3 colour refills Comprises: 
C/M & Y Inks, Cap Retaining Clip 
Cartridge Cap Remover £30. 00a 
We also carry a large stock ot inkjet l Jj 
cartridges and ribbons 

EP-L Toner for LBP^f £69.00c 
! EP-E Toner for LBP-8 £79.00c 

I HP Laserjet 5L Toner £59.00c 

Printable /tears 

I Colour'n Wear (2 white Basetsiii Caps « 
3tranafei p £10. 50b 

, Colour'n Wear (2 while T Shirts • 
4 transfer papers £ 1 3.50b 

I Colour'n Wear 

14 transfer papers only) £7. 50a 

I (30 transfer papers only) £4 1 .00b \i 

, Design & Print Mouse Mat £4. 00a 
j Design & Print Business Cards 

10x8 A4 150g Perforated £5.00a 

' Col InkJet matt photo white paper 

sheets x 120gms £5. 50b 

I Monochrome InkJet brilliant white 
paper 1 00 sheets x 90gms £3. 00b 

( I) Software 

00 c 

( ars 

Ancicni I 
\rtWorfcs Clipan I 
ArtWorks Clipan II 
Being .1 Scientist 
Bitfolio I 
Breakaway Maths 
Britain from the An 
Britain Since 1930 
British Birds a** " 12 

(Photo CD] 



il nun 

£ 1 6.00a 


1.4-1 nil., I 
C70 (>()h j 

E28.00a ! 


Cars-Maths in Motion(Canibs) I'Mi.soa 
Dinosaurs (M/SJ 

Civile- (Anglia) £44.00a 

Guardians ■ ■( the Greenwood E54 00a — 
Granny's Garden iiM.m £ 15 OOa I 

Garden Wildlife (Anglia) £44.00a 

Hutchinson M/Media I 15 OOa Revolution 1 Angus') 
Inventors&lnvemion.s (Anglia) £164 Oft 
Kingfishci Children* MicraccdiiM £65.00b 
Kiyeko and the hwt night (IMS 
Langsdale (CCS) £I04-O0c 

Medieval Realms iiwmsoo EI64.00e 

Musical Instruments 1M/S1 E44.00H 
Mysteries of Nature (Anglia) TBA 
Ms In Incredible amazing (ticiiMnq I 16.006 
Naught) Stories V1&2 (Sher) £93.00i 
I'B Bear's Birthda) Party(IMS) £36.00bt 
PhotoBase I920s.30s KJs.50s.60s 
VictoriansXandscapes EachlLI • 
RiscDisc 1 ii niquewaj 1 1 l5J30a ,' 


RiscCad Professional 


Trade In 

un art) old 1 ml pi* 


I , nee ilJiivyi 

RiscDiscl ' " (Oniqueway) 1 Isuu.i 

I RiscDisc I (Unlquewax 1 

Seashore Life(7 Mi £44 OOa 

1 lie Waj 1 lime- Work IMS) I 

[ Ultimate Human Body (IMS) £44.00b' 

1 nderstandlng 1 1 £53.O0fl i 

Understanding the Bod) E44.00u I 

1 W orld War 2 £28.00 a I 

Appli ioftnare 


(Acorn) £1 16.00c 


il L) 

15 II 

1 Miners .11 

■,. ML 

w I internet 


Apple I S 1 S* (Oroganj 


A 1 1 t) 

(David P) 



(( « 1 


1 . | 

1 \ E249.00( 

Card Shop 








( omposiiion 


( omprcssion 




(1 15.00c 

Desktop 1 lles.iuiiis 

lk Devi 

£ 19.00a 

Draw to DX1 convert 1 Davyn) 


Hi. ivi Works 2 



i-.i- 1 1 lip 


£31 ,00a 

Easy 1 "in i 



Eidoscopc (RiscPC 

inly) (CC) El7<ux>h 

Eureka 1 

il I 1 



Pom 1 \ 



< iraphic - Loaders 

(1 | 





£41 OOa 

[mage < lutlinet 

1 lota) 

£5 ., 

Impaci lunior 

Impact Major 


Impact Professional 


Impression Publishei (( 1 I 1. 1 19.0ft 



Intcmtlk ll 


E89 IH)e 

Knowledge Organiser Z(( Hare) 





PCPROfifti P( ex, 

h) (ANT) 

1 15.00a 

res, ,1111,1 Pro 



Pendown DTP 

,i L) 


Pendown Etoiles 



Pendown Plus 

ll.l 1 

Personal Accounts 



PhotoDesk 2 (Spac'eTech) E259.0ft 


Longman) E104 OOi 

Prime Mo\ S»" 




i( 'l.iie-i 

I'm Artisan 2-1 


Prophel ' Accounts (Apricote 

Render Bender v3 



Repla) Starter Kit 



Revelation ImagcPro (LL) ti< , 

kh.ipv.Js 3 


Rhythm Bed 



Sibelm, (1 
Sibelius 7 Prof 




i,- 1 (Sibe) 

I.-, (Sibe) 

Sibelius 7 Student (v3) (Sibe) 
Sibelius Junior (Sibe) 

Sin An (4Mation) 

• 15.00a 


i 1 '(in,, I 




■ 5 ; 1 1 

SniAll Files ,IVt,i(i„i.le.k:h 

SniAit File Mod 1 ang I IMat 


I Sound FX Makei (CIS) 

|Strongard (Arm) 

Termite Internet (DoggySoft 1 
rextEase SoftEascj 

I TcxtEase Talking (SoftEase) 
r< •.! use Palking Multimedia 
rimeCode (Acom) 

lnier (Clares) 

I I opograpllci ,( 'lares] 

[■OIK ii I spe (iota) 

lull,,. Drivel (< C 

Twain Dri DP) 



it: I 00a j 

I VS. IK l.i I 

£39.00« I 


E93 OOa 

E5I 00b 
1 I * » 00a 


in, ,111 ol in Full Rangi 

PiiKKBUn Driving 1 mal.l nglisll | 

in 1 - M.,ii, 1 ,, s. icrv 1 rem h, (jemun, 
h K-.enu.iK Maui \ rnetn 

Maths Niimbei M.,ih stajjstu -.. sin. 1 Spelling 
rabies Wank 

Adventure Playground (Storm) 
Amazing Maths [CSH 

Amazing Ollie (Storm) 

Ak venture 1 Romans (Shci 
Aieseniuie ii Egyptians 1 Sh« 1 1 
Arcventure 111 Vikings 
Arcventuie IV \ SaxonslShci 1 
Around World 80 Days (Sher) 

I ducali 

M Aztec 
Batlgt 1 ii.:ii- 


I IS 1 11 1.1 

1 19.00a 
1 18.00a 

£21 00a ■ 
I Ig.OOn I 

1 29.00o 

1 iMHI.i 
E2] HI)., ; 

i 10.00a 

I J 5 1 " hi 

Lis (III,, 


I Balloons and Zoo I lopo) 

I BodyVV isc 

Calabash Pirates Storm) 


' net 11, 'ii- 1 she, 1 

Rain Forrest (Sher) 

Crystal Rain Forrest 11 (S 

] D.invl ihe Dragon ■ IMai 
|] I lata! iraph 1 I opo) 

I I ilsl I OgO ill. I 

DTP ( LL) 

Flossy I h tMai 

Flight Pi (Storm) 

Freddy re Id) I lopo) 

Fredd) reddy's \&\ 1 fopo] 

iLinSeii -■ 1 1 each £20.00a 

(Please Spe Bit) 

I I irannj a ( larden 1 IMat 1 t-<< t xi.i 
Happy Life CCS] Ol 00c 

l Linn - Pond running watci £29 OOa 

Landmarks tuU range(LL)each E28.00a 

.00k Here ralking l,,pie-iShi £61 00b 
Maths Circus (4Mat) 

MathsMania I ropo) £26.00a 
Musk Box 9*- i ropo) 

Naught) Stories VI oi 2 (Sher) ls.s 00b 

I Numbci I ile- ■ Popo] £2S.00a 

Ollie Octopus SI I 16.00a 

i ixford Reading I ' \ 01 ; 

, ralking Stories (Each) (Sher) I 15.00b 

'|\ I ralking Infant Atlas 

Pinpoint Junior (I.I.I 

IPIantWisc (Sher) 

8) iSkilh 

Podd S+ I SM 

, (Shci i 

rurtk (Topoi 

I Sea Rescue (Srier) 

| Sclladort Pal (Sher) 

Smudge the Spaniel (Storm) 

Smudge the Scientist 

Smudge Punctuates 





I. Shell 

I opo 

£3 1.00a 

E i" 1 1' t.i 
£22.00a I 
£.15.008 I 

£ I r, iXl.i ! 
£35 OOa 

E42 OOa 
E3 1.00a 
I 26,00a 
i 26.00u 

l"-: m i.i 

(Topo) E26.00a 
i ropo) 

J Space ( us 
ri Splash 
I sue ol the Dump Starts 

Talking Clock 

Vnimuted Alphabci 

TalkingRhymos i 

The I'his : 

I The Puddle & Wardrobe! Popo) E20.00a 
lime Detectives (Sher) I 19.00u 

TinyDrow/Logo i ropo) 

rinyPuzzIc ropo 

| redd) He.ii - Picnic (Sher) 
I Voyage of Discovery (Sher) 

Mderbarron S*** (I volution) Ell 
| Alone in the Dark (Krisalis) 
\ne- (garnet (( iamesWare i 
Vnagrara Genius (4D) 

\m- (TBA 

i'.. m 1 i he- (Krisalis) • 

Big Bang (Psycore) E 14,00a 

Birds of War (4D) 

Black Angel ^_ (4D] 

Boxing Manage) ^R'Knsalis) <■ -'■ OOa 
Burn dm (Oragan) E22J 

|cinai. k.k\. (KrisaliR) £lo< 

' Crystal Maz 
i ybei Ape 
( ybet < 'hess 
I larkwood 
Drifter #»J«" 

Dune: ^^ 

Dune2t D 
I lungeon 
Empire Soot ei 
■niei ihe Realm I 

rype ( 'ompendium 

i j |„ i . ■ 

I I 
| Global i 
Haunted Hon 

l rii \, 
i in, 






ID !mb 

E2i "".i 

I .■ 

£22 .00a 
E 'ii OOa 
£32 OOa 

£21 OOa 


E21 OOa 

E 1 7.01 '.I 

£32 00a 

£22 OOa 
1 1 5 OOa 

£21 OOa 


HcroQuesi S»* 
High ki- Racirl^^tModus) 
Holed Out Compendium (4D) 
lames Pond (Krisalis) 

j James Pond 2 Robot od(G/W) 
James Pond running watci 

I Krisalis Collection (Krisalis) 

Mad ■' I 

Magic Pockfltfe£ l Renagadi I E13 00a 
I Revolver (Psycore) EUtxia 

Real Met 'in 2 (4D) 

■ . - . 

ke.,i McCo) I ' ID) £29.00a 

iii.m.i s. .,„...■ ;,,,,,. Snip Tin Wimpt 

Real Mei o) 4 (41)1 £29.00a 

! (i i 

Real Mel (4D) E29.00i 

vmj /..„ /'„■»,/.„„, Ha 

I Rick I langerous (Hitmen) E I I 00 
I Saloon < .us ivluv i id 

Scrabbk (I SOoId) E25.O0» 

| Kris)A5000/PC £33.00 

I Simon Ihe Sorccrei (0/>A 

Small 5»* 

SpcedBall S* 

I Sponbleoid Fantas) 
Slariightei WOO 

I Stum Races }000 

| I line Machine 

1 Virtual ' toll 

I Virtual ' lolf auguMaei 

I ( i.iine-l'.ui 2playei 

i D(G/W) £41 OOa 

\ £ Is (l(l,i 



, IDI 


ID) 2mb 

Mi . «ID' 

i, w 

Us III l.i 

£27 OOa 

i..' ' i» i,i 
i 29.00a 
l: Km., 

El 1.00a 

i 13 i ii h 

iProDriVffl £l()(K>a 

StanWritc i VP) ES.OOj 

fWaitei iDieu.ih iisiiii;, 

UOOOHlgJl Den-ils llopps Due, 

conversion kit (leading Edge] £90.00i 
t-1 IfiW-l I hV£-1 ■ h\ 


Cheques: should be made 
payable in Davyn Computers 
( ' it«l il ( '.ink: you maj also pus 
in Vis, i. Delta, Euro, Switch, 
Electron, ot Mastei Card. We 
normall) make no charge foi this, 
.mil take un paymeni until good! 
are read) Fot dispatch, We need 
tin- care holders address and 
telephone number, card number 
and issue number il .m> and the 
expiry date. 

( arriage: charges are as follows 
a ' Small £1.25 

b Medium f.:.sli 

c Medium Recorded £4.50 
d Courier £10.00 

e Courier Large £15.00 

Official Orders: are welcome 
from IK education and 
government institutions (invoices 
are due for payment within 14 
days and are subject to carriage 
and late paymeni charges), 

VAT is included: 

Olilcr \(I(Iivns: please send 

your orders to; 

l);tv\ n Computer Services 

'The Workshop' 

Off Princess Street. Sandal, 

Wakefield. West Yorkshire. 

WF1 5NY 

Opening I lours: 









Hardware on the move 

It is quite rare, even among computer 
users, to find a piece of new hardware 
that literally revolutionises the way 
we work. Even rarer that I recom- 
mend any. Like most Acorn husiness 
users 1 split my computing hetween 
sites - this involves the transfer of files 
from one place to another and from 
one computer to another. 

It has caused me a certain amount 
of concern in recent years that, 
despite all the advances made in other areas of 
hardware the bumble floppy disc drive seems to 
have gained little in speed. I will concede that high 
density drives and the ability to store up to 1.6Mb 
on a single floppy did help for a certain time. That 
time has passed as I now regularly generate files 
bigger than this capacity and can be working on 
files which would require a box of floppies. 

Compression of files can and does help but I 
have never felt very comfortable with this as a 
method. There is always the worry that one com- 
puter may not be able to read the compressed files 
or that something may go wrong between compres- 
sion and expansion. I xperience has also taught me 
that floppies arc unreliable and always likely to fail 
just at the point where no backup exists. 

Other alternatives have existed for some time - 
removable hard drives, magneto-optical drives and 
so on but these have always seemed to be expensive 
both in terms of the hardware and the storage 
media. They become even more expensive when 
you consider that many such devices require SCSI 
interfaces. SCSI is an excellent option in terms of 
speed and expandability but expensive for the 
average user. 

1 am now happy to report that all such problems 
are resolved, and relatively cheaply with my dis- 
covery of the wonderful device called a Zip drive, 
manufactured by Iomega. 

These little blue boxes now sit alongside my 
computer at home and my computer at work. 
Their chunky floppies hold KXJMb and are simply 
transferred between the two. 

l(M)Mb will be, for many Acorn users, greater 
than the capacity of their hard drives. This means 
that they are also a very good backup medium, 
whatever size of hard drive you have. As the exter- 
nal Zip drive does plug into the parallel port I 
assume it requires a machine with a bi-directional 
printer port. 

So no more worries about capacity, no more 
unreliable floppies - but always back up your work 
as insurance against loss or accidental damage to 
the Zip floppy - and no more compression. Zip 

drives are internal or external but the internal ver- 
sion seems to defeat the whole object. As men- 
tioned, the external version plugs into the parallel 
port and a second connector on the back of the Zip 
drive then connects through to the printer. In use 
this has presented absolutely no problems although 
I do not use the special dongled leads required by 
Turbo drivers. 

On an A7(XH), which has no joystick port, I was 
able to connect a joystick via the Zip drive and use 
it as normal. This was using SOLO from Stuart 
Tyrrell Developments. The only problems Zip dri- 
ves present, in my experience, are the need for 
another plug point near your computer and the 
fact that it did not like my using an Impression 
dongle on my older version of Impression Publisher 
- an upgrade to Publisher solved that problem. Has 
anyone got a good (clean), suggestion what to do 
with old Impression dongles? 

The only down side for Acorn users appears to be 
that Zip drives come with driver and utility soft- 
ware for PCs and even the Mac, but nothing for the 
Acorn. You may see them around with a street 
price of considerably less than £.100, but if you 
want one to work with your Acorn you must 
expect to pay more as you are also buying the 
Acorn drivers. 

The current price from Argo of a Zip drive plus 
Acorn drivers is £139 plus VAT. The drivers alone 
cost £29 plus VAT. A little simple arithmetic seems 
to indicate that if you can buy a Zip drive else- 
where for less than £129 including VAT, you would 
be saving money but probably at the expense of 
having to shop around. Personally 1 think we 
should support the Acorn market as much as our 
wallets allow. 

The actual prices of the Zip discs seems to vary 
enormously but I have seen them as low a £10 
when bought in packs of 6. 

Aiyo Interactive 

Tel: 01243 815815 (Sales). 

Stuart Tyrrell Developments 

PO Box 183, Oldham, 012 8FB 

Email: Solo@STDevel.demonxo. uk 


On the subject of software development and support Stallion Software have announced, via their web 
page, some planned upgrades to their organiser software Almanac. This was a classic case of an 
excellent piece of software gaining a bad reputation. One hopes that Stallion can rescue the situation 
and provide us with a much needed organiser and I speak as someone who recently forgot his 
wedding anniversary. Thankfully so did my wife. 

www.stallion. uk 

To softly go... 

A recent correspondent berated me 
for saying that we lacked relational 
databases in the Acorn world. He 
stated that if we substituted the 
word relational for programmable 
we have a good choice of such data- 
bases. I disagree but that is not the 
point I wish to make on this subject. 

My correspondent then went on 
to talk about a potentially good 
database which appears to have 
stopped being both developed and 
supported by its manufacturer. I am 
not going to mention names here, 
but this situation can leave users in 
the lurch. 

Many products could have been 
excellent but for the final lack of 
development and support. A look at 
back issues of Acorn magazines 
reveals a wealth of these nearly 
great pieces of software. 

I believe that the software scene 
is now significantly behind the hard- 
ware scene. We are in danger of 
having excellent hardware and noth- 
ing to run on it. For this reason I was 
particularly pleased when Chris Cox 
mentioned the revival of AcornSoft 
at the Wakefield Show. (See News 
section September AU). 

It seems to me that if some of the 
larger software houses wish to repo- 
sition themselves in the market then 
only Acorn themselves can take up 
the mantle. 

What has this to do with the orig- 
inal problem? Well, what about this? 
As well as AcornSoft developing 
new software, of which I am firmly 
in favour, how about it taking on 
some of the software currently in 
existence and continuing to develop, 
support and sell that? 

I know there would be problems 
of licensing and so on but if they 
sold off the business to Superior 
Software then surely it would make 
sound economic sense to actually 
acquire some software titles which 
are currently in abeyance. 

For that reason please e-mail or 
write to me with lists or titles of 
software that you think should still 
be being developed and supported. I 
am willing to start the ball rolling 
with Advance. Perhaps AcornSoft 
could be persuaded the idea has 
some commercial merit. 

Contacting me 

You can contact me, Mike 

Tomkinson, by post at the usual 

Acorn User address or by 

dropping me an e-mail at: 

November 1997 Acorn User 

http://www idg co uk/acornuser/ 



internet service 

The Zetnet Solution to the Internet 

lOr ACOm USerS fandPC usm, and Mac users ) 



• 33,600bps modem access 

• USR x2 access 

• ISDN access 


• 100% UK local call access 

• Free connection 

• Free technical support 

• Unlimited access 

Standard Account 

• £8.50 per month or 
£90.00 per annum 

• 33,600bps modem access 

• Free 5Mb web space 

Enhanced Account 

•£10.00 per month or 
£100.00 per annum 

• USR x2 or ISDN access 

• Free 10Mb web space 

• Unlimited email addresses 

• Free access to Internet 
games server 

At Zetnet we believe that you 
should be able to connect to the 
Internet when you want to. We 
believe in bringing the Internet to 
everybody, whether you're a techno- 
wizard or a techno-phobe. We'll 
help you contact the world, and help 
you establish your presence on the 

messages without being connected 
to the telephone line, saving money 

As you become familiar with the 
Internet, you'll have the peace of 
mind know- 

• Accessed by local call nationwide 

• Supports all modem speeds 
Up lo 1 0Mb of free space for your Internet pages 

on call charges. 

It is well known that the Internet can 
be a haven for subversive material, 
causing concern for families 
wishing to exploit the benefits of 
the Internet. With our unique filter 
system, families can connect to the 
Internet safe in the knowledge that 
any such material can be blocked 
by Zetnet if 

ing you re 


to a quality 


backed by a 

company who will be with you 

every step of the way. 

As well as providing full Internet 
access. Zetnet also provide a wide 
range of additional services, and can 
tailor connections to your 

We have specially written software 
for users of Windows, allowing the 
first time user to access the Internet 
with the minimum of effort. It 
even allows you to read and write 


Unlike some 
providers we do 
not charge for online time. We'll 
connect you to the Internet for the 
cost of a local telephone call and a 
nominal subscription charge. 

Technical Support is provided free 
of charge between 9.00 a.m. and 
8.00 p.m. Monday - Saturday as well 
as there being comprehensive help in 
our dedicated newsgroup for Acorn 

Enhanced account only, standard account has 5Mb 

live space 

Zetnet Services Ltd. 



Shetland ZE1 0NY 

rfone 0800 938638 


The PC Card-modem adaptor 

Until recently the 
modem support for 
the Psion range has 
been very limited, 
with only the 3-Fax 
system being avail- 
able. This all changed 
about a year ago with 
the release of a 14.4K 
Psion Travel modem 
and perhaps more 
excitingly the release 
Of a PC Card-modem 
adaptor. Both are cur- 
rently only available 
for the 3c and S5 but 
versions for the 
3a/PBIl will become 
available in time. 

The travel modem 
by current standards 
is rather slow and only really suitable for 
faxing and emailing not Web browsing, 
but it is the cheaper of the two options. 

The PC Card-modem adaptor allows you 
to hook up any PC Card modem (formerly 

PCMCIA) to your 
Psion and communi- 
cate at speeds of up to 

PC Card-modems 
are quite remarkable 
devices - they are 
about the same si/e as 
a credit card and only 
Slighter thicker - and 
yet perform all the 
functions of a normal 
desktop modem. 

The PC Card- 
modem 1 looked at 
was the Hayes Accura 
336 + Tax which sup- 
ports modem speeds 
of up to 33.6K and fax 
speeds of up to 14.4K. 
I his modem costs £99 
+ VAT and is one of the cheaper options but 
still has an excellent specification. 

The adaptor is just slightly bigger than a 
Post-It note pad and is powered by four AA 
batteries to save draining the Psion's bat- 

ten'. An optional mains adaptor is available 
but this somewhat reduces its portability. 

The PC ( ard-modem plugs into the adap- 
tor and a phone socket and the adaptor is 
then connected to the Psion and really 
that's about it. The Psion communications 
software doesn't need to be specially config- 
ured and the set-up works well. 

I haven't yet had the chance to try out 
Psion's Internet software as the SS version is 
not yet available and I don't own a 3c. 

The lax system is very eas\ -to-use and 
works in a similar way to ArcFAX. The doc- 
ument you want to fax is printed as a fax- 
file which can then be viewed in Easy Fax. 
from here you dial the fax number, config- 
ure any Options and then it takes over and 
does tlie rest. The system can also be set up 
to receive incoming faxes. 

Overall, the PC-Card modem adaptor is 
an excellent product and if your Psion is 
used a lot for communications it is a much 
better option than the travel modem 
despite the extra cost. I he travel modem 
costs £199 im \ A I and the P( ( ard-modem 
adaptor costs £ 1 16 inc VAT. 

Series 5 backlight 

One of the most useful features of the SS is its backlight which allows 
you to use the machine in almost all conditions. The backlight con- 
trol built into the SS, however, is very limited - on or er... off! 

Two programs have recently been released which improve this 
situation allowing you to specify times of the day when you want 
the backlight to come on automatically. 

Baeklite, as well as controlling the hours in which the backlight 
is on, also allows you to configure the backlight off time, make 

notes on a jotter, check the battery levels and more. 1 he program is 
downloadable from 

InteliScm is the simpler of the two programs, allowing you to 
specify the times of the day when the backlight should be on and 
off. InteliScm can be found at 

Both programs are freeware so if you think either would be use- 
ful I'd download both and give each a try. 

The 'No Nags' page 

led up with downloading software from the 
Web only to find it's shareware and an 
annoying screen keeps popping up remind- 
ing you of this fact? Well, if so, the 'No 
Nags' pages is for you. 

This 'no nags' page lists a selection of the 
true freeware software that is available for 
the Psion S3 and S5. The software has been 
categorised and the majority of it has been 
reviewed by the Webmaster before it gets 
onto the list. 

If you're looking for some new software 
for your Pocket Book, whether it be games 
or utilities, and you don't want to pa} tor 
it, check out the 'No-Nags' site at: 

Acorn World 

Well, it's Acorn World time again and this 
years show promises to be quite exciting 
from a portable perspective. 

Acorn plan to have a prototype of their 
new portable on-show (yes, 1 know they had 

one at Wakefield but that was a technology 
demonstrator and not the true Acorn 
portable...), so we should finally get to see il 
the machine lives up to expectations. 

Xemplar will be demonstrating the Apple 
e-mate and the Acorn Pocket Book - maybe 
with some news on a replacement - who 

What I do know is that I'll be there either 
on the Saturday or Sunday so, if you see me, 
Stop and say hello, and if you want to test 
my brain I'll make sure it's switched on tor 
that weekend! 

This page 

With the release of the Series 5 from Psion 
and the imminent arrival of Acorn's new- 
Portable, I thought it is about time I out- 
lined what I intend to cover on this page in 
future My current plan is to cover all Acorn 
portables - the Pocket Book, A4 and the 
new laptop - as well as covering the Psion 
Series 3 and 5. 

My reasoning behind covering the SS is 
that a lot of Acorn users have always owned 

Psion machines - especially after Acorn pro- 
duced a link suitable tor the S3. Many of 
these Acorn users may now wish to upgrade 
their Psion to the new SS, especially if they 
have access to a PC or if Xemplar produce 
an Acorn link, and will want to keep up-to- 
date with any developments that occur. 

1 do not, at the present time, intend to 
cover either the e-mate or the Newton 
despite the fact that they are ARM-powered 
as I feel the user base within the Acorn mar- 
ket is too small. However, if anyone dis- 
agrees with this, yell loudly and if enough 
people do then I'll undertake a re-think. 

If anyone has any suggestions about top- 
ics they would like to see covered on this 
page then please contact me at the usual 

Acorn User address. 

Contacting me 

You can contact the Portables page 

by writing to me, Mark Taylor at 

Acorn User, Media House, Arlington 

Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP, or by 

e-mail to 

November 1997 Acorn User 

httpV/www idg 




i *2 


Hard Disc Recording 
Sound Editing and Audio Processing 

ProSound is a fully integrated hard disc recording, sound editing and audio 

processing suite. The extendable modular design of ProSound allows it to be 

tailored to the users own application. 

ProSound utilises a fast virtual memory system making it possible to edit 
enough audio to fill a typical audio CD, using just a 4Mb machine. 

ProSound offers an eight track mixing desk. Each track may be assigned 
somewhere between the left and right stereo positions, at varying volume 
levels. The tracks are then mixed in real-time when the project is played. 

ProSound is able to import and export most industry standard audio file 

formats, as well as the familiar Acorn native formats, thus solving any 

platform portability problems. 

ProSound offers a comprehensive portfolio of audio effects and processing 

options, permitting flexible manipulation of audio samples. Tools such as 

bandpass filters, and frequency analysis diagrams may be used to improve 

sample quality, whilst special effects may be utilised for the production of a 

synthesized sample. 

ProSound supports multiple projects, to allow editing to take place on several 

different projects simultaneously, just as you would expect a desktop 

publisher to allow you to edit multiple documents and move data around 

between them. 

ProSound enables many of the currently available audio capture cards to 
record directly to disc, and so recording duration may be virtually unlimited. 

Acorn MIDI Sequencing Studio 

MidiWorks is a highly sophisticated MIDI sequencing and composing studio, 
designed for the serious professional musician. 

The pattern arranger allows up to 64 channel output, using an intuitive drag 

and drop system as used throughout the studio. Arranging and composing 

could not be quicker or easier. 

The piano roll, event list, and drum map editors offer fast and efficient editing 

of any aspect of a score, including features such as system exclusive, key 

pressure, and pattern tempo. All are represented graphically, and may be 

fluidly drawn as a graph with the pencil tool. 

A unique and powerful feature is the meta controller, enabling the creative 

multimedia designer to sequence non MIDI events. This provides a powerful 

method of synchronising multimedia presentations to music by triggering 

audio samples and video movies, and for controlling external hardware. 

The flexible processing tools include several types of quantisation, as well as 

data transformation, non-linear timestretch, and data reduction. All processing 

tools can be applied to an accurately defined selection of notes or events. 

MidiWorks is equipped with internal and external MTC/SMPTE 

synchronisation via the Acorn TimeCode system. This permits 

synchronisation with any compliant external hardware, and allows 

comprehensive control of other applications such as hard disc recording 

software within the desktop. 

Many useful studio utilities and gadgets are provided such as a patch bay, 

MIDI filter, MIDI channel monitor, desktop keyboard, user definable 

instrument lists, VU meters, and studio clocks. 

Above all MidiWorks provides an intuitive and relaxing environment, where 
the musician is encouraged to channel all his effort into composing. 


version also available soon 

ProSound - RRP £1 19.95 - Special £99.95 

MidiWorks - RRP £159.95 
Special £1 19.95 to ProSound or StudioSound UsetS^T 1 

Oregon Developments 

36 Grosvenor Avenue : Streetly : Sutton Coldfield :B74 3PE 

.„ Tel : 0121 353 6044 / Fax : 0121 353 6472 
■^St..J^> httpt//www. oregan. demon. 

cover disc 



John Pettigrew 

Osmosis is a slightly different slant on the 
desktop-patience-game theme. Not only are 
the games different, it also uses a larger 
screen mode than normal - K(M) \ 600 is the 
minimum. This allows those of us with more 
powerful computers to see the cards when 
using these large screen modes, as most 
patience games use small sprites to cater for 
the small screen modes. The game was writ- 
ten on an A5(XX), and has been tested on a 
Rise PC with and without StrongARM, so it 
should work on most machines (although, as 
I said, large screen modes are really needed). 
The two games that the program plays are 
Osmosis and Pyramid. Osmosis is similar to 
the kind of patience games you will be famil- 
iar with - the object of the game is to move 

all the cards from the pack and four piles 
(see screenshot) onto the layout in suit. 
However, unlike most games, the cards do 
not move in number order. 

All the piles must start with the same num- 
ber card as the top pile, but thereafter the 
only restriction on moving cards to the lay- 
out is that the number must have already 
appeared in the laser above, hence the name 
- the card numbers 'diffuse' down from the 
top to the bottom layer. 

Pyramid is rather different - although the 
aim is to move the cards from the (triangu- 
lar) layout onto the foundation pile, in pairs 
that add up to 13, the game involves much 
more skill and strategy than Osmosis. Indeed, 
this game has one feature that most patience 

-C""" " 


games do not - a score. This is 
added up after si\ names, and an overall 
score of zero means that you have done well, 
if your score is negative, more work is 

Playing six games means that the random 
effect of the cards tends to be removed, as 
some games do turn out to be impossible to 
finish. My best score so far is .52. See it sou 
can do better! 

lull instructions on how to play the games 
are included in the Help file, and remember - 
practice makes perfect. 

Tizzy's Toybox demo 

Sherston Software 

Try out the demo of this new title 
Mom Sherston Software, contact 
details in the Help file. 

November 1997 Acorn User 



cover disc 


Fortran Friends 

Demos of two new programs from Fortran 
Friends demonstrating the power of the 
language. IPolyDraw is an interactive pro- 
gram which displays a polyhedron in two 
forms, a 3D solid and a planar net from 
prestored datafiles. The full version allows 
you to save Draw files of the 3D solids and 
planar nets; you cannot save any files with 
this demo version and can only use the 
supplied datafiles. 

tPofyNet allows von to create planar nets 
from files containing data on how to draw 


■.rclliilcd ■italhttn -i\ iji 


I ■ I I iMllhllil I 

#Face: 3 
Colour: 1 
Vertices: 3 



1 ■•■mi 

polyhedra. The full this demo version, you can only use the 

version allows you to supplied datafiles, and cannot change the 

save Draw and Choices file. 

datafiles; you cannot Contact details and further information 

save any files with are in the ReadMe and help files. 

Regular items 

• Mike Cook's PIC simulator 

• Free Ads — all our Free Ads 
on disc 

• All the *INFO programs 


lEmbolden, IFontician and 

Font creation grids 

A complete font 

Disc information 

The software on these discs has heen compressed using 
ArcFS 2 from VTi, and are opened by running a copy of 
ArcFS then double-clicking on the archive to open it. 
There is a copy of ArcFS on each disc. 

Most software will run straight from the archive, but 
some programs may need to be copied out of the archive 
before being rjin, uncompressing them in the process. 
Any program that saves a file to disc, for instance, will be 
unable to do so into the archives on the disc. 

Faulty disc? 

If your disc is faulty, test whether it will verify by click- 
ing with Menu on the floppy drive icon and choosing 

If it fails to verify or is physically damaged you should 
return it to TIB, TIB House, 1 1 Edward Street, Bradford, 
Yorkshire BD4 7BH. If it verifies successfully return it to 
the Acorn User editorial office at the usual address. 

The Acorn User cover discs have been checked for 
viruses using Killer version 2.700 from Pineapple 


November 1997 Acorn User 

h!tp.//www idq co '.ik/acornuser/ 


ecial Purchase 

Warranty:- NEW=1 Year. S/H=3 Months 

NEWA3010's from£ 150 

NEW A4000's from £ 390 

S/HRPCsMkl 9MB £550 
S/H A5000's from £ 375 

Monitors not included with above 

NEW17"AKF85 £450 

NEW 14" SVGA from£ 160 
S/H AKF 18 Monitors £ 150 

S/H AKF 17 Monitors £120 
New Pocket Books from £ 1 50 

A4 Concept Keyboard £ 80 

B JC4 1 00'S Printers(Rtrns) £ 1 50 

Phone for full list of specials 

JOB Vacancies 


& Trade Sales 

Send CV to 

C Evans 

RiscPC's Built to your specification. 

Example 1 : Example 2 : 

RiscPC Strong ARM. 8MB RAM RiscPC SirongARM, 16MB RAM 

1.2GB HD. & 14" Monitor 2MB Vram. 1.2GB. l.VFSTMon. 
Quad speed CD & Delivery 8 speed CD & Delivery 

£ 1320 inc. VAT 

£ 1600 inc. VAT 


1 c finance on SA RiscPC's & A7000+ 

RiscPC RRfTl 


£ 16 

128MB nABf* £849 


£ 29 

1MBV-RAM £ 65 



£ 56 

2MBV-RAM £110 



£ 100 

1-2MBV-RAM £ 90 



£ 375 

liil Ilk Wl I'.iii l ; .\rli;mi:i- prices pK'.i 


14" SVGA (AKF Wlequiv.) 

15" SVGA (0.28mm FST MFC I280)( 1024) 

17" Acorn AKF85 (0.28mm FSTMPC 1600 x 1200) 

17" Iiyama 86 1 7e (0.26mmFSTMPC 1600 x 1200) 

17" Iiyama 9017e Pro 025mm FST MFC 1600 \ 1200 

Hard Disc Drives 

210MB Conner 3.5" IDE 

1.2GB Quantum/Fujitsu TM 3.5" IDE 

2.1GB Quantum/Fujitsu 3.5" IDE 

2.5GB Quantum/Fujitsu 3.5" IDE 

3.2GB Quantum Fireball 3.5" IDE 

3.8GB Quantum Fireball 3.5" IDE 

6.4GB Quantum Fireball 3.5" IDE 

2.0GB 3.5" SCSI 

4.3GB 3.5" SCSI 

Hard Disc Kits for A3000 from (A3020 from E 90) 

Syquest EZ230MB 3.5" Drive (removable cartridge) 

Xyratex 540MB Drive (removable cartridge) extern 

Iomega 1GB JAZ Drive (removable cartridge) " : 






































BJ30 Black 
BJC240 Colour 
BJC4550Col. A3 




BJC620 Col. 
Stylus Colour 500 
Stylus Colour 600 

HP6L 6ppm 

£ 260 

£ 220 

£ 260 

£ 380 

RiscPC CD Rom Systems 

IDE CD ROM Drives 

Fight Speed RtfBfid £ 75 

Twelve Speed flflBfc* £ 90 

a#v Panasonic 
24 Speed Maximum £ 1 1 

(Average speed 17) 
6Speed Autochange£ 175 

For details on drives lor oilier systems, 
please call 

(Please add E 15 foi ID1 I D Drivers il 
using Riscl >s ( s compute! I 

Double Speed - tray 
6.7 Speed - tray 
Eight Speed - tray 

£ 95 

£ 170 
£ 200 

( ombined Quad Speed St SI ( l> Rom 
Drive AND 650MB Optical Read/Write 

Drive I 360* 
SCSI I Mini Podule Ini. (e.g. A3020) £ 115 

S( SI I Podule Int. (e.g. RiscPC) £ 90 

SCSI II Podule Int. Cumana £ 175 

SCSI II Podule Int. PowerTec £ 195 

Cases for External CD Rom Drives from £ 47 
•Optical Discs for PD Drive £ 46 

Call for prices on: 

• Interfaces • Digital Cameras 

• Scanners • Modems 

• Speakers • Arc. Hardware 

• Printer Ribbons & Cartridges 

Post from £ 2.50 Courier from £ 7.00 
Credit Cards & Official Orders Welcome. 


RiscPC's from £ 48 p.m. 

2(1'; deposit. 
2(1 Months to pay. 
(.ill tin I'urthei details 

All prices 
In clude VAT 

@ 17.5% 

The Fastest RiscPC PC Card is now even faster! 
The 'CJE 133MHz 5x86' with 512K Cache! 

Now Available £ 390 inc VAT Please phone for Part Exchange details. 

Acorn % OEmiCPOS Acorn 

78 Brighton Road. Worthing, West Sussex, BN 1 1 2EN Telephone : 1 903 523666 Fax : 1 903 523679 
Email : or Web : 

K$sr FONiFX 


• v " ■ * ck^i 

New control panel with 

many improvements 

including 'compass' knobs 


Choose from 
16 million colours 


New 3D Shadow effect 


New grow and shrink feature 

toolbox controls 

New rainbow fill option 

New border effect 


User-definable shadow length and direction 


Upgrades at special prices for owners of earlier versions. 


Tel 0181-460 8991 Fax 0181-313 0400 



Gold Award 

Talking textease 

Best Primary 


Softease Limited, >/ 

The Old Courthouse, A 

St Peters Church Yard, 

Derby, DE1 1NN 

Tel 01 332 20491 1 Fax 01 332 609224 


For Windows 3.11 and '95 or Acorn RISC OS3.1 

TWo new CD-ROMs from RESOURCE! 

Much Ado at Rainbow's Edqe 

Much, much more than Talking Stories. Over 100 daft 
and different characters live in Rainbow's Edge. 
Follow any of them through their adventures. 
From Helmut, the sausage-mad dog, to G. Porgie, 
the village bully, there's a feast of interlocking stories. 

Plus PSE topics, map work, comprehension, treasure trails and puzzles. 

Little Bo Peep 

Read by Anneka Ri 

Rainbort Stories 

The Crooked Man 

Eighteen talking and singing books of your favourite stories. 
Narrators include Anneka Rice, Victoria Wood, Julie Walters, Gary 
Lineker and Jimmy Nail. High quality animations and sound effects 
will appeal to all ages and are guaranteed to make you smile. 


Read by Jimmy Nail 

The RESOURCE Centre 

51 High Street, Kegworth, Derby DE74 2DA 

Telephone: (01509) 672222 Fax: (01509) 672267 


Font design 


Clive Semmens 

introduces the ins and outs of font design 




One of the real beauties of RIS( OS is 
that it is relatively easy to design your 
own fonts. And, if you have the expertise, 
the standard can be at least as high as on 
any other computer system. 

At first I designed fonts using nothing 
more than Acorn's own IFontEd, which is 
much better than some people would have 
you believe. Its weakest feature is its 
inability to handle kerning tables, but 
there are a couple of applications available 
quite cheaply from other 
software houses that make up 
that particular deficiency 

The other significant weak- 
ness is the main reason tor 
this article: Thickness. 

II you look inside a font 
directory, you will see two 
files: IntMetrics and Outlines 
(or IntMetricO and 
OutlinesO). They will usually 
be typed as Font files, but 
some Outlines 

Homerton. Medium. Oblique 
for example - are text. If you 
open one you will see that all 
it contains is a reference to 
another font, and a matrix of 
numbers. This tells the font 
manager to use the outlines 
from this other font, transformed accord- 
ing to the matrix. 
Homerton. Medium.Oblique is exactly the 
same as Homerton.Medium, except that it 
leans over by 12 degrees. 

The only transformations possible using 
this system are horizontal and vertical 
scaling, shearing (leaning over), rotations, 
reflections and translations (horizontal 
and vertical shifts). Some software vendors 
will sell you a package that makes a 'new' 
font which is simply a transformed ver- 

sion of an existing font, done in this way. 
Ibis is all very well as far as it goes, but 
what if you want a bolder version of a 

It simply won't do to stretch a font out 
in the x direction and call it bolder - the 
same percentage of the paper is covered 
with ink as was before. You can't make a 
lighter weight of font this way either. 
Horizontally stretched out fonts are really 
called extended, and horizontally squeezed 



Hold Extended 

Medium Extended 

Bold Condensed 

Medium Condensed 

Figure I: Extending and condensing is not the same as a weight change 

oiks, condensed. It's a quite separate issue 
from font weight. 

Ideally, as you extend a font you should 
make it a little lighter - Figure I shows 
how the 60 per cent extended version of 
Medium looks a little bolder than ordinary 
Medium - but it doesn't look like Bold, 
even though it's very much extended. 
Most DTP software, and even Draw, allows 
vou to produce text extended or con- 
densed to any degree without having to 
have a special font at all. But what about 

different weights - demi-bold, ultra-bold, 
light and so on? These are much harder, 
and definitely need separate fonts. 

In theory, IFuntEil has a facility to 
adjust the weight of a font. If you click 
Menu over the font Index window, move 
through Alter and then Thickness, you can 
change the thickness by positive (bolder) 
or negative (lighter) numbers, The num- 
bers correspond to Design Units, one 
live-hundredth of the nominal size of the 
font when the Design Size is SO. 

Unfortunately this facility is 
badly flawed. It works well 
enough for straight lines and 
angles, but there's something 
seriously wrong with the way it 
handles curves and tangents 
unless the change of weight is 
very slight, and sometimes even 
then. The examples show the 
effect of a +5 alteration of thick- 
ness on a few Trinity Medium 
Italic characters. 

Apart from these occasional 
wild errors, there is a general 
tendency for Alter Thickness to 
change the thickness of curved 
strokes by somewhat less than it 
changes the thickness of 
straight strokes. This means that 
fonts emboldened or lightened 
using the facility have a tendency to look 
uneven, and a great deal of editing is nec- 
essary afterwards to get them looking 


There are difficulties in principle with 
changing the weight of fonts in software. 
There are details which need to alter as the 
weight changes, but for which there is no 
simple algorithm to decide how they will 
change, so that input from the designer is 

November 1997 Acorn User 

http://www uk/acornuser/ 


Font design 




needed. However, it is certainly possible to 
do a lot better than FontEd does: 
[Embolden is my offering, it isn't perfect, 
but it's much better than FontEd. 

Most characters in most fonts can be 
emboldened or lightened to a considerable 
degree using Embolden, without needing 
any post-editing at all. A few characters 
with particular features may need a bit of 
tweaking, but usually this only involves 
moving a couple of control points and can 
be done quickly. It's also easy to spot the 
likely places where problems may occur. 

figure III shows the outline of a 
Trinity. Medium n and an emboldened ver- 
sion around it. The error is at the point 
where the top edge of the thin stroke at 
the top meets the vertical in a reflex angle: 
See how the gap between the two outlines 
is wider here. The problem occurs at reflex 
angles if either or both of the adjacent 
lines are curved. This area might need a bit 



Figure II: 'FontEd has real trouble emboldening curves 
Acorn User November 1997 

http //www. 

of tweaking in any case, as it is a place 
where there is a difficulty in principle: If 
the gap between the two outlines was con- 
stant, the short length of upright above 
the attachment of the thin stroke would 
get shorter as the character got bolder, for 
small changes this probably could be 
ignored, but it would look very silly if it 
got very small, and what happens when it 
becomes negative? 

'.Embolden works on draw files, not font 
files. It could be upgraded to be able to do 
cither, but I usually work on fonts in 
IDraM in the early stages anyway, finding 
it better for designing the outlines. I then 
move the outlines into font files lor apply- 
ing scaffolding and autokerning. I he 
second utility, IFontician, does the conver- 
sion to a font file. It can also do the 
reverse, as well as a number of other 

Lastly, [Embolden doesn't know the 
inside of a curve 
from the outside! 
This is sad and I'd 
like to fix it, but it 
would be quite a big 
job. The effect is 
that whether an out- 
line is emboldened 
or lightened depends 
on the winding - 
whether the outline 
was created clock- 
wise or anticlock- 
wise - as well as the 
sign of the Amount. 
Embolden offers an 
option to do both 
sicks, leaving you to 
delete the unwanted 
variant. Alterna- 
tively you can do 
what I do: Ensure 

that the outer outlines of characters all go 
clockwise, and the outlines of any holes go 
anticlockwise. The third utility, 
[Pathways, can help you with this. 


'.FontEd does some things very well, but I 
find it much easier to do the initial cre- 
ation of characters in '.Draw, and some 
editing is easier in [Draw too. IFontician 
provides a quick and easy way to convert 
back and forth between fonts and draw 

To use it, drag a font directory or a suit- 
able draw file on to the icon on the icon 
bar. A save window will appear, contain- 
ing two icons, one a font file icon and one 
a draw file icon. If you drag the font file 
icon, a font directory (containing 
IntMetrics and Outlines files) will be pro- 
duced; if you drag the draw file icon, a 
draw file will be produced. 

Suitable draw files may either be pro- 
duced using IFontician, then edited as 
required, or you can start from drid256 or 
(irid-416 provided on the cover disc, and 
add your own outlines. 

When Fontldan makes a draw file, it 
puts a blue line under each character. The 
length of the blue line is the width of the 
character taken from the IntMetrics file, 
and the left hand end marks the position 
of the origin (0,0 point) of the character. 
You can edit the length of these blue lines, 
and the IntMetrics file will reflect the 
change. However, the position of the ori- 
gin is absolute, so don't move the left 
hand end of the line. 

You probably already know about 
IDraw's little quirk, but it's worth men- 
tioning here: You can't get hold of the 
bottom handle of a selected horizontal 
line to drag the length! The trick is to edit 
the line instead, and move the control 


See us on 

stand #68 at 

Acorn World '97 





Sheep Racing Deluxe runs on any 

Acorn computer with RISC OS 3.10+ 

and 2MB RAM. It has been optimised 

for use on a StrongARM Rise PC. 

Featuring: 256 colour VGA graphics at 50Hz 
(needs RPC & 1 Mb VRAM) • Five wacky and 

varied levels chock full of hilarious surprises 

2-5 player serial link up option! • Easy to use 

WIMP interface • Four way parallax scrolling 

It's thwogging brilliant! 

All this and more 

for Only £25.95! (plus £1 .50 carriage in the UK) (single user) 

Werewolf Software • 23 The Spinneys, Bromley, Kent, BR1 2NT • Tel: 0181-289 6003 
Email: • WWW: 



Second -Hand 

AJS Computers Ltd \ 


A Strong ARM KiscPC A 
Special Package 

- 16Mb RAM + 1Mb VRAM - 1.2Gb Hard drive 

- StrongARM Processor - x8 CO ROM 

- 15" AOC Monitor - Stereo speakers 
..upgrades: 0X4-100 PC Card £199.00 

1.7Gb Hard Drive upgrade £45.00 


Acorn A7000+ Multimedia system 

ARM 7500FE Processor 
14" AOC Digital Monitor 

- 8Mb Ram 

- x8 CD ROM 


Millstone House, 

51 Heath Drive, 



CM2 9HE 

Tel: 01245 345263 
Fax: 01245 345233 

3 month warranty 
on aU S/N goodi 

All prices plus VAT 
and carriage 


Clearance Sale: (U Months waranty) 

EESOX PD System £225.00 

SCSI Podule £50.00 

Epson Stylus Colour U £100.00 

HP DeskJet 340 + SF £100.00 

Acorn RiscPC 700 £750.00 

Second Hand Items:* 

BBC Master 128 £40.00 

A3000 (2Mb, ROS 3) £125.00 

A4000 (2Mb, HD80) £25000 

A5000 (4Mb, HD160) £325.00 

RiscPC600 (9Mb, HD210) £550.00 

486SX40 PC Card (S/H) £50.00 

Microvitec CUB Monitor £60.00 

Acorn AKF12 Monitor £50.00 

Acorn AKF 18 Monitor £125.00 

Acorn AKF60 Monitor £100.00 

CC Laser Direct LBP4 £300.00 

Force Clip Art Collection consists of 10,000 «^ 
vector graphic images and 500 photographic images *^"" 

on CD-ROM together with a 3&6-page full colour 
catalogue showing every clip art image. Conversion 
software to use images on an Acorn system included. 
The Task Force Collection costs £34.95 including VAT I 
plus £3 p&p (UK) from: 

Akalat Publishing f.03ox 231, Barton, Bedford MK45 4H0 
Tel. 01532 001614, email 


iSV Special Offers 

Font Designers Toolkit 

ViVID 5000 

£21.50 save £10.00! 

£11.50 SAVE 33% 

FontTrix PRO 


£16.50 save £10.00! 

£11.50 SAVE 33% 

Font Pack 312 

Publish Art 2 

£14.00 HALF PRICE! 




£21.50 save £10.00 from old rrp 

£16.50 SAVE 25% 


The latest version in the best selling DrawWorks series. Includes a 
completely redesigned uset interface with on-line help Buttons are now 
split into separate toolbars grouped by function. 

New features include fitting objects to moulds, named colours, wrapping 
text or objects around a curve, user definable named text styles, full 
time on-line help. DrawWorks Designer also has three users levels, 
from Student up to Designer. Objects can be exported as anti-allased 
sprites and as JPEG and GIFF files. DrawWorks designer comes with a 
60+ page fully illustrated on-line manual 

DrawWorks Designer requires Rise OS 3.1 2Mb of RAM and a hard 



After 4 years work iSV Products is finally ready to release FontFiend. 
FontFiend is the intelligent font designer. FontFiend can make fonts with 
Latin 1 .2.3 or 4 character sets. Automatically make accented letters and 
symbols in your font. Worried about the "black arts" of hinting a font. 
FontFiend can do this for you automatically. 

FontFiend can also repair damaged fonts that won't load into FontED as 
well as loading many fonts that FontED cannot cope with. Supplied 
with a comprehensive printed manual and full on-line help FontFiend is 
the professional font designer. To quote one of iSV Products beta 
testers's EXCELLENT!' 

Requires RiscPC with 8Mb of RAM 





ClipNET is the all purpose network clip art browser. ClipNET works in 
conjunction with Mr Clippy to deliver compressed clips over your 
network quickly and simply. 

Users can see all of the clips stored in Mr Clippy on the file server If a 
user wants a clip all they have to do is drag out a file, or just double 
click on the large thumbnail in the ClipNET window. 

Users can locate clips by name using the "Find-a-Cllp" system or from a 
menu All Clips are presented in the same way as they would be from 
the main Mr Clippy application, except that users cannot modify or 
delete any of the clips. ClipNET requires Rise OS 3.1 or later and 2Mb 
of RAM in order to work. 

Overseas orders please add £2.00 carriage 

P*£l ^» Y 86 Turnberry • Home Farm 
m m m/ Bracknell • Berks • RG12 8ZH 
#^2l| ▼ - Tel 01 344 55769 

J ^J^J !Bf ■ JK This advert was produced using NDT fonts 
* ^^ ^* ^^ ^> • ^^ stored on the Typograhy CD & DrawWorks2 

All details correct at the time of going to press E&0E 
NOT & Typography are trademarks of iSV Products. All other trademarks are acknowledged 


Registered Developer 

Acorn User Awards 1995 

Runner up Best Business 

Software - TableCalc 

Acorn User Awards 1996 

Runner up Best Network 

Software - SerialNET 

Forget all 
the other 
we have 
over the 

last 12 


"...amazing. ..highly 

recommended. ...a 

class product..." 

Acorn User 


Upgrade from V1 



...difficult to separate 

from the 

competition, the 

difference is that it is 

about half the price!" 

Acorn User 
£21.50 single user 
£41.50 site licence 


"...half the price and 

four times the 



£21.50 no cable 

£36.50 inc cable 

Font CD 

"...good quality 

fonts... excellent 

value for money..." 

Archimedes World 

"...NDTas used by 

iSV Produces 

superior results." 

Acorn Publisher 


Mr Clippy 

"...gets high marks... 

good value for 



"Value 5 out of 5" 

Archimedes World 



The protected 

desktop for 



5 Machine £31.50 

Site Licence £61.50 

Font design 





Figure III: An emboldened n 

point with Adjust-drag. The exact vertical 
position doesn't matter to IFonlk'um, but 
in other circumstances you can always 
realign the control points by applying a 
'Transform- Y scale' of zero. 

There are several other things that 
'.Politician can do, too. 

Occasionally I find that I want to com- 
pletely restart 
the scaffolding 
from scratch. 
This is because 
it's horribly 
easy to get the 
scaffold tree - 
the family tree 
of the scaffold 
lines - into a 
terrible tangle. 
Going through every character in WontEd 
to remove them all is tedious in the 
extreme. IFontkian will do this for you. 
All you have to do is click on the 'Toggle 
Size' icon, and then on the 'Remove scaf- 
folding' button. 

Making an oblique font by applying a 
matrix to another font is all very well, but 
you might not want even character in the 
font to lean. Many publications like to 
keep brackets, mathematical symbols. 
punctuation and the like upright even 
within oblique text, and it's a dreadful 
nuisance to have to change in and out of a 
foul or style all the time. Also, you might 
want to change the form of some of the 
characters for the oblique font. A matrix 
transformation applied to a whole font 
doesn't allow this. 

In contrast with oblique fonts, italic 
touts usii.ilh aren't anything like their 
Roman counterparts. Even then, you 
might want some of the special characters 
to be simply leaning versions of the roman 
ones, lor example, although the 

■ ■ V 


Caps height 

J Physiol. italic font is completely indepen- 
dently designed in the lower case, the 
upper case letters are simply sloping copies 
of the Roman font. 

IFontkian allows you to apply a matrix 
to a font, producing a real Outlines file 
rather than just a reference to the parent 
font. You can then edit this font with 
'.Font Ed - in particular you can copy char- 
acters from one font into another. All you 
have to do is drag them from the first font 
Index window to the second. 

This means that you could make an 
oblique version of a font, then replace the 
characters that you wanted to leave upright 
with the upright versions 
from the original font. 
Similarly, you could make 
an oblique font, and then 
just use a few special charac- 
ters from it, with the 
remainder being indepen- 
dently drawn italic 
characters or copies of the original upright 

Rather than you having to calculate the 
matrix you need for the effect you are try- 
ing to achieve, Fontician expects you to 
enter it in terms of X and Y scales, X and Y 
shifts, shear angles and rotations. The one 
item that may not be immediately obvious 
is Frock. This increases the width of every 
character by the given amount, that is the 
space allocated for the character in a line 
of text. For small amounts of emboldening, 
having a little less space between the char- 
acters looks right, but for larger amounts 
you have to increase the widths or the 
characters start to collide excessively. 

Another particular use I've made of these 
applications was to make proper Small 
Caps and Inferior/Superior fonts. Although 
most DTP software provides for subscripts 
and superscripts by applying a scaling and 

a vertical shift to the ordinary characters, 
really the end result is that the subscripts 
and superscripts look too light and finely 
detailed in relation to the main font. In the 
days of metal type, a smaller type size was 
used, which was independently designed 
to match the larger. One particular detail 
of such smaller type is that the ratio ol \ 
height to Caps height is usually larger. 

Similarly, small capitals are often pro- 
duced simply by using capitals and 
reducing the point size. Again, the result is 
that the characters look too light in rela- 
tion to the main font. Ideally they should 
be adjusted in weight. They also look bet- 

IiBad Bo <i 

/ X 


Figure IV: A real subscript font has a bigger x-height 

ter with a slightly wider aspect ratio. Fhe 
Journal of Physiology uses a font that we 
call JPhysiol.SmallCaps, which is identical 
to the Physiol font except that the lower 
case letters are carefully produced small 
capitals. This makes it possible for us to do 
lists of authors' names in caps and small 
caps without changing style all the time. 

You can use any combination of 
'.Fontkian's facilities in a single operation. 
The various transformation will be per- 
formed in the order of the list in the Save 
window. If you want to do them in a dif- 
ferent order, you'll have to process your 
font more than once. 

IFontkian will accept Format Version 6 
or 8 fonts as input, but always produces 
Format Version 8 fonts. 

Next month we'll delve a little further 
into how to process fonts files to 
produce good quality lettering. 


November 1997 Acorn User 

hnp://www.idg co uk/acornuser/ 


Get the latest in 


Claim a full range of AcornSoft 
beta Software completely 
FREE of charge when you visit 
Acorn World 97 

Ticket prices: 




On the door 



(under !>• 




(2 adults and 2 children > 



31 October - 2 November 1997 

Wembley Conference and Exhibition Centre 


Ticket Hotline Number: 0181 982 6500 

Acorn World '97 

Show Guide 

Hall 3, Wembley Exhibition 
and Conference Centre 
31 Oct - 2 Nov 1997 

Acorn World is the largest annual Acorn computer exhibition and 
attracts visitors from all around the world. 

It is an opportunity for Acorn users to see, try and buy the latest 
hardware and software, 
attend seminars and 
demonstrations of a wide 
range of products covering 
education, publishing, 

design, process control, 
games, business applica- 
tions, networking, commu- 
nications and the Internet. 

Research carried out by 
EPS, last years organisers 
indicated that, over the 
three days of the event, an 
estimated £2 million was 
spent by visitors to the 
show. They also discovered 
that many Acorn enthusi- 
asts and schools make their 
major annual equipment 
and software purchases at 
Acorn World. 

As announced last issue 
EPS have withdrawn from 
the organisation of this 

year's show and Acorn themselves have stepped in to ensure that the 
show is as successful as in previous years. Due to the recent takeover 
only limited information was available about the event as we went to 
press but Kerri Davies at Acorn said that they were putting lots of 
resources and effort into the show, however, they were unable to con- 
firm promotions, competitions or any further details at this stage. 

Contact Kerri Davies on 01223 725267 or e-mail k.daviesif'acorn. 

Acorn highlights - stand 58 

Two of the highlights of the show include Java enabled Acorn prod- 

ucts and a sneak look at a prototype of the Rise PC II (to be launched 
in 1998). The first public showing will be accompanied by the Acorn 
Technology Showcase Cinema, where Acorn's latest and next genera- 
tion technology will be 
revealed on the big screen to 
show attendees. 

One of the main thrusts 
from Acorn's technology 
division will be their 
TVCentric(TM) technology, 
incorporating Network 
Computers (NC's), set-top 
boxes and LAN TV - bring- 
ing the next generation of 
home entertainment into 
the market today. As fur- 
ther commitment to this 
market, an expansion of the 
gaming titles available on 
the Acorn format will also 
be unveiled. 

A new tables & frames 
browser (name still to be 
announced) will be 
launched - commercially 
available to Acorn users for 
the first time, this browser 
will cope with the latest Internet technology, eliminating no-go areas 
of the World-Wide Web for all Acorn users. 

Meet the Acorn User team - stand 104 

Visit the Acorn User stand where you can meet members of the edito- 
rial team - Mike (look will be showing off one of his projects and Steve 
rurnbull will be on hand to answer any technical queries. We'll also 
have back issues for sale and a range of other AU goodies. Of course, 
it's an ideal time to take out or renew a subscription to Acorn User - so 
take advantage of our special show offer and sign up at Acorn World. 


- ^f 


By rail 

Wembley Park underground station is a few minutes 
walk from the Conference Centre, and is on the Met- 
ropolitan and Jubilee Underground Lines. 

In addition there is a British Rail connection from 
Marylebone to the Wembley Complex BR station. 

By road 

Wembley Conference Centre is just 20 minutes by road 
from London's West End. The Conference Centre is 
close to the A406 North Circular Road, and there is 
easy access from the M25, the M1, and M40. 'Wemb- 
ley' signs will help direct you from the M1 and North 
Circular. There is ample car parking space at the rear of 
the Conference Centre. 

Charity lucky dip - stand 48 

Acorn User are once again organising a 
lucky dip to raise money for charity. 
Opening times. will be announced at the 
show so come along and try your luck - 
there'll be prizes large and small donated 
by Acorn dealers and developers. 

Friday 31 Oct/Saturday 1 Nov 10.00 
Sunday 2 Nov 10.00- 17.00 


In advance 




On the door 
Adults £9.50 

Minors (under-16) £7.00 

Families £22.00 

(2 adults & 2 children) 

Advance ticket holders will be admitted to the show 
30 minutes before the official opening time to the 
general public. 

Ticket Hotline number: 0181 982 6500 

November 1997 Acorn 


Education seminars - Friday 31 October 



Seminar title 


Further info 


Whafs New? 

Chris Cox 

Hot news on the latest from Acorn 


Data Management and 
Reporting for the 
National Curriculum 

Stuart Forbes 

How National Curriculum pupil data can be 
easily and effectively managed using 
NStore the award-winning package for 
Pocket Book and Acorn RISC machines 


Why Internet your 

Ian Goodall 

For primary and secondary teachers who 
are considering a school Internet 

1 30 

Security and the 
Classroom Computer 

Alan Bennett and 
Roger Young 

Xemplar's new classroom management 
system for RISC OS computers provides a 
sensible level of security and makes the 
machine even more teacher friendly and 
child compatible 


IT in the Secondary 


Chris Morley 

Details to be confirmed 


Turnkey Solutions for 

Alan Bennett and 
Roger Young 

See how Xemplar Infant and Junior 
Toolboxes for RISC OS can be used to 
deliver the key elements of the IT 
curriculum at Key Stages One and Two 


The Docklands Project 

Glen Franklin 

Introducing the innovative work of the 
National Literacy Association Docklands 
Project using nearly 600 Acorn Pocket 
Book computers with Primary 
schoolchildren and their parents and carers 
in London Docklands, with the aim of 
increasing achievement in literacy 

Education day sponsored by 

n i ? i n ♦ 

i i 

Details correct as of 12 September 1997. Please check on day for any changes to programme 

Demo theatre - Sat 1 & Sun 2 November 



Seminar Subject 

Company(C) Expert(E) 

Product Subject 


The Internet 

Argo Interactive PLC (C) 

RComp (C) 

David Matthewman (E) 



WWW Page creation 

1145 - 1445 

DTP. Design and Graphics 

Beebug (C) 

Computer Concepts (C) 

Spacetech (C) 

Mike Williams of Akalat Publishing (E) 

Clive Semems of The Journal of Physiology (E) 

Tony Tolver of T-J Reprouctbns (E) 


Artworks and its Plugs-ins 





1500- 1615 


Oregan (C) 
WSS (C) 


1630- 1745 

The Future 


Chris Cox 

Peter Bondar 



Seminar Subject 


Product Sub/ecf 

1015- 1145 


Oregan (C) 
Sibelius (C) 
Expert -TBC 

Sibelius 6/7 

1200- 1315 

Business Applications 

Clares (C) 

Circle Software (C) 

Apricote Studios (C) 


Impact Professional 


1330- 1445 

Software Tools 

WSS (C) 

Acorn/ARM Research and Development (C) 

Expert - TBC 

Dr Smiths Toolkit 
New C/C++ Package 

1500- 1630 

The Future 


Chris Cox 
Peter Bondar 

Programme correct as at 10 09 97. 

Admission - Entry to the seminars on Saturday and Sunday will be on a first come, first seated basis with one exception - The ART of Future Gazing with Chris Cox 

and Peter Bondar will be ticket only. Tickets will cost £2 

rn User November 1997 




The new Power-tec Ultra SCSI 
supports all of the following 

Iomega Zip and Jaz, 

Mag Optical, 

Panasonic PD (eg Proteus), 

SyQuest (including SyJet)... 

ALL sizes of hard discs of ALL 

leading manufacturers such as 

Fujitsu, Quantum, Conner, 

Micropolis, IBM, Seagate. 

Scanners from Epson, Canon, 

Umax, Mustek, Microtek and 

other leading brands. 

Includes SCSI CD Drivers for NEC, 
Pioneer, Plextor, Aiwa, Toshiba, 
Sony, Sanyo & recordables too! 

ATAPI Drivers for ALL leading 

makes up to 12/20x as well as 

Multi-Changer Drives. 

Also included - Backup Software, 

8 drive icons on the icon bar, 

drive spin down, support for up 

to 4 Power-tec SCSI cards in one 

machine giving a possible 32 

devices on ONE machine, user 

configurable LFAU and icon order 

on icon bar. 

Ultra SCSI III is backwards 
compatible with SCSI I and SCSI II. 

All Power-tec products now come 

with 90 days FREE technical 

support which includes software 

updates, telephone support and 

access to our Support Web Pages 

and Power-tec Chat Mailing List. 


Leading Edge 

Power-tec ULTRA SCSI III card. 

Power-tec Ultra SCSI III | Power-tec Fast SCSI 

Tested on: DEC DSP3210S 2050MB SCSI Drive 

5.5 6 


Power-tec Price List: 

Ultra SCSI III card: £175 

Fast SCSI Heard: £135 

Upgrade to Ultra SCSI III: without Tech support 
v1.00orv1.01 SCSI II card: £110 
v2.00 or v2.01 SCSI II card: £49 

Optional Extended Technical 
Support and Upgrades: £20 

NB: All prices exclude VAT and carriage. 

*This price applies to customers with Tech Support current at 1st September 1997. 

With Tech Support* 


47 Winchester Road, Four Marks, Alton, 
Hampshire, GU34 5HG UK. 

Tel: +44 (0)1420 561111 

Fax: +44 (0)1420 561100 



Please call or e-mail us 
for more details... 

A systems 

Sibelius V3.5 

New Features! 
New Prices! 

Junior Sibelius - £49.00 

Sibelius 6 - £99.95 

Sibelius 7 Student - £399.95 

Sibelius 7 - £899.00 

Complete MIDI sound expansion £229.00 

(Dealer enquir- — 

- MU 111 MIDI sound module (676 sounds in total. 21 dium Mb 11 1 
11 chorus & 42 variation effects (with audio inputs for microphori.__ 
otc). Absolutely superb sounds for the price 

- Serial driver connects the MU10 to a last serial poit (Rise PC. A7000. 
A5000 or multiple serial card) and lurns It into a 1 In. 1 Out MIDI 
interlace as well as a sound module. No need for a separate MIDI 
interface - you can plug a keyboard straight into the MU 10 Ideal if you 

- Excellent results with MellDI. Sibelius (you can hear playback when 

- Requires either headphones, a HIFi hook-up or a pair ol po 
speakers (superb results with the Yamaha VST series) 

Computer Systems Music & Sound Section 

Call for a DIY price. 

Rise PC SA .1.0Mb 1.2Gb HD - £1087.99 

Rise PC SA 8«2Mb 1.2Gb HD - £1375.99 

A7000* 4Mb, Network. AKF60 - £939.24 

A7000. 8Mb, I 2Gb. AKF60 £1055.04 

Modem (28.8) Network Computer - £450 08 

Ethernet (lOBaseT) Net. Comp. - £450.00 

Monitor options when buying a Rise PC 

Acorn AKF60 (14")- add £253.80 

Acorn AKF91 (17") - add £614.76 

iiyama 350 (MF-8515G 18") - add £253.80 

iiyama MF-8617E (17") - add £498.00 

iiyama MF-8617ES (17")- add £543.50 

iiyama MF-9017E Pro (17") - add £546.00 

iiyama MF-8221T (21") - add £1092.50 

iiyama 500 (MF-8721T 21") - add £1 140.50 

iiyama MF-9021T Pro (21") - add £1127.50 

PC cards: 

DX4-100- £233.00 

5»86-100- £349.00 

5x86-133. 128K cache - £349.00 

5x86-133, 512K cache - £390.00 

PC Pro (includes PC Exchange) - £47.95 

PC Sound Pro- £29.50 

Other options (with machine): 

B speed CD ROM drive (RPC) - add £81.84 

8 speed CD drive (A7000.) - add £96.00 

Psion Series 5 

Drool over the new ARM-powered palmtops! 
4Mb. with PC connection kit - £428.95 
8Mb, wilh PC connection kit - £487.45 

Memory Upgrades 

Please call lo check prices. Others available 

A3000 1-4Mb- £74 00 

A3010 I 4 Mb £81.00 

A3020/A4000 2-4 Mb - £63.45 

A5000 2-4Mb- £69.30 

Rise PC/A7000 SIMMs: 

4Mb- £18.00 

8Mb- £29.70 

16Mb- £51.85 

32Mb- £97 95 

1Mb VRAM- £52.85 

2Mb VRAM- £97.50 

Call for other musical items 

MIDI interlaces: 

A30x0/A4000 internal Ixlxl - £57.50 

MIDI Max internal 1x1x1 - £82.00 

Parallel Port 1x1x1 - £89.00 

Serial Port - ECall 

Synlh8- £44.60 

Basic Synth- £44 60 

Synth Plus- £55.75 

Other hardware: 

Fatar Studio Logic Pianos - ECall 

SPDIF interlace - ECall 

Yamaha MU10 module - £195.00 

Yamaha YST-M7 speakers - £44.00 

YST-M20 DSP speakers - £66.00 

YST-MS25 speakers & subw- ECall 

YST-MSW5 subwooler - ECall 

YST-MSWIOsubwooter- £88 00 

Sound Byte Recorder - £47 95 

Other software: 

MIDI Support- £18 50 

MIDI Mapper - £22 75 

MU10 serial driver £37.95 

Prosound - £116 95 

Other Hardware 

ARM Switcher - £119.00 

Connect 32 SCSI 2 RPC card - £21 1 50 

3.2Gb IDE drives - £200.00 

Hard drives A kits - ECall 

HP 6L laser printer - £328.00 

Pocket Book A-Link - £59.50 

Rise PC second slice - £1 16.30 

RPC second slice (no PSU) - £90.00 

Other Software 

ANT Inlpi net Suite 2 - £1 12.00 

Bilfolio7CD- £47.95 

Blinds- £24.95 

Brutal Horse Power - ECall 

The Cobalt Seed - £22.00 

DarkWood- £22.00 

DalaPower 2-E165 00 

DrawWorks2- £20.40 

Drifter - £3000 

Dune II- £31.00 

Dune II CD- £45.00 

Empire Soccer 94 - £22.00 

Keystroke- £34.95 

Kingfisher Ch. Micropcdia - £64.95 

Kiyeko - £35.00 

Ovation Pro- £174.50 

Personal Accounts 3 - £43.00 

Pholodesk Light - £125.00 

Pholodesk 2 - £247.95 

ger- £22.00 

Prophet 3 - £160.00 

Shuggy- £22.00 

Tanks - £22.00 

Textease2- £54.50 

Tanks- £22.00 

an Body- £48.50 

Undelete - £18.95 

The Way Things Work - £48.50 

Books & Manuals 

BBC BASIC Manual - £21.95 

Impression Tutorial Guide - £7.95 

RISC OS 3 PRM - £104.00 

RISC OS 3 PRM V5a - £32.75 

We do hundreds of different cables 

Data switches are also available. 

3.5mm stereo jack lo same (2m) (audio 

lead tor additional output lo Yamaha 

speakers etc.) - £4.95 

MIDI cable (4m) - £5.25 

MIDI cable (5m) - £5.95 

MIDI gender changer - joins two MIDI 

cables together - £2.40 

Null modem cable (2m) - £8.95 

Null modem cable (5m) - £10.95 

Two Phono plugs lo same (e.g. 

PowerWAVE to Hi Fi)(1.2m) - £3.95 

As above (5m) - £5.95 

As above ( 1 0m) - £6.95 

9 or 15-pln Scart & audio leads - £10.95 


Other bargains I 

Acorn 14" mon. nylon cover - £4.95 

10/10 Dinosaurs -£10.00 

MellDI is a powerful pattern-based MIDI sequencer for all Acorn machines. It supports any MIDI interface (including 
parallel and serial) and requires RISC OS 3 and 2Mb of memory. A Rise PC and large monitor are nor essential. 

A demo disc is available on request, or visit the MellDI web site at 

y * 

^ 1141 U <9J ►].!] JiJ«l ^5J *IU *JHl.d *** 1 n 





/ 5 




1 , 

i a 


4 5 6 7 




1 I 



1 lb 
1 lb 





— i 



I I 




What you say: 

Despite bring power till and llrxiblr, MellDI has a simple to use and stralghllorward drag * drop mii-ii. „ 

-'id patterns in In merge thrill 
.... .In- in.islri patient, the nthei p.ilte 

wilt be updated ■eeorcBngty 

You can apply basic- liansprNilici 
this can allmv von In pl.iy GM till 

"I do like the way that MellDI detects the type of Controller command you are sending. MellDI is a joy to 
use and is a lot more flexible and user friendly than any other MIDI sequencer that I have ever used. A 
great bit of software!" - J. Relt. Guild Entertainments 

"MellOI's pattern handling is lovely - much nicer than a separate window which forces you to be aware of 
the pattern nature, even if you don't want to be. MellDI is very neat. " - Name withheld by request 

I'm still finding my way through MellDI but the combination with the [Yamaha/ MU10 seems really 
amazing." Peter Roberts 

Also. I love the drag ndi op facilities of MellDI. From rearranging the drum list to moving patterns. Its 
lust so beautifully Intuitive and elegant, and extremely impressive - I'm sure it must have taken a huge 
amount ot work to implement Gareth Long 

Very classy. Very good, clear manual' Martin Eastwell 

nit is cleaily the best and most comprehensive sequencmq package available on the Archimedes I 
was impressed by its clear and sti.iitjhttoiw.ni1 user nun lace it is both intuitive and accurate. A pleasure 
to use At last we have something on the Arc lo rfl .1/ Cubase and Cakewalk, it's about time!"- Noll Martin 

Can I tn si ol .ill say thai MellDI is .1 bnlli.inl program l.v ahead ot anything available on the Acorn! Keep 
up the good work.' Rob Ives 

I'm .1 uaat iii" MellDI ami 11 s .1 ,■ tacking package. MellDI has all the features you'd expect from a top 
quality professional sequencer (I use Nolator. Cakewalk Pro and Logic Audio on a regular basis) with 
some nice little additions like incredibly quick MIDI tile loading, three playback modes tor those with less 
able computeis .is well as its incicdible all-round speed - / don't think it s ever taken control tor more than 
hall a second on any operation: and I've got an A3010! 

Than are the Windows which are some of the best around: I particularly like the map window In which 
\ on . an have giaphic displays ot changes in tempo, velocity, controllers (picked by name or number) and 
control ot plug-in extensions. For all these, you can simply draw in a controller change and use the 
powerful transform function lo change it all sorts ol nays then mere s the controller sliders Beautifully 
compact and go all the way up to track mimbei inlimly • I m more than pleased with MellDI and 

completely overwhelmed t>y the support 1 m getting definitely unparaHeledl Matthew Burke 

MfJ) HJll. 


r 1 



44 «- 

1 ': 

PlMlDend — 


Aiiwtouch 3 



Controller — 
Volume — 

Baufea „-/.»,,/ v.. 

Type I Quantize, then randomiu- 


Optimum wlocirf 

Pen tnuge ettongt 


MIDI Initrwnem 

lunk MM 


Bank name 








*qua,<l., ,».' 









1 lb 

Dram Kiti 


Standard kit 




Drum Kin 


Standard kit 



1 lb 

Drum Kilt 


Shiiklurd kit 















Dr. Lead 




















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■ nf MlHISiippciiti-.inipatililril 

bend put 1 onttnoui 

We will attempt to 

match or beat any 

advertised price - 

even special offers. 

Liquid Silicon. FREEPOST EH2725, Kirkcaldy, Fife, KY2 5BR. United Kingdom 

Tel: (01592) 592265. Fax: (01592) 596102 

email i iqutdtft ableinel http www cybervillage i a uk acorn/liquid 
All prices INCLUDE VAT & UK carriage JWBf^ .....k. T~~\sT^CTk 





4th Dimension 

Stand 124 

PO Box 4444 

Port St Mary 

Isle of Man 1M99 7RS 

Tel: 01624 836744 

Fax: 01624 836745 




With the VFM range, that's 

26 games at only £39.99 

each; a new release at that 

price Pushy; a playable 

demo of a new RPG Worldly 

Wise (working title); a 

Drifter Competition and all 

the usual bargains to boot, 

can you afford to miss the 

4D stand this year? 

Acorn Group pic 

Stand 58 

Acorn House 

645 Newmarket Road 

Cambridge CBS 8PB 

Tel: 01223 725000 



Further details on previous 


Acorn Archimedes 

Stand 108 
Nexus House 
Boundary Way 
Hemel Hempstead HP2 7ST 
Tel: 01442 66551 
Fax: 01442 66889 

Situated outside the Demon- 
stration Theatre, the 
Archimedes World stand 
(108) will host Question and 
Answer sessions following 
the theatre seminars. Visit 
the Arc World stand to see 
the latest issue and to take 
advantage of the special 
subscription offer. 

Acorn User 

Stand 104 
WG Media 
Media House 
Adlington Park 
Cheshire SK10 4NP S 
Tel: 01625 878888 
Fax: 01625 850652 

Further details on previous 

Acorn User Lucky 

Stand 48 

Further details on previous 


AJS Computers Ltd 

Stand 19 
Millstone House 
51 Heath Drive 
Essex CM2 9HE 
Tel: 01245 345263 
Fax: 01245 345233 

sales(e'ajscomps .demon. co. uk 
One of the first Centres of 
Technology. Specialising in 
custom configured packages 
based on the Rise PC and 
special value for money 
configurations based on the 
A7000+. Upgrades for mem- 
ory, CD-ROMs, hard drives, 
monitors and of course 
computers are all available. 
Second-hand systems, rang- 
ing from A3000s to Rise PCs 
often available. 

Akalat Publishing 

Stand 80 
P.O.Box 231 

Bedford MK4S 4HQ 
Te: 01582 881614 
Fax: 01582 881614 
A major feature of Akalat 
Publishing's stand will be 
the Task Force Clip Art Col- 
lection on CD-ROM. Akalat 
Publishing are the UK dis- 
tributors for this Canadian 
product which has been 
widely praised in the Acorn 
press. We will also have on 
sale the latest issue of Acorn 
Ihiblisher, plus back issues 
and a varied selection of 
books on dtp, design, graph- 
ics and the Internet. 


Stand 10 

47 Winchester Road 

Four Marks 


Hampshire GU34 5HG 

Tel: 01420 561111 

Fax: 01420 561100 


WWW: http://www.ahys- 

We'll be releasing some 
great new products. Our 
Ultra SCSI 3 card is ready at 
last and we'll have plenty of 
cards available. Perfor- 
mance is fabulous so don't 
miss it! Released too will be 
low cost Parallel Port Zip 
Driver software with identi- 
cal format to SCSI media. 

Publishing Ltd 

Stand 34 
30 Clyde Place 
Glasgow GS 8AQ 
Tel: 0141-418 0881 
Fax: 0141-418 0889 
Alternative Publishing will 
be offering special discounts 
on the ever-popular ImageFS 
graphics-conversion soft- 
ware. ImageFS now supports 
21 major graphics formats, 
giving a range of over 100 
sub-formats. AP will also be 
demonstrating innovative 
new software to allow sup- 
port for PostScript, Illustra- 
tor and Acrobat/PDF 
documents on Acorn tech- 
nology; with performance 
unparalleled on any com- 
puter platform. 

Anglia Multimedia 

Stand 120 
Anglia House 
Norwich NR1 3JG 
Tel: 01603 615151 
Fax: 01603 622191 
Orders & enquiries: 01268 

At this year's show there 
will be an opportunity to 
see the latest titles: Ancient 
Egyptians, Cabot and the 
Merchant Venturers and the 
new disc for KS1 — Through 
my Window. This will also 
be your first chance to pre- 
view Introducing the Inter- 
net, two new CD-ROMs for 
primary and secondary 
schools providing a wealth 
of internet resources for the 
classroom — without the 
phone charges! 

ANT Ltd 

Stand 60 
PO Box 300 
Cambridge CB1 1HZ 
Tel: 01223 567 808 

Fax: 01223 567 801 
ANT's new products will 
include WebTool, a utility 
which allows users to down- 
load entire websites and 
store them locally, and RISC 
OS Internet Servers, which 
allow complete websites to 
run from a RISC OS server. 
Other highlights will 
include the latest version of 
the ANT Internet Suite as 
well as versions of ANT 
Fresco. ANT also anticipate 
having on sale the ANT 
Fresco Web Browser as stand 
alone software. 

A CD-ROM will be avail- 
able for new users, devel- 
oped in association with 
UK-Online and Computer 
Shopper magazine, enabling 
people who have never used 
the Internet to get online 
using their Acorn machine, 
without the worry of find- 
ing an ISP or the appropri- 
ate software. 
There will be the special 
price for the ANT Internet 
Suite of £99 (inc VAT) and 
for £20 (inc VAT). 


Stand 112 

39 Knighton Park Road 
London SE26 5RN 
Tel: 0181 778 2659 
Fax: 0181 488 0487 
APDL will have new ver- 
sions of the PD CDs at spe- 
cial prices, and the ever 
popular clip art CDs. Plus 
lots of software and hard- 
ware bargains, including 
hard discs and Syquest dri- 
ves and a new, fast, low cost 
IDE interface. 

Apricote Studios 

Stand TBC 
2 Purls Bridge Farm 

Cambs PE15 0ND 
Tel/Fax: 01354 680432 


We will be demonstrating 
our multi-award winning 
business accounts applica- 
tion — Prophet3, as well as 
the best-selling Personal 
Accounts and Shares appli- 

cations. If you need to stay 
in control of your finances a 
visit to our stand is a must. 

Argo Interactive 
Group pic 

Stand 106 
7 Dukes Court 
W Sussex P019 2FX 
Tel: 01243 815 815 
Fax: 01243 81S 805 
New products include the 
new sub-£300 NetProducts 
NetStation, ArgoNet's easy- 
to-use Voyager Internet suite 
with frames and tables, and 
a Voyager file server 
designed for networks. Argo 
also supply Zip drives and 
100Mb cartridges for Acorn, 
Windows, Macs and Acorn 

Atomwide Limited 

Stand 59 

7 The Metro Centre 
Bridge Road 
Kent BR5 2BE 
Tel: 01689 814500 
Fax: 01689 814501 
WWW: http://www.atom- 

Atomwide will be exhibit- 
ing their range of cross-plat- 
form network services and 
solutions, hardware prod- 
ucts and training courses. 
Notably, the show will be 
the first outing for Atom- 
wide's new range of net- 
work utility software NT 
Filer, NT Users and NPA 


Stand 2 

School Hill Centre 



NP6 5PH 

Tel: 01291 625439 

Fax: 01291 629671 



Four CD-ROMs in AVP's Pic- 

tureBase range of integrated 

educational CD-ROMs will 

be launched at the show — 

Rocks Minerals and Fossils, 

Physical Processes, Materials, 

the new Art In The National 

Curriculum. The PictureBase 

range is now the largest 

November 1997 Acorn 





integrated range of Acorn 
educational CD-ROMs. 
Available at a special show 

BEEBUG Limited 

Stand 12 

117 Hatfield Road 

St Albans Al I 4JS 
Tel: 01727 840303 
Fax: 01727 860263 
BEEBUG will be selling and 
demonstrating Ovation Pro 
with Colour Supplement. 
Also on demonstration will 
be the leading OCR package 
Sleuth 3. Come to BEEBUG 
for your Rise PC and 
A7000+ special offers at the 
show. Networking is the 
future, and who better to 
talk to than the specialists. 
We have reference sites large 
and small. 

Cannon Computing 

Stand 117 
Hatfield Heath 
Bishop's Stortfbrd 
Hertfordshire CM22 7ED 
Tel: 01279 730800 (Sales 
and general enquiries, 3 

Fax: 01279 730809 
Special offers on Acorn 
computers and peripherals 
for educational, home, and 
business users. Exclusive 
show offers in collaboration 
with SEMERC on a selection 
of their most popular soft- 
ware and hardware, includ- 
ing Y1TM CDs. Prize draws 
for customers throughout 
the show. 

Castle Technology 

Stand 56 

Ore Trading Estate 

Woodbridge Road 


Suffolk, IP13 911 

Tel: 01728 621222 

Fax: 01728 621179 

E-mail: )ack@castle-technol- 

WWW: http://wwwxastle- 

The new Storm DMA32 

SCSI card will be available 

at the show for purchase. 

Also available for purchase 

will be: Scanners, IDE & 

SCSI hard drives, keyboards, 

rn User November 1997 


CD-ROM drives, removable 
drives, memory, Acorn 
computers and monitors. 

Circle Software 

Stand 76 
PO Box 36 
Bodmin PL30 4YY 
Tel: 01208 850790 
Circle Software will be 
demonstrating the latest 
versions of their Impact 
relational database range, 
which will be available at 
special offer prices. 
Impact will, as ever, be 
greatly enhanced with 
many new and innovative 

GE Micro's 

Stand 126 
78 Brighton Road 

West Sussex BN11 2EN 
Tel: 01903 523666 
Fax: 01903 523679 
WWW: http://www.cje. 

On demonstration will be 
CJE Micro's large range of 
peripherals, as well as Rise 
PC'S themselves. This 
will be the first 
opportunity for many to see 
the 'Fastest Rise PC PC 
Caid' available, the 'CJE 
5x86 133MHz with 512k 
Level 2 Cache'. CJE's wide 
range of CD-ROM drives 
and memory will also be 
on display. All of CJE 
Micro's products will be 
available for purchase 
from their stand at very 
favourable prices! 

Clares Micro 

Stand 98 

98 Middlewich Road 


Cheshire CW9 7DA 

Tel: 01606 48511 

Fax: 01606 48512 


WWW: .uk 


Clares will be showing 

version 2 of WimpBasic, 

Rhapsody 4 and maybe a 

few surprises. Lots of 

special show prices 


Cumana (A division 
of Economatics 
Education Ltd) 

Stand 114 
Boundary House 
The Pines 
Broad Street 
Surrey GU3 3BH 
Tel: 01483 503121 
Fax: 01483 451371 
On show for the first time 
the Acorn versions of the 
Syquest EZFlyer 230Mb and 
the Syjet 1.50b Parallel port 
devices. Also the new 
twelve-speed replacement 
for Cumana's hugely popu- 
lar CD-ROM drive, which 
can give full CD multimedia 
capability to all Acorn com- 
puters fitted with a bi-direc- 
tional parallel port. We will 
also be showing a range of 
other CD-ROM drives, the 
successful SCSI II card, the 
latest SCSI CD-ROM drives 
and the range of Casio Digi- 
tal cameras. Special offers 
will be announced at the 

Dalriada Data 

Stand 100 
74 Greville Road 
Warwick CV34 5PJ 
Tel: 01926 492459 
Fax: 01926 492459 

Acorn World will see the lat- 
est versions of WebSpider. 
Dalriada's leading visual 
HTML editor, plus Dia- 
gramlt and luhlcMate, our 
popular diagramming and 
tabling tools. Whether you 
are into electronic or paper 
publishing, this stand is a 
"must see". 

Projects Ltd 

Stand 28 

Unit 2a Heapriding Business 


Ford Street 

Stockport SK3 OBT 

Tel: 0161-474 0778 

Fax: 0161-474 0781 


WWW: http://www.desk- 

We will be selling Rise PC's, 
StrongARM's, SIMM's, 
drives, Zip/Jaz drives with 
our new IJazZip tools (also 
available separately), Print- 
ers, Modems, Speakers, CD- 
ROM titles, and other 
software with some very 
special offers. '.QukkLynk, a 
serial port file transfer util- 
ity for direct cable link 
between two local comput- 
ers or over the telephone 
network using modems. 
TopicArt CD, the CD-ROM 
version of our popular cli- 
part in three formats, plus 
high quality Replay movies. 
Finally, QuickTde, the only 
utility that allows you to 
create tiled posters from any 
RISC OS application using 
H'rinters. Come and visit 
our stand even if it is hist 
for a chat! 

(Education) Ltd 

Stand 116 
Epic House 
Darnall Road 
Sheffield S9 5AA 
Tel: 01 14 281 3311 (Sales 

Fax: 01 14 243 9306 
E-mail: davidh@et onomat- 

www.economatii s.i 
Economatics will be show- 
ing their range of computer 
control equipment includ- 
ing Smart Box, Discovery 
and Logicator flowsheet con- 
trol software. New for '97 is 
our HACCP software for 
Food Technology. Come 
along and get hands-on 
experience of our products 
and pick up our Special 
Offers leaflet. 

Electronic Font 

Stand 70 
1 1 Silwood Road 

Berkshire SL5 OPY 
Tel: 01344 875201 
Fax: 1344 875202 
The only supplier of exclu- 
sively high quality, profes- 
sionally designed and fully 
hand-hinted typefaces on 
floppies and CDs. Over 

1,200 typefaces for over 50 
languages, including Russ- 
ian, Greek, Hebrew and 
Indie. Special exhibition 
offers. New products. 4,000 


Stand 40 
Century House 
1st Floor 
Market Street 

lei: 01954 208208 
Fax: 01954 208208 
Eesox will be demonstrating 
and selling their new 'Fast' 
SCSI-2 interface. There will 
be special offers on CD- 
Writer kits and CD-ROM 
kits. They will also be 
demonstrating their range 
of graphic tablets. 

ExpLAN Computers 
Ltd/ MW Software 

Stand 50 
PO Box 32 

Devon PI.19 8YU 
lei: 01822 613868 
Fax: 01822 610868 

ExpLAN are showing two 
new releases for their multi- 
media HolyBible project, the 
Lion Electronic Library and 
the IVP New Bible Commen- 
tary. Both of these are 
extensive reference works, 
one for education/home 
and the other for semi-pro- 
fessional use. Each is freshly 
coded to use HolyBihle's 
hotlinks rather than being 
just a PC-port. 

MW Software of Stuttgart 
will be selling their exten- 
sive range of Art Works add- 
on modules released this 

Software Projects 

Stand TBC 
21 Beech Lane 
West Hallam 
Derbyshire DE7 6GP 
Tel: 01 15 9444140 

• Continued on page 45 

nr 9 


New features!!! 

■ Colour palette 

■ Definable multi-row button bar 

■ Style palette 

■ Instant highlight of misspelt words 

Package includes: 

■ 300 page reference guide 

■ Step-by-step tutorial 

■ Quick reference card 

■ 50 high-quality fonts 

■ Selection of clipart 

■ Desktop Thesaurus 

■ Bubble help 


Colour Supplement 

v. o 
o o 

o \ * 

* l e * 

This fully integrated extension 
allows professional designers to 
produce output for high quality 
commercial litho printing. Both 
full colour and spot colour 
separations are supported, with 
options to view separations on- 
screen and to control PostScript 
screen angles, frequency etc. 

Also included is a powerful image 
processing facility which allows 
brightness, contrast and gamma 
levels of images to be adjusted 
using slider controls. Custom 
contrast settings may be defined 
on the colour map, and images 
can be converted to duotones. 

Ovation Pro Colour 
Supplement costs £57.58 

Note that all registered users who 
have bought Ovation Pro before 
May 1st 1997 will be sent the 
colour supplement free-of-charge. 

Ovation Pro combines fast, 
responsive word processing with state-of-the- 
art page layout features to deliver the ultimate 
desktop publishing system. Packed with a staggering 
range of features - many available on the Acorn platform 
for the first time - Ovation Pro opens up a whole new 
world of document design. At last you can flow text 
inside and outside irregular frames or rotate them to any 
angle - in both cases the text remaining fully editable. 
Even with such a vast range of features Ovation Pro is 
still easy-to-use, thanks to its superb user interface. 

• Definable Button Bar 

• Irregular frames with Bezier curves 

• Rotated text frames with editable text 

• Multi-step Undo St Redo 

• Drag &C Drop for text and objects 

• Drag &: Drop between documents 

• Named colours & definable colour charts 

• Automatic drop caps 

• Justification with letter spacing 

• Multi-column frames 

• Frames with skew 8c rounded corners 

• Vertical justification 

• Frame borders and drop shadows 

• Straight and curved line drawing 

• Auto flow around irregular graphics 

• Easy-to-use master pages 

• Context sensitive info palette 

• Reads Ovation, RTF, DDF, Artworks files 

• Macro handling and script language 

Ovation Pro is fully expandable using extension modules 
called Applets. Over 30 of these are supplied, including 
applets to automatically insert ligatures, generate 
fractions and expand abbreviations. 

Ovation Pro costs £193.88 
Upgrade from Ovation £116.33 

Upgrade from another desktop publisher 
or word processor'' £139.83 

'includes Style, Publisher, BasiWnter, TechWnter. 
PenDown+ and Advance. Site licences and upgrades 
are available - please phone lor derails. To upgrade 
you must return your original program disc with 
payment (discs will be returned). 

For more information on 
Ovation Pro, including up-to- 
date news, specifications, 
latest applets etc., why not 
visit our web site at: 

Beebug Ltd. 117 Hatfield Road, 
St.Albans, Herts. AL1 4JS 

Tel: +44 (0) 1727 840303 
Fax: +44 (0) 1727 860263 

All prices include VAT, 
but please add £3.50 
carriage. Airmail will 
be charged at cost to 
overseas customers. 

^n jilt quit relinquish 
give up jettison jilt 

ate waive 

? orsaken 
j _ , i _ 







r vTryifyT yTv t\7 .--. j 

wa 5 






I 5 

— -- - - ~. — ^^ 








, 5 44] 











F L - I 

HALL 3, 


31 Oct - 2 Nov 1997 

Hn User November 1997 



Friday 31 Oct 10.00-18.00 
Saturday 1 Nov 10.00-18.00 
Sunday 2 Nov 10.00-17.00 


4th Dimension 


Clares Micro Supplies 






Acorn Archimedes World 




Acorn User 


Dalriada Data Technology 


Acorn User lucky dip 


Desktop Projects 


AJS Computers Ltd 




Akalat Publishing 


Electronic Font Foundry 






Alternative Publishing Ltd 


ExpLAN Computers Ltd 


Anglia Multimedia 


Expressive Software Projects 


ANT Ltd 


Fabis Computing 




H.S. Software 


Apricote Studios 


Icon Technology Ltd 


Argo Interactive Group pic 


lota Software Ltd 


Atomwide Limited 


Insight Training 




Irlam Instruments Ltd 


BEEBUG Limited 


Norwich Computer Services 


Cannon Computing 


Pineapple Software 


Castle Technology 


R-Comp & R-Comp Interactive 


Circle Software 




GE Micro's 




Serious Statistical Software 131 

Sherston Software Limited 62 

Sibelius Software Ltd 46 

Softease Ltd 26 

Spacetech Ltd 44 

System Insight 88 

TBA Software 23 

The ARM Club 8 

The Clan area TBC 

The Datafile TBC 

The Data Store 128 

The Guardian Newspaper 14 

Uniqueway Ltd 32 

Warm Silence Software 16 

Werewolf Software 68 

Xemplar Education Ltd 58 

Yellowstone 6 

YITM 118 

Zenta Multimedia TBC 

November 1997 Acorn 



Mail Order Special i sis 

EMAIL: Tel - 01942 511000 

Curriculum Training Associates 

Dept. AU11, 34a Coach Road 

Astley, Tyldesley 

Gtr Manchester 

Fax - 01 942 749325 M29 7ER 

** 9.1Gb SCSI 1599 + vat ** A30X0 8\ CDROM £99.00+vat (requires suitable i/i) 


233 Mhz RiscPC System 

20/20 Finance NO* W Ml MU I 

\n SHIP I'KOMO Choose 


??? RING and SE1 

& 1 7" monitor lor onl> £ 1 895 inc VAT 

RPC SA base models from E1099.00 Iik VAT 

RPC 700 base model from £999.00 inc VAT 

\M) Hf mil in. Hi h or lii'iil ) Iwsl iillci ; 

2nd User systems Available please \SK 

A7000+ System Offers 

A700O + 16M / l.2G/8xCD/!5" mon 

& Stereo Spk for only £1175 inc VAT 

Please ask for other combinations 

Network Computer Offers 

Basic modem or lObaseT unils from 

only £385 + vai (£452.38) 
Please ask Jar oilier combinations 


RPC3yrsonlj £200 + vat (£235.00) 

RPC 5 yrs only £400 + vat (£470.00) 

A 7000+ 3 yrs £80+ val (£94.00) 
RPC 5 vis only £160+ val (£188.00) 

RiscPC PC Cards 


586-100 (Acorn) 
586-133 (CTA) 
586 i ;i [CJE 512] 

£233.99 inc VAT 

■ m V \i 
E350.99inc VAI 



I « VAI Iik VAI 

80 watts with PSI £16.98 £19.95 

240 watts with PSI £33 19 E39.00 

Subwoofer 50 waits with PSU £49.00 £57.58 

Comms System Mk/Headphones £8 50 £9 99 

Canon BJC 4100 Printer 
onli C149.00 (£175.08) Inc \ :ti 


> Ptav ring fa Ex. VAT Inc vat 

Canon HJ J0W portable mono C I 19 00 £158.63 

Canon BJC70W portable col £159.00 £186.83 

IJC240 A-l £129.00 £151.58 

Canon BJ( 250 NKW ,-vi £129.00 £151.58 

Canon BJC 620 colour M £199.00 £223.83 

( mm K.K 4100 colour u 1149.00 C17&M 

Canon BJC 4200 colour V4 £169.00 SI9K.5H 

Canon BJl 4S50«olour \' QMM DIMM 

Boson Stylus 200 mono A4 £115.00 £135.13 

Epson Stylus 300 colour M £119.00 £139.83 

Epson Stylus 400 coloui \i £153.00 £179.78 

dus 600 Colour ai £219.00 

Epson Stylus 800 Colour A4 £309.00 £363.08 

Epson Stylus Pro XL+ A3+ £485.00 £569.88 

Epson Stylus 1520 Colour A3 £625.00 I 

HP 400 I. NEW 
I II'. 10 ' colour 

II I'l I S 
HP870I v • 
ill' I \S\ !■: II I 61 
111' I.AM I 6P 










£257 33 




I •. V\T Inc. VAT 
Acorn Original Mouse £25.01 I 

Acom Replacement Mouse £12.00 £14.10 
Ergo Keyboard r<>r RiscPC £29.00 £34.08 
Ergo Straight splii lor RiscW £25.00 £29.2.8 
Archie Keyboard (high grade) £99,00 £116.33 


A30007A3010 Hard drives 

A3020 Hard drives 

Internal 60 Mb 

Internal 85 Mb 
Internal 170 Mb 
Internal 210 Mb 
Internal 340 Mb 
Internal 420 Mb 
Internal 512 Mb 
Internal 700 Mb 
Inlernal 850 Mb 
Internal I Gb 
Internal 2 Gb 

Internal 3 Gb 

Ex. VAT 
£ 99 

Inc. VAT 

External A3000 add £20.00 +VAT 

421 1Mb 
700Mb * 
850Mb * 
1Gb * 
2Gb * 














Inc. VAT 



* includes CD ROM interlace 

Ex VAT Inc. VAT 
540Mb £85 £99.88 
850Mb* 1143 £168.03 
1.2Gb *£157 £184.48 

£1" £207.98 
£187 £219.73 
•£133 £163.33 
*£I49 £175.08 
£179 £210.33 
£225 £264.38 


6.4Gb £255 £299.63 

* including internal 

removable Hard drive & 

CD ROM interlace 


540Mb 485 

850Mb £85 
l.2(.b E99 
1.7Gb £119 
2.1Gb £129 

2.5Gb £135 



MGb* £225 



£ 1 1 6.33 









i5.25" 11)1 •) 

IDE CD-ROMS (Internal) (External*) 

24 x Speed £85 (£99.88) £135 (£158.63) 

16x Speed £69 (£81.08) £129 (£151.58) 

12x Speed £59 (£69.33) £109 (£128.08) 

sv (33 driver £12+ vat) £49 (£57 M) £99 (£116.33) 

* requires Simtec I/I- available separately (£69 ine) 

IDE inlernal fitting kit £5 +vat 

SCSI CD-ROMS (Internal) (External*) 

24x Speed £125 (£144.88) £135 (£158.63) 

I6x Speed £99 (£116.33) £129 (£151.58) 

12x Speed £75 (£88.13. £109 (£128.08) 

includes SCSI I cable. SCSI ll cable £5 (£5.87) extra 

Inlernal SCSI fitting kits Ironi £10+ val 

Removable S( SI Housing I 'nil £20.00( £23.50) 

IDE Removable (Internal*) (External*) 


Zip lOOmb E100 £117 JO £33') £39833 

EZflyer 230Mb £139 £163.33 £I7'J £210.33 

Syjtl l.5(. £270 £327.88 £339 £39833 

* requires Simtec L/F available separately (£69 inc) 

SCSI Removable (Internal) (External*) 

Zip lOOmb 
EZflyer 230Mb 
Jazz 1Gb SCSI 
Syjet UG 

£100 £117.50 
£139 £163.33 1179 £210.33 
£254 £299.00 £299 £351.33 
E339 £327.88 £339 £398.33 

mhI.i.Ic- m si i ca bk?. si si ii fill 

IDE Interface Adapters 

Simtec 8 bit £58.72 £69.00 

Simtec 16 bit £58.72 £69.00 

RapIDE32 £119.00 £13.83 

Removable IDH Housing Unit 

£20.00 i £23.501 

SCS I Interface Adapters 

Castle Storm 8 bit (A30x0 int) £88.00 £103.40 
Castle Storm 16 bit (podule) £96.00 £112.80 
Castle Storm 32 bit (podule) £128.00 £150.40 
Powertec 32 bit (podule) £ 1 70.00 £ 1 99.75 

Removable Parallel Port Hard drives 

Zip lOOmb (PC only) £100 (£117.50) 

Zip lOOmbl V.. in a. I'i £139 (£163.33) 

EZflyer 230Mb (PC or Mac only) £139 ££163.33) 

EZIIyer230Mbi.\c..,iuV P( I £179 (£210.33) 

Removable Drive Media 

Ex. VAT Inc. VAT 

I OOmb Zip Drive Disk £11.00 £12.93 

1 20mb LSI 20 Drive Disk £11.00 £12.93 

1 35 Syquesl 3.5" cartridge £2 1 .00 £24.68 

230 EZflyer Cartridge £19.90 £23.38 

I Gb Jazz Drive Disk £68.00 £79.90 

I JGbSyjet Drive Disk £68. on £79.90 


600Mb 3.5"SCSI £85.00 (£99.88) 

1.2Gb 3.5" SCSI £139.00 (£163.33) 

2Gb 3.5" SCSI £169.00 (£198.58) 

3.2Gb 3.5"SCSI £229.00 (£269.08) 

4.3Gb 3.5" SCSI £255.00 (£299.63) 

6.4Gb 3.5" SCSI 039.00 (£398.33) 

9.1Gb 3.5" SCSI 7200rpm £599.00 (£703.83) 


SCSI Flatbed \4 600dpi (4800dpi) 
st si Flatbed \4 800dpi (7200dpi) 
SCSI Flatbed A4 1200dpi (9600dpi) 

Imagemaster & Twain for above 

£140.00 I £175.07 1 

£249.00 I £292.57 1 

£299.00 (£351.32) 

£49.00 (£57.58) 


DD Re-label Acorn 
DD Re-label Acorn 

DDbulk in pack 
DDbulk 100 pack 
HD Re-label Acom 
HD Re-label fccorn 
HDbulk II) pack 
HDbulk lOOpack 
HD Branded lOpac 
20 cap Disk Box 
40 cap Disk Box 
100 cap Disk Box 

Ex VAT Inc. VAT 

(mi 10 pk £2.00 £2.35 

(mi I00pk£17.02 c:noo 

£2.00 £22JS 

£17.02 £20.00 

Fuji 10 pk £2.00 £2.35 

Inn Kill pk £|7.n2 £20.00 

£2ii(i £2.35 

£17(12 £20.00 

k £3.50 £4.11 

£1.69 £2.00 

£2.54 £2.98 

£2.98 £3.50 

Printer Ribbons. Inkjet Cartridges, 
New/Recycled Laser Toner ( arts 

X-Files Mouse mats £6.95 Inc 

I £25.00 inc n.iI for Ml of four) 

StrongARM Special Offer 

£240.00 inc VAT 

(with any Hard Drive / Memory 


We can repair/upgrade your 

machine(s) and monitors at 

competitive prices please ask 

All Acorn's including BBCs & PCs 

Casio Digital Cameras 


QV I0a | PC Software I £299 £35 1 .33 

QV 10a (Acorn SW) £310 £364.25 

QVI00 (Acorn SVt I £440 £517.00 

QvlOa/QvlOO s/w kil £06 £1 12.80 

2 vr Warranty on ALL Acorn MEMORY 


Ex. VAT Inc. VAT 

4-8 MB Up. (A3 10,4403000*) Jl £129 £151.58 

£135 £156.62 

125 £29.38 

E32 £37.60 

£54 E63.45 

£69 £81.08 

E53 £'(>:. 2X 

£60 £70.50 

£20 £23.50 

£55 £64.63 

£62 £72.85 

£23 £27.03 

£85 £00. SX 

£3(1 £35.25 

£2n £23.50 

&S £52.88 

£99 £116.33 

4-8 MB Up. (A5000*) 
; rework for A3000/5000/25mhz 
A30I0 1-2 MB Upgrade 
A30IO2-4MB Upgrade 
A3oio 1-4 MB Upgrade 
A3020/4OO0 2-4 MB Upgrade 
A5000 2-4MB Upgrade 
A3000 1-2 MB Non-Upgrade U 
A3000 2-4 upgrade (exchange) 
A3000 1-4 MB Upgrade 
A3000 Serial Port Upgrade 
A3 io 4Mb Upgrade 
A400/1 I Mh Upgrade per meg 
Rise OS Carrier Board (A310) 
MKMC lAupg (short supply* 
Nl \\ \5IM l\16 


please ring for latest prices (best in the 

Acorn World) 
VlsoFORA7000 Ex. VAT Inc. VAT 

4Mb SIMM £12.75 £14.98 

8Mb SIMM £24.50 £28.79 

16Mb SIMM £39.00 £45.83 

32Mb SIMM 06.60 £90.(10 


I Mb VRAM £42.00 £49.35 

2Mb VRAM £84.00 £98.70 

1-2 Mb (exchange) £75.00 £88.13 

30/33 Mhy. Arm 3 upm adc 

with PPA socket 
with FPA in lined 

£152.00 Inc 
£199.00 inc 



All ethernet i/fs etc are ANT Ex. VAT Inc. VAT 

A30001M 10base2orT.Access+ £89.00 £104. 'is 

A400/A500G10base2orTAcc4 £89.00 £104.58 

A400/A500010base2+TAcc+ £99.00 £116.33 

A3020 IObase2Access+/extMAU £9900 £116.33 

A3020 LObaseT Aceess+/e*t M \l £99 00 £ 1 16.33 

RiscPC/A7000l0base2oi rv.+ £89.00 E104.58 

Am Vccess+ ROM upgrade £10.00 £11.75 



£4 £5.29 


£6 £5 *s 


£7 £853 


l ii l i : 93 


£15 £17.63 


e lObasri 




£29.00 exc Val 

£34.08 Inc Vat 

ACORN Joystick 


E29.95 ine Val 

(phase slate nil nli I ) 


1600 voice BABT approved £79 toe \ w 
55600x2 US Robotics £189 toe \ \l 

SS6001 lex (Rockwell) P.o.A. 

ISDN modem (external I £199 ine \ \ I 

High speed serial cards from £92 Ine V \ I 

\rel \\ £31 lUC, Anl I net £114 UK Val 


Lv VAT I ik VAT 

14" SVGA 0.28 Coloui £126.00 £149.00 

14" (AKF60) SVGA HI Res £149.00 £175.07 

l4"AKF60SVGAHiRes £165.00 £193.88 

15" SVGAO 28 MPR2 M W£189.00 £222.08 

17" SVGA 0.28 MPR2 £318.00 £373.65 

17" Multisync 0.28 Coloui £349.00 £410.08 

17" SVGA 0.26 MPR2 £349.00 £410.08 

17" liyama (8617B) £419.00 £492 13 
l7"liyamttPro(9017E) £449.00 
!1" In. mi. i Pro ■'•■■l 

\KI5liMulti-NMH £239.00 E280JJ3 

UCF50 M-sync exchange £199.00 £233.83 

Multisync A300/3I :able £8.50 £9.99 

See US 


on STAND 24 

Alternative PC Base Units 
Pentium from ONL1 E499.00 + VAT 

: tag for latest prices. 

Pentium grade machines have the Following; 

PCI ia MM\ 5 1 2k cache M/B, l6Mbmem,64bit 

i\li>s\'(-,.\.2.5<;iii -IDI- Hi) I 44Flop,Mini 
Tower or Desktop . chouc ol swltchbox and leads or 
Win95 keyboard and mouse 

• , PI 13i base system £499.00+ m 

P200i 01 Pl« mm\ base system £5 1 

P200 MMX base system 

S\st, mi Xdclilimis 

Microsoft Windows 95 
Microsoft Works 95 
Microsoft Dos/Windows : II 

Multimedia upgrades 

£699.00 + vat 

£64.00 + val 

£25.00+ vat 

1.00 +• val 

includes CD ROM I6bii sward & Stereo Speakers, 

I6x Speed Multimedia Kit Mm £85.00+-vai 
Multimedia Kit ADD £IIO.OO+vai 

For complete system .idd Monitor of your choice 


(all products subject to availability) 

Acorn Software Bin 

10/10 Dinosaurs II IS 

10/10 French 1175 

Acorn Replay CD £5.00 

Arm Tech Labellei £9.00 

Btitze £10.00 
Business Card Designer 
lis Utilities 

Champions (4 Game Compilation] £15.00 

Christmas ClipartSGOlO £8.00 

Chuck Rock i- 1 * 1 

lourSep (I nloui Separation Soft) i'" 1 * 1 

Creater2 £29.00 

D'File loin Pack (Academy) £10.00 

D'l ik- Pom Pack (Balmoral) £10.00 

in ik- Foni Pack (Commercial Script £10.00 

D*RleFoni Pack (FreeStyle Script) £10.00 

D'File loni Pack (Isadora) £10.00 

D'File Foni Pack (Manhattan) £10.00 

D'File Font Pack (Mastercard) I 10.00 

1)1 ik- Foni Pack (Old Towne 536) £12 00 

Demon- 1.. in EIO.00 

DeskTop Thesaurus Et4.00 

Diary + £9.00 

EasyFont3 £24.00 

Entei The Realm £10.00 

Epson Stylus Turbo Drivers £36.00 

Fervoui £12.00 

Font Pack I (2DiscSet) £10.00 

Font Pack 2(2 DiscSet) £10.00 

FontFX £7.00 

Fun School 4 (7-11) £15.00 

Qods £12.00 

Guile £15.00 

Heinoall £14.00 

Imager] Art Packages £35.00 

in Borders Discs 120 Borders £10,00 

Impression Borders Discs 80 Chinese £10,00 

Impression Borders Discs 80 Old Engl £10.00 

loysiick Controllei SoflwarcA30IO EI5.00 

K\ i Platform Game) £8.00 

Magpie £24.00 
Man I nited 

Man United Europe £10.00 
M) World Support DiscAncienl Egypt £12.00 
Mj World Support Disc Ancient Greece £13.00 

Pacman (RiscOS 2/3) n £5.00 

Play it again Sam 3 £15.00 

Salt) &Waliy £15.00 

Shereston Naught) Stories(Vol I) £36.00 

Shereston Naught) Stories(Vol 2) £36.00 

Acorn Software Bin 

Start Write £8.00 

CI) {-.duration / Multimedia/ Kid- lilies fur PC 

DK Way things work £10.00 

£ 1 1 .75 

Swiv (Budget Title) 


H \ SCHOOl ; 


The Dungeon 




i lenesls Plus Pack 




The Exotic Adventures Ol Sylvia Lane 


K1DM All 


\ i-n.ii Backup 

£1 8,00 

i iiiiiii 

Xenon - 









1 1 1 1 1 « i 



si\c \ LONG KIDS +Peaiuiis 


Acorn Books Bargain 



\corn PocketBooK Pr'mers ( luide 



( 1 1 1 1 in 

Archimedes First Steps 
Dabhand Guide To Husk 5 


CD Multimedia /Reference rules for PC 

Graphics On The Arm (Book) 


FAMILY Mis ■i.n-.i.K Tree) 





iisciMl R \ill\i MM audi 
vis 500 NATIONS CD 




A-Link Upgrade Pack 




ALA23 FP Emulator 



Windows 95 (Shareware CD) 






■ mull 

MS i N( \K i \"mm M 


5.25 BBC disks (10) O 




A 3000 bases from £99 


MS 1 -API < IK MM hi \ 


Mouse pads from £0.7 

5 £0.88 



in £345 

Ms ii 1 1 A cull DS HOMI COOKING 

Epson 800 earl, iirig. (SII2IMI25) 


vis Mi sic CENTR M 






PC 1 Itilities * Languages ion CD ROM 







LIS no 

WOR1 .l» All ASV5.0 





CD Angliu Multimedia Titles for PC /Maci 

Being a Scientist £17.00 


ii ill SSMAHTSUin 96FOR WW 93 


British Isles from the Air £17.00 




Nelson and his Navy £ mm 




Romans £17.90 




Understanding the body £17.(10 





DAI \SAFE crash prod ••■ indows) 






£12 50 



Ms vist \l BASIC V3.0 PRO 




MS VISUAL C++- Vl.0 CD +■ 5-25" 

mm Rl Ti 


£15 (HI 





NIGHT OWL 18 shareware 










i.n MM < 7 5 U/G 





CD General Re 


Ex VAT hit vai 

1003 Clip \n Collection £8.50 

i in (WMF) £20:00 

vis i ncarU ''7 Encyclopedia £39.00 
PC CD Business Tillies 

(OKI I DRAW v I oi I ' 



GS1 :sl PRI s> 






l IS 00 

PC Entertainment 




FX FIGHTER £10.00 





M M ill ( AKPI I £10:00 

MANTIS £10.00 


visum i \ . £15.00 

V1SIIIM £10,00 

\ \si AR R \( im, 

R aii ROAD rVCOON £10.00 

REBEI \ss \i i i i i> £10.00 

si\k ii i 2000 £I"iki 

siMcrn 2000+ book cis.oq 

SUPSTREAM 5000 £10.00 

s 1 1 l i \l< 7 CD 


i i I CD PACK VOl J 6CD £20X0 




ici mail - phi INI Cheques oi P.O.s shouldbe 

made payable to CTADIREC1 

credii CARD/ SWITCH please give name, address, 

and no, expif) date, issue no ii any. 
BY EM ml sales@cta.u nei com 

Cimaac eluirnes int. ins. & packayine, eh.irecd at eosl 

Small items liPTO £5 + val 

One boa ems totalling unto .' s i- ; - E€ + *ai 

Computer systems £l2 + vai 

am prices are correct going to press E&l 

All goods are guaranteed hut not supplied on approval 

A3000 upgrades 


I -4Mb 

(See also the "2nd user" section) 

2-4Mb upgrade pack 



The above upgrades are all constructed on four-layer boards, as 
recommended bj Acorn. Gold pluied connectors are used for 

reliable contact with the A.3000 main board. There are BO clips or 
wires, and no soldering is required (except 8Mb). Full instructions 
supplied. Some older types of 2Mb board cannot be upgraded to 
4Mb. but we oiler a trade-in allowance. Please plume for details. 

Hard drives 

A range ol internal hard disc upgrades is available. The upgrades 
simply plug into the internal expansion slot. Also suitable for the 

120Mb 1124(145.70) 

210Mb £135(158.62) 

340Mb £142(166.85) 

420Mb E152 (178.60) 

54i ).\lb £165(193.87) 

RISC OS i £39(45.82) 

ARM3 (25MHz) £109(128.07) 

(Dealer fitting recommended for the ARM3) 

A3000 4Mb RAM £63 (74.02) 
RISC PC 16Mb SIMM £41 (48.17) 



2-4Mb " 
4 8Mb 


Dealer filling for the 8Mb 

upgrade is recommended for 
the 25MHz A5000. 



2 4Mb " 

Hard drives 







Per Mb (up to 4Mb) £30(35.25) 
I -8Mb £125(146.87) 

RISC OS I £39(45.82) 

AK\D (25MHz) £1091 128,07) 
Hard drives. Foi prices, refel 10 
the A3 10 section 

How to order: The VAT 

inclusive amount is shown in 
brackets. Cheques made 
payable to 1FEL. Most Credit 
cards accepted, and Switch. 
Official orders welcome. 


■\ls\ stems SCSI 2 £170(199.75) 
ARM3 £109(128.07) 

RISC OS 3 £39(45.82) 

MEMCIa £35(41.12) 

MEMCla (2nd User) £20(23.50) 
Harddiseeradle £6(7.05) 

Fan fillers (pack of 5) 113(3.52) 
RISC OS manuals, no val L22 

Dongle dangle £6(7.05) 

Chip extractor tool €4 (4.70) 

(for eg MEMC. ARM2i 
CDFS upgrade for Oak SCSI 
card £25(29.37) 

The following item is reduced to 
clear. Please phone to check 



Educational and quantity discount available. 
Dealer enquiries welcome. 

A3010 upgrades 


I 4Mb £69(81.07) 

I -2Mb £32(37.60) 

2-4Mb £55(64.62) 

The 4Mb upgrade is constructed on a compact four-layer board. No 
soldering is required. Full instructions supplied. 

Hard drives 

A range ol internal hard disc upgrades is available. The upgrades 

simply plug into the internal expansion slot. For prices, refer to the 

A3000 section. 


SIM MS... (please phone for latest prices) 

4Mb £13(15.27) 

8Mb £25(29.37) 

16Mb £41(48.17) 

32Mb £75(88.12) 

16Mb SIMM to 32Mb upgrade 

£49 (57.57) 

(By upgrading your 16Mb SIMM to 32Mb you don't lose a 
SIMM socket, Original 16Mb SIMM must be returned to 
[PEL and the type must be suitable ntOSl are. Please phone to 
check first or ask lor our live leaflet.) 

RAM packs for upgradable SIMMs 

4Mb-XMb £19(22.32) 

16Mb-32Mb £55(64.62) 

Each pack eousisis <i| s chips which simply plug into 
einpi\ sockets. Instructions supplied, no soldering needed, 

VRAM modules... 

1Mb 145(52.87) 

2Mb £83(97.52) 

lMb-2Mb upgrade £45 (52.87) 



4Mb E69 (81.07) 

4 s.Mb £125(146.87) 

Backplane (4-slot, lour -laveri 


Fan for above £8(9.40) 

RISC OS 3 £39 (45.82) 

RISC OS carriei board £12 ( 14.10) 

ARM3 25MII/ £109(128.07) 

Ml.MCIa 135 141.121 

Hard drives 

850MbIDE £125(146.87) 

IGblDE £135(158.62) 

IDE eontroller £65 (76.37) 


21, Glenfield Road, Uenholt, Plymouth PL6 7LL. Tel (01752) 777106. Fax (1)1752) 777830 

2nd User 

Please phone to check 


A3000 l-2Mb ti5ii7.b2i 

\3ihio RAM board £5(5.87) 

i ic bare board, no chips) 

A5000 2-4Mb £38(44.65) 


We earn stocks of most 
replacement chips for the 
Acorn range. (MEMC. VIDC. 
IOC and most memorj 
de\ ices). We can also in any 
upgrades and offer a computer 
repaii sen ice. 

All products (exeepl some marked '2nd I Iser") are fully guaranteed foi 1 2 months 
All items normal!) carried in stock have a 14-daj money-back guarantee Please note 
thai the cost of memorj products varies please phone foi the latesl pricing 





fax: 0115 9444150 
WWW: http://www.cyber\il- 
MIDI devices: Audio 
Dynamics DM1, Parallel and 
Serial Port and Software 
Synthesiser. The ESP Synthe- 
siser includes instrument 
editing and CD's of new 
instruments. The MIDI Sup- 
port pack includes new 
composition tools that 
enhance the use of MIDI 
hardware and software. 

Fabis Computing 

Stand 65 
48 i harks Street 
(lunch Gresky 
Derbyshire DEI 1 9QD 
On the Fabis computing 
stand there's something for 
everyone — at some very 
special prices too. There's 
the launch of Addresslt 
which gives you access to 
the Royal Mails Postcode 
Address file (PAR, making 
finding an address fast, easy 
and accurate. F.ver deleted a 
file and wished you hadn't? 
You need Recycler — there's 
no easier way to recover 
deleted files. lor graphics 
fans, EasyClip makes sorting 
a clipart collection a snip. 
And why not check out our 
Superb graphics CD with 
over 10,<XM) images. If fonts 
are your scene then you 
should take a look at what 
EasyFont Professional can 
do for you? It's more than 
just a directory for fonts! 

H.S. Software 

Stand TBC 

56 Hendrefoilan Avenue 


Swansea SA2 7NB 

Teh 0179220*519 

Fax: 01792 298283) 





Special show discounts of 
up to 70 per cent on — 
NSTORE our National Cur- 
riculum report writing soft- 
ware for teachers, winner of 
a 1 996 Acorn User Award 
and a wide range of fun 
educational games for pri- 
mary age/special needs and 

Icon Technology Ltd 

Stand 54 
Church House 
Church Street 
Lines PE9 4NB 
Tel: 01778 590 563 
lux: 01778 590 563 


Icon will be showing the 
latest versions of EasiWriter 
and TechWriter professional. 
In addition to reading and 
writing Microsoft Word doc- 
uments the versions 
launched at the show will 
be able to read and write 
HTML and read RTF. Icon 
will be offering 'profes- 
sional versions' for the cost 
of the standard version — a 
saving of up to £58.75. 

Iota Software Ltd 

Stand 96 
lota House 
Wellington Court 
( ambridge 
CB1 1HZ 
Tel: 01223 566789 
Fax: 01223 566788 
E-mail: salesi«iota.( 
The long-awaited Data- 
Power 2, designed to be as 
easy-to-use as its predeces- 
sor, but with the power ol a 
relational database behind 
it, and the second CD-ROM 
in the popular Cambridge 
Primary Maths series will be 
available, along with all our 
other products at dis- 
counted prices. 

Insight Training 

Stand 122 
/' Box 864 

Tel/Fax: 01223 812927 

Insight specialises in Acorn- 
based quality training for 
education, home and busi- 
ness users. Visit the stand 
for full details of introduc- 
tory courses and software 
training, as well as specialist 
courses for network man- 
agers, technicians and ser- 
vice engineers. 

Instruments Ltd 

Stand 61 

Brunei Institute for Bioengi- 

Brunei University 
UB8 3PH 

Tel/Fax: 01895 81 1401 
WWW: www.irlam-instru- 

Irlam Instruments specialise 
in imaging products includ- 
ing flatbed scanners and 
multimedia cards. The 
Videodesk non-linear video 
editing system will be 
demonstrated. Two major 
upgrades to RiscTV will be 
shown for the first time. 
Special offers will be 
announced on the stand. 

Computer Services 

Stand 30 

96a Vauxhall Street 
NR2 2SD 
Tel: 01603 766592 
Fax: 01603 764011 
Archive isn't just a maga- 
zine, it's an interactive user 
group, and it can be relied 
upon to provide the most 
up-to-date Acorn news out- 
side of the Net. Archive CD- 
ROM, 1997 edition, is a 
goldmine of information. 

Pineapple Software 

Stand 64 
352 Green Lane 

Essex IG3 9JS 
Tel: 0181 599 1476 
Fax: 0181 598 2343 

httpj/www.pineaple. demon. 

At this years show 
Pineapple will be 
demonstrating all of their 
usual products plus a few 
new ones. There will be 
special deals on virtually all 
products and demonstra- 
tions of scanners, PAL 
Coders and many other 
items of hardware and soft- 

R-Comp & R-Comp 

Stand 111) 
22 Robert Moffat 
High Legh 
Cheshire WA166PS 
Tel: 01925 755043 
Fax: 01925 757377 

Development of our award 
winning Web authoring 
software continues apace. 
See the latest versions of 
HTMLEdit and Web 
Designer's Toolkit, with 
spell-checking, Java support, 
link/image checking, auto- 
uploading of pages, plus 
sophisticated site-manage- 
ment system for all web- 
masters. PCSound Profes- 
sional 2 will be making its 
debut, and much more! 


Stand 52 
SI High Street 
Kegworth DE74 2DA 
Tel: 01509 672222 
Fax: 01509 672267 
RESOURCE will be offering 
substantial savings on a 
range of new software for 
youngsters, including spe- 
cial pre-Christmas offers on 
popular CDs Rainbow Sto- 
ries, Much Ado at Rainbow's 
Edge and Albert's House. 


Stand 118 
1 Broadbent Road 
Oldham Oil 4LB 
Tel: 0161-627 4469 
Tux : 0161-627 2381 
WWW: www,se mere. com 
See Wellington Square which 
consists of five interactive 
CD-ROMs. Each contains six 
talking books, two cartoon 
stories and over 250 educa- 
tional activities linked to 
the books. It also gives the 
teacher a concise well-pre- 
sented analysis of each stu- 
dent's progress. All about 
Weather and Seasons is the 
first in a series of CDs 
designed for KS1 learners. It 
enhances the children's 
understanding of the effects 
of the weather on people 
and their surroundings. The 
CD contains simple writing 

screens, games, activities 
and a talking story and has 
audio support on all pages. 
Both CDs will be available 
on all three platforms. Also 
watch out for All About 
Shape and Space. 

Serious Statistical 

Stand 131 

Bent}' Heath Lane 
S. Wirral L64 1SD 
Tel: 0151 327 4268 
I -mail: SSS@argonit.c<>.uk or 
WWW: httpj/www.serious- 

SSS will be demonstrating 
the latest versions of their 
well-known and versatile 
statistical data analysis soft- 
ware. Emphasis will be on 
graphical capabilities and 
particularly use in the 
analysis of school perfor- 
mance data. This will espe- 
cially interest school 
principals and governors. 

Software Limited 

Stand 62 
Angel House 

Near Malmesbury 
Wiltshire SN16 01.H 
Tel: 01666 840433 
Fax: 01666 840048 
or info@sherston.i 
WWW: http://www.sher- 

Award winning Sherston 
Software are releasing two 
new CD-ROMs at the exhibi- 
tion, Matti Mole's Summer 
Holiday is an interactive 
story CD which addresses 
the basic reading skills and 
Map Detectives is a multime- 
dia CD designed to develop 
geographical skills. 

Software Ltd 

Stand 46 

7s Burleigh Street 

Cambridge CB1 1DJ 

Tel: 01223 302765 

Fax: 01223 351947 

I -mail: infoV"\ibeliu\-\olt- 

WWW: www.sibeUu\soft- 

Sibelius Software produce 

world class programs that 

November 1997 Acor 






allow anyone to compose, 
arrange, print and publish 
their own music. We have 
four types of software with 
hundreds of brand new 
features and new, 
exceptionally low prices. 
Come to our stand and be 

Softease Ltd 

Stand 26 

The Old Courthouse 

St Peters Church Yard 
Derby DEI INN 
Tel: 01332 204911 
Fax: 01332 609224 
Softease will again be 
demonstrating its award 
winning textease and tex- 
tease multimedia. Also we 
will be offering special 
resource packs that bring 
out the best in textease. Our 
long awaited My World 
reader and HTML reader 
will also be on show. 

Spacetech Ltd 

Stand 44 

21 West Wools Ltd 
Dorset DT5 2F.A 
Tel: 01305 822753 
Fax: 01305-860483 

rachellev uk 

Our usual display of imag- 
ing software (Photodesk, 
plug-ins, TopModel etc). 
PhotoReal drivers for both 
('anon and Epson Stylus 
Photo. A new range of stun- 
ning digital cameras from 
Olympus with our superb software. Many 
discounts for show pur- 

System Insight 

Stand 88 
Hilkrest House 
Shirrell Heath 
Southampton S0322JS 
Tel: 01329 835500 
Fax: 01329 835501 
A complete range of all you 
need to run your inkjet 
printer. All the latest models 
are covered by an economi- 
cal range of refill kits and 
compatible papers. Bring 
this page to the stand and if 
you buy two refill kits you 
will receive a THIRD one 

free! Only one free kit per 

TBA Software 

Stand 23 
Mead Farm 
North Road 

Somerset BA3 lfU 
Tel: 01761 470003 
lax: 01761 479011 
WWW: http://www.tba-soft- 

A high quality range of 
games and accessories are 
available from TBA Soft- 
ware. Come and see TBAFS, 
the fastest compressed filing 
system on the Acorn plat- 
form, and Brutal Horse 
Power (BHP), the latest 
superb TAG game for the 
StrongARM Rise PC. 

Look out for demos show- 
ing the next generation of 
Acorn gaming, and be pre- 
pared for crazy show deals 
on the entire range of TBA 

The ARM Club 

Stand 8 

hmdonN12 0BR 
Tel: 07010 709849 
Fax: 0171-288 3451 
E-mail: lnfo@arttu 
This year, The ARM Club 
will be teaming up with the 
newly formed Association of 
Acorn User Groups to host 
clubs from around the 
country, so if you would 
like to find out what's going 
on in your area, come along 
and find out. As usual we 
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■rn User November 1997 


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David Matthewman looks at 
Acorn's Network Computer in the 
last of our three-part series 


The \( is a slim, black box that looks 
like a satellite receiver, but is in fact a 
far more significant development. Satellite 
receivers allow Rupert Murdoch onto your 
IV set - you get more TV channels, to be 
sure, but they're really just more of the 
same. The \< allows the world onto your 
TV set and, if that's not enough lor you, it 
gives vim a voice with which to talk hack 
to the world. 

In this, it doesn't do anything that more 
traditional computers haven't been able to 
tl<i for several \ears, hut does it with con- 
siderably less tuss. Granted, by the time I 
got to review the NC it had already been 
through Stuart Tyrrell and David Dade, so 
an) teething problems had been sorted 
out, but the NC is pretty much 'plug-in 
and play'. You plug one end into the 
phone, the other end into sour video 
recorder (or IV, it it has the appropriate 
inputs), and away vou go. 

The smart card 

It's not quite that simple. You also have a 
smart card which identifies vou to the NC 
The first time you insert this, there's a 
delay of a couple of minutes as the NC 
connects to your 1ST i \rgonet, in this case) 
and verifies your account details. This is a 
first time only delay - the next time you 
connect it's usually quick. 

The smart card is a wonderful concept, 
whose potential will only be fully realised 
if the NC becomes a global feature. In the- 
ory, you'll be able to fly to the other side 
of the world carrying the smart card in 
your wallet, walk into a hotel, slip the 

Acorn User November 1997 

http //www. 

All the lines jam up with graphics, 

And there's nothing you can do. 

'Cos it's all just hits of data, 

Flying away from you. 

Oh look out world, take a good look 

What goes down here? 

You must learn this lesson soon and learn it well. 

This ain't no Information Superhighway, 

Oh no, 

This is the road to hell. 

Apologies to Chris Rea 

smart card into the NC in your room and 
log straight into your own personal 
account. You'll be able to read and answer 
your e-mail and work on your own docu- 
ments just as though you were sitting in 
the comfort of your own home. 

Not only is this far cheaper for the hotels 
of the world than putting a full-blown PC 
in every room, it's a lot more secure for the 
user. It will require a leap of faith by some 
wry influential people if this is to become 
a reality, but leaps of faith abound in the 
world of the NC. Several have already been 
made to get where we are today. 

The NC in use 

Once you've connected, surfing the Web is 
conceptually easy. Your ISP will provide 
you with a starting page, and you just fol- 
low links. You can also enter a URL 
directly, although this is a lot more awk- 
ward than it should be, because you never 
get the current URL to edit in this field. 
It's always truncated to 'http://www', 
which is annoying if you've just mistyped 
a long URL and would like to edit it. 

To browse, I deliberately used only the 
infra-red remote control provided. You 
can plug a keyboard and a mouse into it, 


but that hit like cheating to me somehow. 
The keypad has a full set of alphanumeric 
characters and various other useful but- 
tons. The letters are arranged 
alphabetically, and so aren't ideal for find- 
■ing your way around. It's the weakest part 
of the remote control, but that's inevitable 
really. A version with a full infra-red key- 
board should be available soon, and will 
be well worth it, in my opinion. 

Central to the keypad is a compass of 
four arrow keys surrounding the 
1-nter/Select button. These are used for 
navigation. Anyone who's used the text- 
only Lynx browser will be cpiite at home 
navigating with the NC's remote control. 
The way you move through links is 
exactly the same; by using the up/down 
arrow. Once you've got the hang of this 
it\ easy - a lot easier than I was expecting 
actually. You can also page up and down, 
or scroll a page a line at a time. 

Frames do present a slight problem. The 
only way to move the cursor out of one 
frame and into the next is to scroll though 

all the links in that frame. On sites like 
the Xara one where the first frame has a 
collection of navigation buttons (and 
there are several that use this general 
design), this quickly becomes tedious as 
you can need to hit the down button 10 
to 20 times before you're in the main 
frame. And you can't scroll the main 
frame until you're in it - irritating. 

This is a minor quibble - otherwise the 
NC performs well. Text on web pages is 
easily readable a reasonable distance 
away from the TV screen. The only prob- 
lem tends to come on custom graphic 
buttons where the Web designer has made 
the text ,is small as possible; it's readable 
on a monitor but hard to read on a TV 

My extensive user tests indicate that 
even people unfamiliar with browsing the 
Web should find the NC easy to get the 
hang of. In fact, if you're more used to a 
video remote control than a traditional 
keyboard, you'll probably find the NC's 
remote control straightforward as well. 

Beyond the Web 

The NC has a wordprocessor built-in, 
based on Icon Technology's EasiWriter. 
This is, as you might expect, a nightmare 
to use with the remote control, but with a 
keyboard and mouse would be very useful. 
All documents are stored on the ISP's 

E-mail is not handled natively by the NC, 
but is accessed via a Web-based interface 
at the ISP. Again, actually composing an 
e-mail via the remote control is awkward, 
but it works as well as possible under the 
circumstances. Usenet news is not cur- 
rently supported. 

You can also attach a printer to the back 
of your NC for a hard copy; all popular 
printer makes and models are supported. 

The NC in business 

I've said hardly anything about the Acorn 
NC's use in a business environment as a 
client to a central server. This is an impor- 
tant part of the NC concept, especially to 
Larry Ellison - but 1 don't think the Acorn 
\( as it stands is designed to attack this 
market. There are simply too few pro- 
grams that will run on it and few, if any, 
that properly follow the client/server 

Java may change all this. On the plus 
side, Java has a lot of features built into 
the language to make the client/server 
model easy to write for. On the down side- 
it's undeniably slow. The N( will probably 
be better off running custom-written C++ 
applications, and these will appear if 
there's the demand for them (for all I 
know, they're being written now). 

But will it sell? 

The bottom line has to be whether the 
Acorn NC will actually become a regular 
feature of people's homes in the millen- 
nium. The first thing to say is that anyone 
with a PC already connected to the 
Internet won't need one. Until the smart 
card system becomes popular enough to be 
useful, the NC doesn't really offer enough 
over the standard Windows (or Mac) and 
Netscape combination. 

What of Acorn owners? This ought to be 
just as clear cut, but it's a reflection on 

November 1997 Acorn User 

hup //www. idg 







What does the NC support? 

Just under a year ago, I wrote an article describing how the NC stood with 
respect to the then current Internet technology. It's perhaps a little alarm- 
ing that little has changed since then. Java, for example, was 'coming 
soon' then, and it's 'coming soon' now. It would be helpful if it were to 
arrive at some point, however slow it might be. The lack of it is the aspect 
most seriously damaging the NC's credibility on the Net at present. 

Some technologies have changed in importance since I wrote the origi- 
nal article. ActiveX - in the absence of implementation on non-Windows 
platforms - has become a specialist technology, used most in Windows- 
only Intranets. The lack of ActiveX isn't likely to affect the NC much. 
JavaScript on the other hand has gained in credibility. It's becoming 
more stable, and is used on many pages as a faster, more friendly alter- 
native to CGI scripts. However, sensible sites provide non-JavaScript 
alternatives. This is just as well, because JavaScript is unlikely to appear 
on the NC. 

The NC implements the HTML 3.2 standard. 'Implements' needs a little 
clarification - for instance, the <applet> tag used to embed Java applets 
is in the HTML 3.2 standard, and the NC implements it to the extent of 
ignoring it (correctly, as it doesn't support Java). This is perfectly reason- 
able, but worth noting. 

The HTML 3.2 standard, although it's the most recent stable standard 
for HTML, is a little behind current Web design in some areas. For a start, 
it doesn't mention frames. The NC does support frames, although it 
doesn't support the enhanced version of frames where the frame bor- 
ders can be turned off. 

The NC doesn't support <font face="">, which is fair enough because 
it isn't part of the HTML 3.2 spec (it's mentioned in a comment) and no 
page was ever made unreadable be being displayed in the wrong font. 
However, it doesn't support the <font color=""> tag either, which 
changes the colour of a font used on a page. 

Not only is this tag in the HTML 3.2 spec but its omission is odd, 
because the NC does support the global colouring of text, background 
and links on a page using attributes in the <body> tag. It also sup- 
ports background colours on tables, and this can lead to a problem on 
some pages, where text is locally coloured white in a table with a 
black background. The NC doesn't colour the text white, and it can be 
hard or impossible to read as a result. Thankfully this doesn't happen 
very often. 

The HTML 3.2 spec may be current, but let's be honest about this - 
browsing the Web with the NC now is like browsing it over a year ago 
using Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. That's how 
quickly these things date. This wouldn't matter so much if it weren't for 
the fact that there are a couple of key Web revolutions that the NC looks 
likely to miss out on: CSS and PICS. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are a 

way of separating all the presentation information from the content in 
HTML. There's not room here to describe why this is a good thing but 
trust me, it is. 

What's more, CSS are easy-to-use and Web-designer-friendly, so if 
they do catch on, websites will start using them extensively. Actually, 
this may not matter too much; the whole point of CSS is that they are 
separate from the content, so non-CSS browsers like NCFresco will still be 
able to see the web page content with no problems. 

PICS on the other hand, should really be not just supported by the NC, 
but embraced by it. PICS started out as a system that allowed people to 
rate sites as unsuitable for children, and has blossomed into a general, 
all-purpose system for categorising websites. If Acorn really intend to sell 
NCs to families, they should take a long, hard look at how PICS is devel- 
oping. If it catches on, and PC browsers implement it, the NC will be 
seriously disadvantaged by not supporting it. 

I emphasise that neither CSS nor PICS are used to any great extent on 
the Web at the moment, as they're both developing technologies. 

Plug-ins are a problem. Currently the NC has a plug-in for Macromedia 
Director 4 multimedia files. Macromedia is now on to Director 6, and the 
number of files still in Director 4 format that the NC can play is approxi- 
mately zero. Worse, the NC still doesn't have a RealAudio plug-in, let 
alone one for Flash, AVIs, PDF or any of the other odd file formats you're 
likely to find scattered on the Web. 

I'm less worried about this, though, because Acorn are working hard to 
rectify it. It's unfair to blame them for being a little behind; once the NC 
becomes popular, it's reasonable to expect the plug-in manufacturers to 
write NC versions as a matter of priority. 

One feature that I was relieved to see built into the NC browser is 
secure transactions. These allow you to connect to a website securely 
and transmit, say, credit-card information. Without secure transactions, 
much of the on-line shopping experience on the Web is closed; however, 
the NC supports them so you can shop around the clock, should you so 

It's also worth pointing out that the NC is state-of-the-art in a couple of 
areas. The on-screen anti-aliasing which Acorn users are almost blase 
about, is way ahead of the display on Macs and PCs. In fact, the display 
on my ordinary, 10-year-old TV set is remarkably good. I doubt it could 
be significantly improved, and anti-aliasing is probably the only reason 
Web browsing on a TV screen is possible at all. 
A smaller kudos point is the display of PNGs. PNG is a touted replace- 
ment for GIF that's slowly gaining acceptance on the Web. The NC will 
display PNGs (as most Acorn browsers have been able to for a while, in 
fact) - Netscape Navigator and MSIE are only just supporting the format 
in their latest browsers. 


how fragile the Acorn Desktop market has 
become that it isn't. It's possible that the 
mass-market NC may quickly overtake 
Desktop Acorn machines in terms of sup- 
ported features and software development. 
A StrongARM Rise PC is faster than the 
NC, and of course does a lot more, but has 
no SSL implementation or Director plug-in 
at the moment, so already the NC has 
some advantages. 

However, there's still a large market out 
there for the NC. Many families don't have 
a computer, but would still like access to 
the Web and e-mail. The Acorn NC fits this 
niche very well. I'm slightly worried about 
the price - it's too expensive for what it is 
to my mind. 

The Acorn NC may not sell at all. It's a 

Acorn User November 1997 

little hard to envisage it crowding out the 
video recorders and laser disc players on 
the shelves at Dixon's, although we can 
all hope. In a sense though, that's not the 
point. If the Acorn NC sells, that's a 
bonus. The machine really feels like a 

'proof of concept' on Acorn's behalf. The 
fact that something like this could even 
have been built to be usable would have 
(and was) hotly disputed two years ago, 
and it's all credit to Acorn that it's i 
here and it works. /][] 


Zenta Brand 

w minim; 

Supplied as 
Acorn Format 
nitdcd. Watch 
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■MA CIS ;lrl - mil like ihisl 



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Great selector applicati 

£fr* jja^RgjTt 



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^^Lowcost PD CD ROMS 

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programs, Mini S< il'i Blasters and Mega icon bar samples. £12.95 

A great set oj Replay Movies are included on 'his CD. all are "I 
very high quality Plus as a hams their are MPEG, AVI. ACE ami 

III movies all supplit d together with the required play* i s £12.95 

This ci> contains lots of Slideshovi covering mans interesting 
topics, plus many 24bpp JPEG images. Also included on the disi 
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Crammed with the latest in \corn ARM demos, and a nice 
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^<S^Mega Shareware 


Applications CD 

This CD contains plenty are really useful app's. 

For starters haw about a full spreadsheet, a handy SUPER 

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Wy i ottei nan of playable commercial game demos and a set oj great dist magazines. £15.95 

•SAVE* Both Mega Shareware together for £24.95 


Zenta Multimedia 

10 Ravenhurst Drive / Birmingham / B43 7RS 

Tel 0121 358 3054 Fax 0121 358 5969 

email sulesQi zenta. 



Educational specialist in supply of Acorn 
Computers to Schools for 13 Years 

Cumana and Semerc Approved Suppliers 

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aw11/97 ZENTA 





Web series 

Blowing away the 


Part two 

Simon Kiff looks at how to get 

visitors to your website and to keep 

them coming back for more 

Last issue, I addressed some of the tech- 
nicalities of setting up a website - such 
as getting web space and getting your site 
into this space. This issue I want to look at 
the elements which make a good website, 
getting feedback on your web pages and 
how to bring in visitors to your site. 

Designing a website 

Designing .1 website is very similar to lay- 
ing out a page. You want to grab the 
reader's attention and then inspire them 
to read on. If you are faced with a page 
which consists entirely of black and white 
text, then unless you need some informa- 
tion buried within, you are unlikely to sit 
and read the whole thing. 

If the page has a few catchy graphics, a 
splash of colour and is split up into man- 
ageable chunks you are far more likely to 
stop and take note. With the Internet, 
however, you need to take some time and 
care making sure that your graphics will 
download at a reasonable speed. So many 
pages include a huge title image, and peo- 

ple click back before they see any of the 
page just because the title graphic is so 
slow. The simple solution to this problem 
is to always include the height and width 
information in the image tag, so that the 
browser can leave a gap. 

The image/text ratio is quite important. 
There is no hard and fast rule as to the 
number of graphics to include on a page 

ones. The trend is to include some sort of 
logo at the top or bottom of every page. 
The advantage of this is that once the 
image has downloaded from the server, 
the user's browser stores it in a cache, so it 
appears instantaneously on each subse- 
quent page. This also means that the user 
always knows which site they are using. 
Another important consideration is the 

Navigation tools, present at the bottom of every page 

but it should look balanced and should 
not be swamped with text. Conversely, a 
page with four words on is unlikely to be 
particularly useful reference material - 
unless it is designed to just hold a large 

Good websites tend to be those with a 
consistent feel, particularly commercial 

IRC Guide 

^iTf'ATi'ii'ifiH M lii^ 

Bt.'m • •! ;n. Jt> .x.hi an ■..-, . i. .1 ilk 1KL uelnurb. .U-.u an 

I .1 1- "...■ b 1 1 L-i- tt! 1 1 ■..■■■■ i 1 - .-■• MtMftiagmaMrw i 

UMMMMAMMliWwr k n IRC cl tm 

DtfwunvMft mi, uii. lu kbttH to Ukh own iuto. < taw;l. b) to) nawM i 

I PUtt 1 J. .l.-lt Mll% II |M.I!I1[I.... I 'I ;i 

nii.-kr.niir I ni t *'m n.i !;. p? Iris rr.ii [1 he«ntfl*(t « « 

■iiriiHira^ " 

ii i i.'Ri" iwUitebM ~*\cie ikfmmmt 

\iKti m.i !• i :i 'i ii i i ■<"! -i ■■ i '■ rod - 1 . . n -ii'.m [coal mm 

Introduction To IRC 

l ; utl m '•■ i 'luii; ibi- v-juio-W 1 U.iojiu».vIIjU».- ll<C'ni.l»'jiii Ibatx 

l>..^-.;i.l> l-i.-uu.ui tli" lot AtMimv.i- • (.IihIIii.l I : ;i MMV< •;. i I • i. 
i,l -ni 

Of-mrm i- .rr. hi ,il-.> i,-. HtnM r.i rheii MM wnm ■■: ciMinecrng h;. 

k ln\.( to 111 1. 1. .in i :n • i * " :ik p.«i J 1 ii ■i.iii.. • ik mvuiftol fm » akiaum. 

;nJ a Iciitiuml Qrfw - flu -Ju-ulO lit WMwd as vli-JU 

A more pi«iv:m iiv-r tr ig IRl" . a id- I . I ,-ni ~here ■■ a ftttfumi 

I lM spta I h'e v.h :>i • ronpiriMe v it- V nr« iKt Ml .VgiMier Iknafct ptn 
ii i j( Beta*?, 7h«* . I MM liRObSH b) M.irtrt* C„v_K. | , r he d.TiM> IroflWI rinrl 
In', ttum lu> wvlialt . AIM' w.Jti Ji ■■ ■:, tihi.; :iu i - -. i II satMMJ -■ .i u. - MHtld 
ciifni r"mmOu*tWcri« fl d . I ■ I ■ ., . • dA«U||* M 

you m chome n ief.«r B ODHMO " "■: met pMftoMCai • M I- Kni 
KtHiOB - uo)<f». Ail I'juittwc -miiuibiilJs Mt jiiivii. ii ' 

So. vi.u mj ruuM'tla) If IRC It -ii ■- Mi. ii- i a jiJ alvinuial (yptt 

i I I ] i in "re "" fJ it' nji. yr»i neeii tr-do ' '• unilerMiinii ** pur, if. 
il . h.irrplv Or ire 1R C rerwrric , ifrere ire lever; I rimitnal c hnraiefc «+« h euch 
Ian t a i i i' i Of. fcatJi tL.jmi.-. 'm IA-. . MMMB, .Jit Hit i.Jiit .- 

Uu . nam. in lU Jim tv.i. naui.- K-jhiis ■* itli a bub i.*». awj utmliir. Ok hipj.' j 
fc-TnVihM which lukei p.'Ke nvide rhe nvon, 


The same page, split into sections with some simple graphics 
Acorn User November 1997 


structure of the site. It is useful to include 
navigation tools on each page, such as a 
back arrow and a home icon. Again, these 
can be common graphics so that once 
downloaded they appear immediately. 
They allow the user to jump around the 
site easily without getting lost, and resort- 
ing to the browser's history list. 

Careful consideration 
needs to be given to 
the backgrounds and 
colours used for 
web pages. Background 
images can be very use- 
ful, giving the page a 
nice finish, but they 
can also completely 
destroy a page. If the 
background is too 
three-dimensional or 
too bright it will domi- 
nate the page and. 
more dangerously, 
make the text unread- 

When you select a 
background colour, 

Web series 

Introduction To IRC 

you uoal to connect la the IRC network 
telnetting to .1 sen 


A mi 

in available » hi 

downl< hi* 

1 prefer en 
Ml common 
from menus. 

he server! 
(vtlOO) h< to do is understand die 

princip] ork.tlicii 

the name is like a name on the door. Every name begins with a hash (#). and 

Horribly clashing backgrounds and colours 

choose one which is similar to the over- 
all colour of the background image you 
are using, so that the RISC OS web 
browsers can anti-alias to the right 
colour. If you choose completely the 
wrong colour, the text appears to have 
'fur' growing around it. 

I recommend you get someone to check 
your colour matching and choice of hack- 
ground. I once made an embarrassing 
mistake with the Acorn User website. I 
chose a background which I considered to 
be quite pleasant hut as soon as I put it 
online I received e-mails complaining that 
it was making people go cross-eyed look- 

ing at it. and made the text look like it 
was sloping up or down the page. Needless 
to say, I changed it .is soon as possible. 


It is very important to communicate with 
your readers. The best way to do this is to 
provide your e-mail address on the web- 
site, somewhere obvious. A popular choice 
is to put the address (as a link) at the bot- 
tom of every page. 

An alternative approach is to have a 
'feedback' logo on the end of your naviga- 
tion tools, which takes you to a separate 
page with appropriate e-mail addresses, 

possibly a postal address, and if possible a 
web form. Users are far more likelv to 
respond by using a form, because all they 
need do is type a few words into the web 
page and click send, rather than having to 
run their e-mail program and type a for- 
mal response. Make sure one of the fields 
on the form asks lor their e-mail address, 
so that you can respond to them about any 
points they raise. 

If the} do not want to be contacted they 
will just leave this field blank. Respond 
swiftly and the reader is more likelv to 
pass comment again, and the more con- 
structive feedback you can get the better. 

I am always interested in your views on this website, without your feedback I could not possibly hope to keep 
the site fiean ami interesting. Please take the time to till in the form below , which will be posted to me when you 
click tubmil at the bottom. 

Full Name 

Simon Kiff 

Fmail Address 

simon@kif f . demon. co. uk 


UK Tjj 

\V hich computer do you own? 

Rise PC 2) 

(ieneral Comments 

Nice design and graphics, but the site 
becomes a little confusing in the 
archive section. Perhaps it would 
benefit from some thumbnails? 

Submit 1 Clear Form 

A nice simple web form lets people send you feedback quickly and easily 

November 1997 Acorn User 

http://www idg co uk/acomuser/ 






Web series 

Blowing away the 


Part two 

It will also give you an indication of the 
number of visitors you are getting and 
what information they want you to pro- 
vide. It would be a waste of effort 
continually updating a page if nobody 
reads it. Plus, it is a real 'buzz' to discover 
someone is actually reading your site! 

Bringing in visitors 

If you are going to put time and effort into 
creating and maintaining a website, you 
want to make sure an adequate number of 
people are actually visiting it. The simplest 
way of knowing how many visitors von 
are getting is to use a web counter. These 
are provided via scripts on many Web 
servers and allow you to display the num- 

in new visitors, or keep people coming 

Firstly, do not let people forget that 
your site exists. If you are a commercial 
company, make sure you print your web- 
site address on adverts, on letters and any 
documentation you produce. Make sure 
you are keeping the site up-to-date, and 
that people know it is. If you do have time 
to update regularly, put a 'last updated' 
line on your main index. 

All that is required is 'last updated 
28.7.97'. If you have time, you could have 
a latest updates page, where you list all the 
changes you have made. If you do not 
have time to update, do not advertise this 
fact. Do not tell everyone on your main 

You are visitor number 


. please ^top by again ! 

A typical web counter 

her of visitors to any website, as an image. 
If you have used the Web for any length of 
time you will have come across numerous 
versions and variations on the theme. 

Commercial web space may allow you 
to view access statistics, including logs of 
all the visitors, the browser they were 
using (web browsers send identification 
every time they access a web page) and the 
pages they viewed. You will be able to 
identify people returning for more, or it 
people visit once and never again. If peo- 
ple are just visiting once, how can you 
make them return for more? 

Well assuming you have information on 
your page which interests them, you can 
first of all follow all the points I have 
made already - such as thinking about 
design, use of colour, breaking up text and 
making the site more navigable. There arc- 
however, some things you can do to bring 

54 Acorn User November 1997 


index that your site was last updated in 
June 1994. If people think the information 
is out-of-date they may just hit that back 

When you make a major update, for 
example if you add a new version of some 
software to download, you can announce 
this on an appropriate Usenet newsgroup. 

It is important to get your website regis- 
tered with as many search engines as 
possible. There is now software available 
(thought not for the Acorn) which will 
register you with a huge number of 
engines automatically. If people want 
information that your site holds, but can- 
not find it, what use is it to them? 

There is no harm in reminding people 
to add your site to their 'favourites' list. 
They will either ignore the advice or it 
may prompt them to add it to their 
hotlist, and then you stand a much larger 


chance of them visiting again. If you want 
visitors on your site to stay for any length 
of time, you need to let them know 
exactly what useful information you cany. 
I have seen many sites which have fasci- 
nating articles hidden deep inside the 
website, inside an archive or which are 
just not given justice in their description. 

For example, a complete guide to BASIC 
programming for beginners, including dia- 
grams, example programs and a reference 
section is sold short by describing it as 'an 
article on BASIC 

Sadly, this happens all too often, and 
information we could all benefit from goes 
to waste. In the same way, do not sell your 
site short when you describe it for the 
search engines such as Alta Vista or Yahoo. 
There is a size limit on your description, 
but a three word description is not very 
inspiring for the tired Web surfer. 

If there are other websites related to 
yours, persuade them to add a link to you. 
People with a specific interest do not stick 
to just one site, they build up a list of 
places to visit, so if they happen to arrive 
from someone else's site then you may 
have gained another regular visitor. You 
can return the favour by putting some 
links to other sites on yours. 

However, do not make them sound so 
attractive that they leave your site 
instantly to go to one you recommend, 
unless you intend to make yourself just a 
launching point to hundreds of sites about 
a specific interest. There is certainly space 
for lists of recommended sites on the 
Internet, as you will undoubtedly have dis- 
covered if you have spent any time 
searching for specific information on the 
Web. Be warned that keeping such a list 
up-to-date is extremely time consuming. 

Next month I'll look at using images on 
websites and site maintenance l 
techniques. /\\j 

Open Sunday 
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Dalriada Data Technology 

...because there's more to publishing than words alone. 

Datruda produce A-U/ij I Fiihlnltitii 1 uulitu-t loi thf A> 
ojncmlv produce si\ din'cccnl milium, *l»cti jit |o Ek ^ 


The Ultimate Table Editor! 


TableMate Designer is the latest in the popular 

TableMate family of products - it offers the most y^ 

comprehensive range of facilities yet - with more new features than TableMate 2 and 3 put 

together. A short extract is given below. TableMate 3 is available for those with simpler needs. 

• Variable fonts inside cells • Yet more line and row controls! 

• Super- & sub- scripts, bold and italic effects • Global cut-and-paste 

• Export/import HTML tables for the Internet • Named colours & styles 

Single User - £60, Upgrade from Impression Style/Publisher £45, Upgrade from TableMate 3 - £27-50 


• Flowcharts, organisational charts, annotated diagrams 
spider diagrams, process diagrams - and more! 

• Automatic connection of symbols using Artificial 
Intelligence, with Anchor points for precise control. 

• Full presentation control - of colours, text, line widths etc 

• Word-wrapping text or scaled graphics inside symbols 

• Tiled printing for larger charts 

• A wide variety of flowcharing and other popular symbols 

• OLE compatible for all the latest DTP/WP applications 

The fastest, easiest and most powerful way to create all 
those time-consuming structured diagrams. 

Single User - £50. TableMate 3 User - £45. 

Does it support OLE with the latest packages? 
Is it simple to mix different graph types? 

?, Has it got extensive presentation controls? 
%i Can you put text anywhere you want'.' 
9 Are key areas fully under your control ? 

We could go on for much, much longer, nag about 
shadows, backdrops, automatic table generation etc... 



Presentation graphics without tears. 

GraphMate costs £45 for a Single User pack 



ia's latest 

CD-ROMs continue to come out of Anglia Multimedia like water out of a tap! 

John Cabot and the Merchant Adventurers 


This CD focuses on the voyages of John Cabot but also contains 
information about other merchant explorers. The disc is in five sec- 
tions - all of which 
are accessed from the 
Quayside. The user 
can click on various 
shops or on the dis- 
play board to find out 
more information. 

The Grocer's shop 
contains information 
about the food sup- 
plies that Cabot and 
his crew would have 
taken on board and at the Chandler's you can explore the shop and 
collect things for John Cabot's voyage. 

The Library contains information relating to different explorers. 
There are three areas of the library which can be selected - the 
bookshelf, the globe and the map chest. 

If you choose to enter John Cabot's ship The Matthew, from the 
Quayside then you can explore the ship and find out more about 
Cabot's voyage. 

An interesting feature first used in one of Anglia's earlier CD- 
ROMs is the documentary where you simply sit back and listen to 
the story of how the replica of The Matthew was built and the 

81 101 B 

Unlimited expansion 

A question from Alan Roberts in Leeds 
prompted me to investigate the growing 
phenomena of removable hard discs and, in 
particular, two budget devices which hit 
the market at almost the same time. One of 
the advantages of devices with removable 
cartridges is that the cartridge, like a floppy 
disc, is transportable and hence can be used 
on more than one drive. 

However, 1 found that transporting car- 
tridges is a very uncertain business as any 
knocks could cause problems when later 
trying to read it. They are generally slower 
than sealed hard discs but because the car- 
tridges are changeable, the total capacity is 

Syquest ezFlyer 

The Syquest drive has been around for some 
time but has recently been revamped and is 
now being marketed exclusively for the 
Acorn market by Cumana. Syquest drives 
are currently available as either IDE, SCSI or 
in the format Cumana is highlighting - par- 

allel devices. The cartridge size has now 
increased to 230MBytes. 

Iomega Zip drive 

Marketed by Argo, this portable hard disc 
offers users low-cost storage which is ideal 
for transferring data between home, school 
and work. Again, this is a available in vari- 
ous formats, although the best selling device 
is likely to be the external parallel unit. 


Of the two, the Zip drive is said to have better 
access time while the Syquest has better 
read/write times. This means that for moving 
lots of small files the Zip drive is better, while 
moving one big file is best done on the 
Syquest. In practice I couldn't see any differ- 
ence, but for those of you capable of detecting 
millionth parts of a second, please feel free to 
tell me which you think is the fastest. 

Who could use these? 

For the home user, either would be an 

Zip Drive 

Syquest Drive 




Cost of Drive 

C139 99WAT 

CI 59* VAT 

Cost of Cartridge 



Size | 100 MBytes 

230 MBytes 

Cost per MByte 









Power Supply 



Cartridge Supplied 



Acorn Driver 



PC Driver 



excellent investment and certainly some- 
thing to consider instead of buying a 
second 'conventional' hard drive. For back- 
ing up networks, which was the basis of 
Alan's question, either would be appropri- 
ate for a class or year group. The 100MByte 
capacity of the Zip drive might be a little 
small for very large networks, although at 
only £12 per cartridge you could probably 
afford to store each class on a separate car- 


Tel: 01243 815815 

Tel: 01483 503121 

Contacting me 

You can contact the Education page by writing to me, Geoff Preston at Acorn User, IDG Media, Media House, Adlington Park, 

Macclesfield SK10 4NP or by e-mail to: 




preparations for its voyage to Newfoundland earlier this year. ^ 

John Cabot is available for Acorn, PC and Mac and costs £50+VAT. \J 

British Countrysides 

This explores the work of the National Trust by focusing on the 
landscapes and historic buildings it protects. 

In the documentaries section there is a choice of five documentaries to sit 
back and watch - Historic Buildings and Gardens, Nature Conservation, 
Countryside, People and 
The Coast. Tony Robin- 
son narrates and an 
on-screen button allows 
the user to view the 
script as it is read. 

British Countrysides 
is available for Acorn, 
PC and Mac and costs 

As with all of 
Anglia's CD-ROMs, the 
subject matter has been 

thoroughly researched and presented in a clear and interesting fashion. 

Anglia Multhneda 
Tel: 01268 755811 

November 1997 Acorn User 



Fileserver software 

At last - Adv 


^ Unless you've been able to buy PC fileservers running OmniClient, your Acorn network 
probably hasn't changed much during the past three to four years. Geoff Preston looks 

at some new fileserver software 


Level 4, the program that manages a net- 
work is rather long in the tooth. It 
started life in 1989 and was first published 
in 1991 with a couple of modifications to 
bring us up to Level 4 Release 3 in about 
1994/5, but its roots go back further. 

In fact it is little more than a modified 
version of Level 3 which was originally 
used to run Econet with BBC Micros. If 
you look inside the Level 4 application 
you'll still find Econet drivers. Perfectly 
adequate for running Econet but not really 

Stephenson, the original author of Level 4. 
The specifications for the Advanced Level 4 
server upgrade is impressive to say the 
very least. Twice as fast for single clients, 
up to 10 times faster when used with mul- 
tiple clients, faster log on, shared Scrap 
rather than one for each user, 32-bit client 
software - the claims go on and on. 

The Fileserver software 

The software comes on two discs, the con- 
tents of which are installed onto the 


IDEFS: :Net_F16.$.Level4. ! Server. Usersf ile * 



Entries 25 ; Double click to see the u 







Not just new icons, but a whole range of features on a button bar. The window acts in much the 
same way as a filer window and supports many of the same features like drag and drop, copy, 
double click to open and so on 

ideal for the newer and faster Ethernet. 

Like many others who run an Acorn net- 
work, I have been waiting for better 
fileserver software ever since 1 first 
installed the network, but its development 
seemed like the kiss of death to anyone 
who touched it. First was Acorn network 
specialist Digital Services who came up 
with Vector. Having demonstrated it at 
various shows, the company went feet-up 
without the software actually hitting the 

Cumana eventually took it over and they 
too had to call in the receivers. Economat- 
ics took control of Cumana and they 
didn't seem very keen to continue with it. 
Quite what the current state of that pro- 
gram is, I've no idea, and apparently 
neither does anyone else. 

Having got to the point of abandoning 
any hope of new software, out of the blue 
came a press release from Network Solu- 
tions - a company owned by Gary 

Acorn User November 1997 

fileserver's hard disc. The original files 
containing the user profiles (Users) and 
the list of exported servers (Exports) are 
copied into the new application thus 
keeping existing settings. The existing ver- 
sion of NetUtils must also be replaced 
with the new version supplied on one of 
the discs. 

Management software 

For me, the most tiresome job is network 
management. I don't mind spending a day 
each year creating user areas for the new 
intake and printing new profile slips for 
1200+ students, but the daily chore of 
looking up passwords for those who've 
lost it or forgotten it or changed it and for- 
gotten it or given it to his friend who has 
changed it, drives me to despair. So I want 
a system which will enable me to look up 
passwords very quickly. 

At present I use Admin by Room J Soft- 
ware which is superb and so this would 

have to be outstanding to beat it. I'm 
pleased to say that it is as good as Admin, 
which is just as well because Admin won't 
work with this fileserver software - also 
the case with any other management util- 
ity which attempts to read the user profile 

Client software for such tasks as chang- 
ing the password will still work though. 
Although 1 felt it was as good as Admin, it 
is totally different and took me a while to 
get used to. If you've used Manager sup- 
plied with Level 4, you'll recognise it, 
although this version is a great deal faster. 
To use it, as always the manager must log 
on as a privileged user and then load the 
software. Manager II displays a screen 
showing all the current groups on that 
fileserver. Clicking on a group displays all 
the clients within that group. The first 
thing you'll notice is that there is rather 
more information about each client than 
was previously the case. Apart from the 
usual exported root, user name and pass- 
word, there's information about the users' 
use of the system - when s/he last logged 
on and onto which computer. 

Changing details is easy, although the 
menu system by the password panel is a 
little annoying if you're looking up lots of 
passwords. Increasing user space, on the 
other hand, is very straightforward. 
Users can be added directly from the key- 

CG User file 


Total entries 

System users 

Lost users 
Free entries 







Statistics can be accessed very easily enabling 
the manager to know who is doing what and 
where they are doing it 

Fileserver software 

anced Level 4 


IDEFS: :Het_F16.$.Level4.!Server,Usersfile 

User's details 






User's privileges! 

Privilege level [ Norwal 

Ves Ho 

<£> Group user 


Space (HB) 2 | "B| 

Boot option 

<>Hone <>Load Run Exec 

Last on 

<$>Log on to server <£> 

<§>Exanine other directories <0> 

<j> Change own boot option <£> 

<% Change own Password <^> 

<3> Create objects anywhere <§> 


■ ■ ■ ■ • 1 / II W * 1 1 

The user profile window contains many additional features relating to privileges. I'm not sure why there is a 'Examine other directories' option 


board, but for creating multiple users a 
( omnia Separated Value (CSV) file can be 
dropped in. A CSV file can be pulled off 
the school's administration network (run- 
ning SIMs or something similar) and then 
edited in Edit before being used to create 
the user profiles. 

This is a very comprehensive utility, but 
what I would really like is an extremely 
simple program where on typing in a user 
name (with wild cards) the password is 
displayed or printed. 

Application server 

Advanced Level 4 comes with an applica- 
tion server but at present this is little faster 
that the existing AAServer (supplied with 
Level 4), and nowhere near as fast as 
AppFS. Network Solutions are working on 
the product and upgrades will be sent to 
customers as soon as it is ready. 

Printer spooler 

This is an enhanced version of the existing 
Spooler and is installed in the computer 
with the printer attached. The spooling 
computer and the client computers use 
Printers. 1 haven't tried this application 
because it won't support direct drive laser 

Upgrading from Level 4 

By cpmparison with Level 4, the Advanced 
version is very fast indeed, especially when 
the system is under load. However, before 
rushing out with a fist full of dollars, let's 
look at the real cost. 

If, like me, you're running multiple 
servers, you may need to buy more than 
one Advanced pack because the licence is 
for three fileservers, each running up to 
2048 clients. 

Although I only have 1200 students, the 
layout of the school dictates that I have 
seven fileservers. The improvements in the 
software mean that 1 could now dispense 
with two and those computers are now in 
the classrooms and in use as client 

The five fileservers in use means two 
Advanced packs at £249 +VAT each. Then 
you must consider the computers which 
are in use as fileservers. I was running 
Level 4 on 33MHz A5000s which were also 
doubling up as application servers and 
occasionally servers for the network ver- 
sion of Iota's DataPower data management 
program. That arrangement is not suitable 
for Advanced Level 4. 

Because the new software caches data in 
the fileserver's RAM, 4Mb will soon get 
gobbled up. If doubling up really is essen- 
tial, then 8Mb is a minimum, 16Mb is 

The best arrangement would be a 16Mb 
Rise PC with StrongARM and SCSI hard 
discs. That really will set the world on fire. 
If, like me, you're running A.SOOOs, an 
upgrade from 4Mb to 8Mb will cost £120 + 
VAT from IFEL. 

They will also fit it for you for £20 plus 
£20 carriage. lor most schools, this arrange- 
ment will be quite adequate and will be 
noticeably quicker than Level 4. 


It seems that Advanced Level 4 is compatible 
with all other netware (software specifically 
for the network). For reference, for anyone 
considering this route, I can vouch for the 
fact that it is compatible with XOB's Teletext 
server, lota's DataPower server, Cumana's 
CD Net II, Computer Concepts Laser 
Direct/Turbo Spooler and Acorn's applica- 
tion server. I've also run it with Atomwide, 
Acorn and i-cubed network cards. 


For about £400 for one fileserver, it's cer- 
tainly well worth doing, but a few words 
of caution. Before attempting to upgrade, 
first make a full backup of each fileserver. 
Not just the user areas, but the existing 
Level 4 software including the Users files 
and the Exports file (which should be 
done regularly anyway). 

Ensure also that you've made a note of 
the fileserver's configuration and the soft- 
ware that is exported to the clients. Should 
anything go wrong (which is unlikely but 
possible - especially if you haven't taken 
precautions) then the system can be rein- 
stated exactly to its previous state. Ignore 
this advice at your peril. 

Contact details 

Network Solutions Tel: 01487 843763 
IFEL Tel: 01752 777106 

Room J Software Tel: 01736 762541 

November 1997 Acorn User 


spacetech Ltd 

21 West Wools, Portland. Dorset, DT5 2EA. UK 

Tel: 01305 822753 Fax: 01305 860483 



PhotoLink is an Acorn multi-driver for the most popular makes of Digital camera. 

Cameras currently supported are the Olympus 400. 400L. 41 OL & 800L, the Sanyo 

Image PC and the Epson PhotoPC 500. Higher spec, replacements for the current 

Olympus models should be available in Sept.. please phone us re availability. 

"...if you buy a digital camera at all it should be an Olympus; personally I would 

also opt for the Spacetech driver" Richard Hallas, Rise User, "...the results from the 

Olympus/Spacetech combination are stunning . . .Spacetech 's offering is by far the 

most comprehensive..."i»7war/ Tyrrell, Acorn User. 

Superb hard copy can be obtained via our FotoFun printer or Canon PhotoReal. 

Prices (inc VAT): PhotoLink £69.00. 

Camera + PhotoLink: Sanyo ImagePC C434.75. Olympus C400 E299.00. C410L £587.49, 

C800L £949.99. Epson PhotoPC 500 £499.00. 

PHOTODESK (v.2) is the package which defines studio quality image editing and 
artwork on RISC OS machines. It has many powerful features, including a 
sophisticated colour management system for the full-time graphics professional. Most 
of the extensive programming effort invested in this project has been concentrated upon 
making it easy to use and to give the highest quality results. £269.50 

PHOTODESK LIGHT, an economic alternative to PHOTODESK2 retains most of 
its creative features apart from those essential for the professional user. £134.75 
Plug-in Effects Packs are available for both packages. A pack containing 10 special 
effects, or 5 extra loader/savers is available at £19.95 

all prices include UK VAT and UK P&P 

mpact Professional 

More than just a database 

•/ Fully relational 
^ Programmable 
*/ Easy to use 

^1 Example. Main 



Acme Engineering! 

Date last contacted 

12 Oct 1996 

Fred Bloggs 

By | Phone f \\ 

J Customer 
G Supplier 



Unit 5 

Industrial Estate 
Town Centre 

Letter... | 

0171 592 4789 


[7 'a- 

call | Show calls | 

ueue Label | 

0170 592 4752 

splay notes 

Fast becoming the 
standard Acorn database. 
Buy nothing until you've 
checked it out! 

Now available from all 

good dealers - ask for a demo. ^Create data cards like this, using familier desktop features? 

, _ _, -,o a Programmable buttons combine many complex actions into 

3fC bee US on Stand 76 at Acorn World I single button clicks, to make life even simpler! 

for full details, to - 


♦ VAT 

P.O. Box 36 


PL30 4YY 01208 850790 

sales@c i r c lesw . demon 

The easy choice 

Steve Mumford 

reports with more info on 
Marsquake and details of 
promising developments in 
the Acorn world 

Let's start off with some good news tor i 
those people out there who have been enjoy- 
ing Paul Taylor's Bomberman rendition, 
Marsquake, included on one of our 
September cover discs. There's been a fair 
amount of activity on the comp.sys. newsgroup - some have hailed 
it as a classic, others have wondered why it 
wasn't released as a full-price game, and yet 
more have posted suggestions for features 
that they'd like to see included in a future ver- 
sion. The most popular request was for 
network and Internet play, with computer- 
controlled adversaries and level designers 
coming close behind. 

Paul has informed me that an updated 
release will be making an appearance later on 
this year - a few bugs will have been fixed 
and he's got some ideas for additional fea- 
tures he might implement. Depending upon 
the number of extras (a level editor is 
planned), Marsquake Gold, for want of a bet- 
ter name, could well be a shareware release. 
Paul is looking into network support, not just 
for Marsquake, but for the game he's cur- 
rently planning. 

The only information he has let slip at pre- 
sent is that it's going to be 3D - more news 
as it happens. For further information about 
the game itself, keep your eyes on the official 
Marsquake website at: http://www. 

Sheep racing 

Dane Koekoek of Werewolf Software has 
informed me that they'll be releasing a new 
game written by Quintin Parker at the Acorn 
World show, with the rather improbable name 
Sheep Racing Deluxe. For those in the know, 
it's a sequel to the similarly-titled public 
domain game, penned by Gilbert the Hamster 
Software. More details as and when they 
arrive, but Dane promises me the Werewolf 
website will be kept up-to-date - you'll find it 

FastQuake and Iron Dignity 

As I write, full versions of Rob Templeman's 
Destiny or TBA's BHP are still tightly under 
wraps, but there's hope that they'll be 
released in the near future. Things are look- 
ing promising for the StrongARM games 
market - although the chip has only been 
able to run what could euphemistically be 
described as a streamlined collection of 

Acorn games, prog 
out there seem to be , 
better use of the power ■ 

You might already have 
seen FastQuake by Jan 
Vlietinck and Iron Dignity by 
Frank Fbhl, both available at 
Demos/FtpArea/ 3D_engines 
- the Acorn Demo server. 
Although these are really 
just graphical demos, the 
fact remains that they're 
based around rudimentary 
game engines that could be v 

developed into full-blown * 


TBA have been talking to the people at id 
Software about their own version of the 
Quake engine, and we might even see a dis- 
tributable player that would allow high-end 
machines to load Quake scene files - all 
you'd need would be an original copy of the 
game for the PC, and the Acorn player could 
then extract and use the appropriate maps. 

Iron Dignity is already being developed as a 
full-blown game, and although the documenta- 
tion included with the demo outlines a lot of 
work that still remains to be done, some of the 
graphical effects already 
on display are remark- /' 
able. The style 
reminds me of 
Mechwarrior - a blend 
of arcade and strategy ; 
as you take control of 
futuristic walking 
robots and attempt to 
complete various mis- 
sions. Frank and his 
team have obviously I 
thought long and hard | 
about the game 
mechanics, and as 
well as being able to 
control each unit indi- 
vidually in first person 
perspective in the style > 

hwarrior, it will also be 
possible to control groups of 
units remotely. 

The list of 'things to do' 
makes impressive reading in 
its own right - I'm pleased to 
see that as well as working 
to improve the 3D engine 
(the cannon fire and jet 
engine effects are already 
superb), there's a whole 
stack of gameplay ideas 
waiting to be implemented. 
These include droid logic' 
for individual units that give 
them a slight degree of 

autonomy, allowing them to carry out such 
tasks as guarding an area, following a set 
path, obstacle evasion and of course 

A deeper form of artificial intelligence will 
be required by each of the computer-con- 
trolled Clans', enabling them to control a 
whole range of individual droids and make 
tactical decisions. If all goes well, we might 
be looking at a game to rival the popularity of 
Star Fighter 3000 and possibly become a hot 
product for high-end Rise PCs - I certainly 
hope so. 

November 1997 61 

Interactive fiction 


Graham Nelson reports on 
a turn-up for the books 

The shock news in adventure-game circles is < 

that Infocom have a new one out. This is a lit- | 

tie like Elvis emerging from the shadows for i 

just one comeback gig. Infocom, handsomely < 
the world's best text adventure company from 

1979 onward, left a conspicuous gap when I 

they were wound up. In fan mythology the I 

Infocom era was the golden age, and 1 

Infocom's 35 works overshadow anything < 

else of the period. To the new generation of < 

1990s fans, the collapse of Infocom seems as i 

remote and inevitable as the fall of the Roman < 

Empire. \ 

But it happened only in 1989, and although ' 

Infocom had reduced to a staff of 30 and still i 

lost $800,000 a year, they never went to the t 

wall - instead they were bought out by a rival c 

firm, Activision, and closed down. This means E 
that the Infocom name, trademarks and back 

catalogue are still legally alive. Activision put I 

out the so-so graphical Return To Zork in t 

1993, signing it 'Infocom' - though fans were I 

unconvinced - and followed it with the much 1 

more interesting Zork: Nemesis in 1 996. t 

Now, with Zork: The Grand Inquisitor on ( 
the way, the team at Activision have been 

building bridges to fans of the 'old' Infocom. • 

Since a text game can be to a graphical game > 

as a script is to a film, Zork:TGI began as a t 

textual prototype. Now Activision have com- I 

missioned a new textual Zork from two of the t 

original Infocom authors, Marc Blank (Zork I c 

to III, Deadline, Enchanter, Border Zone, r 

Journey) and Mike Berlyn (Suspended, li 

Infidel. Cutthroats). Ironically, the compiler f 

they used was Inform, written by the fan com- t 

munity (well, by me on my old A5000, in fact) t 
after years of reverse-engineering Infocom's 

n. .mil iuh a very comtaRahleam ■'< SS No chain, tables, nocks, hangers, ot shelves fare ju« ilk 
ooatumesdtcmselves. each piece mow hideous than the Ian Amfaorhwigsoppaaic dieeummthnueh 
which yen eaten d 

You v. m m eajhi pain of gloves (a pah n Mr) gloves, a pair ol «pikedjlovej.apoirorMood> gloves, i 
rvir m stump) gloves. i patrol blistered gloves. a paJrol teal) glovos.apairrt m/or-lie gjo- 
paird BJcoim-cupped gloves), . ight masks (a ilim) mask. ■■ pock-marked mask. •> row-eyed mask a 
decomposing mask. a Rsh-moorhed mtu) alimrd-ljki mask, a ftingus-Bw mas* and a humanoid mi do 
;>nJ ciehi bod) whs (.1 getaonoMsbod) wit i feathered bud) suit.* glowtag/fur-covered bod] 
Runbow-«npcd bod) wit. en annor-pitaed bod) wit a maige-likt bod) suit, a blood-oozing bod) nit 
and .i teati-ttmspaiem hud> sun bare 

>iub mimr 

Nothtai happens Musi be outol order 

ssmadi n 

. nons! Yai <• dM proud wmmm ■■< seven years ol bad luek Bm won, then t morel Breaking 
(be mnrorbw revealed a nou ..: anckm and eldritch k>n which had been fastened to ttx ».iii. hidden h> 
the mm*). 

mv.«I km 

The note says. 'This note inwnuoaalh kn. Blank 

old games, a 
process that's 
now gone full cir- 

Zork remains 
the most famous 
Infocom work, a 
trilogy (1980/1) 
divided up from 
only the second 
adventure game 
written (1977). 
'Zork' itself is a 
used by MIT stu- 
dents, of whom 
Blank was one. 

The player explores the derelict Great 
Underground Empire, once presided over by 
the Flathead dynasty (notably Lord Dimwit 
Flathead the Excessive, who has a penchant 
for stupendously over-the-top building works) 
but now abandoned to grues", never-seen 
creatures repelled by any form of light. 

So is it any good? 

Yes, it is. To my great relief, because expecta- 
tions were high, Zork: The Undiscovered 
Underground is a positive delight. This time 
the basic aim is not to collect treasures but to 
get out alive, which means solving a dense 
map-full of puzzles. What do the red and blue 
lines on the projector mean? Why are there 
five sculptured models and only four circles 
beside them? Is it possible to gain entry to 
the conference of grues? 

I hope it won't give too much away to say 
that it is good. 
Inside, delegates 
worried by the 
recent "adventurer 
famine' are listen- 
ing to a paper 
called 'Surviving 
the Lean Years: Is 
Lurking Enough?'. 
Outside, you can 
buy souvenir 
postcards which 
are. of course, 
entirely black. 

So this game 
has all the Zork 
hallmarks: A 
puzzle involving 

The 3rd Annual 

Interactive Fiction 

Competition' s 



Thin i 
Mot* I 

he Press Rcfeaaj 

Table "<('nnltniv 

i u adventures a Ul exist and thrive on the htemet, li you a 
Zork.Tnimy Cantiptwn. <t an) <a iIk man) Mho (ni k-.^,i games r 111 

grues, another to do with zorkmids - the 
zorkmid is the unit of currency - a not- 
entirely reliable lantern, Flathead jokes and 
a hidden signature. It's also beautifully writ- 
ten - and it's free. Activision are 
distributing it to promote the Zork name, 
along with the original Zork trilogy, on their 
FTP site: 

Other IF news... 

Entries for the Third Annual Interactive 
Fiction Competition are just due in. See: 

This contest has so absorbed the Internet 
newsgroup that the sum- 
mer months go by with no game released, 
and then in the autumn 40 arrive at once. We 
hope to include some of last year's best on 
the next Acorn User cover CD. 

The reverse-engineering of Infocom's 
object code format (the 'Z-machine'), men- 
tioned above, has at long last resulted in a 
definitive committee-written specification. 
This can be accessed, along with a new HTML 
version of the Inform manual, from the Inform 
Home Page: 

The fanzine XYZZYnews, now up to issue 
13, has gone online at: 

Version 2.4 of Hugo, another design sys- 
tem, has been ported to RISC OS with an 
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62 Acorn User November 1997 

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Dave Acton 

and Dave Lawrence 

present this month's 
spooky submissions 


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Star info 





Don't spook to soon 

And with no more ado, to the moment you've all been waiting for. 
The eerie, creepy, crawly conclusion to our spookiest challenge yet. 
You will remember the brief we gave back in the August issue - sim- 
ply to write the spookiest program you can. We had an excellent 
response - thank you to all who took the trouble to enter. 

First, the obligatory honourable mentions. Scott Boham who 
has featured prominently in past challenges put in another sterling 
performance, only narrowly missing out on a prize. 
Undaunted by the proverb 'less is more', Scott 
packed just about every item of spooky imagery into 
his demo - witches, bats, black cats with hair on 
end - even a UFO making mysterious sorties into a 
graveyard. Adrian King provided perhaps the fun- 
niest entry, but for legal reasons we are unable to 
publish it! 

Fourth prize goes to Thomas Simmons. The 
author describes it as a 'sort of wind in the grave- 
yard in the middle of the night simulator' which we think is a more 
than fair description. It is a multi-tasking number which just uses 
sound-effects to add a creepy atmosphere to your desktop. In fact 
there are only two samples involved - 'wind' and 'owl'. I'm sure 
there is scope here to make a dreadful pun about owling wind but I 
shall resist. The overall effect is similar to that of the sound effects 
of Populous (anyone remember that one?) 

The bronze medal is awarded to Philip Mellor for his program - 

Bats. In fact, Philip sent us a whole host of good demos, most of 
which were more in the gruesome ballpark rather than spooky. We 
hope to be able to bring them to you in future months, but mean- 
while, Bats illustrates how effective a couple of black triangles can be! 
Optional extras include spooky sky, spooky ground and spooky 
tree. You can also choose the number of bats (15 to 20 is good). Of 
course, since bats are a protected species, once you have run the 
demo you are forbidden by law to press Escape... 

The silver medal goes to a particularly imagina- 
tive entry from Tom Thome of Fritham. Tom 
hasn't provided many details about his program, 
other than the fact that it will require a Rise PC to 
run since it needs a changeable 256 colour palette. 
When we set the challenge we anticipated the usual 
stream of cartoon ghosts, shrieks and howls (and 
owls for that matter) and so forth. We did hope that 
a few intrepid souls might create something really 
different, and Tom came up trumps with Dust. Basically, it's one of 
those 'keep track of lots of dots' demos, made much prettier by the 
fact that the dots in question have fading blue trails. 

It may not be immediate obvious as to why this is an entry to the 
spooky challenge, but after watching the demo for a couple of min- 
utes, you will be able to make out the spooky images that the dots 
morph in and out of - ghosts, skulls and the like. In between 
spooky images, the dots revert to their usual swirling maelstrom. 


November 1997 Acorn User 

http // uk/acornuser/ 




Denis Howe <dhowe@linklaters . com> 
Mon, 02 Jun 1997 13:30:35 +0100 
paul . NCSdpaston 
Archive magazine 

I just had to email you to say how excellent I think Archive 
is. I've known of it for years but only recently subscribed 
in response to the ad I received through the post. 

I wish I'd subscribed ages ago, I guess I always imagined it 
was one of those sad little "This is *your* magazine, please 
send an article" fanzines, but now I discover it's stuffed 
with a wealth of authoritative, professionally presented 
articles, several of which were of immediate relevance to me 

Thanks and keep up the great work. 
Denis Howe 

The offer that Denis took up was: £15 for 12 issues of Archive and a free copy of the 

Archive CD-ROM. That offer is open to you as long as you've never subscribed before. 

Send a cheque or credit card details to: Norwich Computer Services, 96a Vauxhall Street, 
Norwich, NR2 2SD. Phone 1 603-765073, fax 7640 1 I , email <> 

* * 

Star info 

Don't spook to soon (cont.) 

The effect is made all the creepier by the fact that only single pixels 
are used - no pre-rendered ghost sprites in sight! 

And talking of pre-rendered ghost sprites, we come on to the 
winners. Mark Adcock is a name not new to these pages, but he 
has an accomplice in this challenge in the shape of Ben Spencer, 
together they produced ISpOOk (don't beat around the bush with 
your application names now lads). Now I know I said less is more' 
and all that, but we couldn't resist giving this demo first prize. 

The authors give the following accurate description of their 
work: 'This program simulates several floating apparitions haunt- 
ing a derelict hilltop castle by the light of a full moon.' The demo 
features several distinct elements: 

'The bloody text uses a procedure: 

PR(X:Blood_Text(text$,X / Y,Xtextsize,Ytextsize / t / t,t) 

which plots the string texts centred around X at height Y. The text 
(size Xtcxtsize.Ytextsize) is plotted, blurred t, times, then, after a 
pause of t 2 centiseconds, is blurred another t, times. 

'The main body of the demo relies heavily on ARM code. The 
reflection in the lake is performed by a routine which takes every 
fourth line of the top 4/Sths of the screen and reproduces it in the 
bottom fifth. To add movement to the reflection, tables of vertical 

offsets are used. 

The fact that the stars zoom 
across the screen at such speed is 
perhaps the most spookiest fea- 
ture of the demo, and far more 
worrying than the vaporous 
creatures flitting about in the 

The stars are only plotted 
over a blank pixel, which means 
the sprite plotters don't have to 
use masks. The locations in screen memory of the stars are not cal- 
culated every time they are plotted: stars start off in random 
positions and move along the screen memory until they hit the 
end. When this happens they are put back to the start (thanks to 
the AV demo writing series for the technique). 

'Before the main loop begins, the ghost sprite from the file Sprites 
is rotated and scaled according to the variables NumberOfSteps% 
and NumberOfSpooks'Vo. For <NumberOfSpooks%> different sizes 

of ghost <NumberOfSteps"/o> copies are made, each one rotated 
360/NumberOfSteps% degrees more than the previous one. 

During the main loop each ghost is moved (using a BASIC proce- 
dure) and plotted (using an ARM code one). There are two versions 
of the spook-plotter. The fast one simply increases the tint of pixels 
it is plotting over, whereas the slower one increases the red, green 
and blue elements of the pixel. How much they are increased by 
depends upon the colour of the sprite at that particular point, 
which is why the sprite is composed of colours 0-3 only. 

'You can change the following to suit your machine's 
speed/memory *and* your preference. 

NumberOfSteps"/o see above 

NumberOfSpooks"/(i see above 

fast% if TRUE, then use the faster sprite plotter 

GN% the number of ghosts haunting your screen 

Reflect ionSpeed how fast the water ripples (1 have included 

this because when you increase the number of ghosts, the ripple 

speed decreases - this, at least, gives you some control) 

The jolly tune is reminiscent of Ghostbusters (who ya gonna call 
etc. etc.) and was written by Ben. Well done again chaps - now, 
onto the next challenge... 




On the tiles 

Author: Jan Vibe 

Our old friend Jan Vibe returns with a utility ideal for any Roman 
artists out there. Or any stationary ones for that matter. Mosaic con- 
verts a 256 colour sprite into a mosaic made up of 
irregular tiles. 

'The program asks for a sprite file and the name for 
the new sprite file it is going to make. You don't need 
to supply the new name - press Return and the pro- 
gram just makes the mosaic on the screen. 

'The sprite file is examined, and a sprite area which 
is 1.3 times larger than the original is initiated. Now 
the sprite file is loaded, and the name of the first sprite 
in this file is determined. 

This sprite is examined and the width and height of 
the sprite are found. This information is used to make 
a new sprite with the same width and height, but only 
in black and white. This new sprite is filled with a 
irregular grid, this grid is to be used as the skeleton for the tiling 

'The tiling process works like this: Each point in the sprite with 

the grid is examined and if it is black, a special fill procedure is 

invoked. The fill procedure fills the tile, but also stores the co-ordi- 
nates of the filled points. These co-ordinates are used to 
examine the corresponding points in the loaded sprite. 
The colour number of these points is being split up in 
RGB and tint values, and added in separate registers. 

When all the points in the tile have been examined 
in this way, the values of the registers is divided by the 
number of pixels in this particular tile, thus obtaining 
an average colour for the tile. The RGB and tint values 
are now used to select a colour in the 256 colour 
palette for the finished tile. 

'The finished mosaic works like a pointillist picture. 
When viewed at close range, you only see a rough out- 
line of the picture, but if viewed from a distance, new 
details seem to enter the picture.' 
A small sample called pic is provided on the disc. As with many 

of Jan's demos, the original uses Colour Card mode 103. Rise PC 

users will find their own version on the cover disc. 

November 1997 Acorn User 

www idg 


Star info 





Winter challenge 

Your next challenge is simply to write the 
most wintry program you can. The best will 
be carried in the February issue which, by 
our reckoning, should still be pretty chilly, 
even with global warming and all. 

The brief is an open one, and we have 
carried a few wintry demos in the past - 
snowflakes, snowstorms and snow on. Have 
a look through back issues for some ideas to 
get you going - Jan Vibe's Snowflake from 

February 1996 or Keith Wood's Snowfall 
from March 1997 for example. 

Extra credit will be given for imagina- 
tion, originality, simplicity and possibly 
humour - if it's not the sort that might get 
us into trouble. 

The deadline is Friday 28th November 
1997. So that we can feature as many pro- 
grams as possible on the cover disc, each 
entry must not be more than 50K. You 

may of course send as many entries as you 
like, and any other programs you'd like to 

Post your disc to the usual address, mark- 
ing the envelope Winter Challenge. Please 
include the standard text file with your 
name, address, e-mail address etc., as well as 
details of your entry. See *quit for details 
about e-mailing your programs to us. And 
of course, the judges' decisions are final. 

Doing the rounds 

Author: Christopher Bradburne 

This is one of those programs that does some- 
tliing very specific which would be 
completely impossible to do if you didn't have 
the very program to do it. If you know what I 
mean. Spiral, by Christopher Bradburne 
takes a text file and winds the text in a spiral, 
producing a draw file of the result. 

'The program is run in the usual way. To 
produce a file you have to proceed as follows: 

• Drag a text file to the window. This indi- 
cates the text file to be used. Note that the text 
file is not loaded, just its position noted. 

• C lick Menu over the font field to select a 
font for use in the draw file. 

• Either click the Auto Size button or enter a 
text size in the appropriate box. If you select 
the Auto Size option the file will take consider- 
ably longer to produce. 

• Drag the draw file icon to the appropriate 
tiler/application window. The hourglass will 
then appear and the program will generate the 
draw file. 

'The program can take a long time if the file is 
big and you don't have a StrongARM. Also the 
resulting file will need a lot of font cache to 
speed up the rendering of it. The first time it 
will be slow, but after that faster if enough 
memory is available.' 


Author: Jean van Mourik 

Jean van Mourik continues his mathemat- 
ical theme with a trio of programs. 

PI, no surprises here, calculates that most 
magical, nay transcend'ental of numbers 
using a particularly nice iterative method 
devised by Peter Borwein. 

The convergence is, it seems, quicker 
than with any other method, but you will 

need to read Science News (28 Oct 1995) if 
you want to know why. 

Factorise is a quick BASIC program to 
factorise numbers. The sieve of Eratos- 
thenes (which I believe he kept in the 
kitchen drawer of Erastosthenes, next to 
the tin-opener of Eratosthenes) is used to 
'harvest' all the primes from 2 to 46333. 

Any number you enter is then checked for 
divisibility by the primes in the array, 
which saves having to divide by lots of 
unnecessary values. 

Mind-read is really just a simple demon- 
stration of the binary system. You are left to 
work out how the program guesses your 


Author: Jan van Mourik 

...was a word unfamiliar to me before Jean van Mourik sent us 
a program to plot a graph of it. 

I did a search of the Internet for more info but to no avail. 
So, since Jean lives in Dyfed, we guess it must be a local, Welsh 

No matter - it's a jolly nice one, and moreover, you can 
experiment with the parameters in real time using Jean's pro- 
gram. Just hold down Select and move the mouse around. 


Palin into significance 

Author: Royston Palin 

More significant and original contributions to the world of elec- 
tronic music from Royston Palin. It is refreshing to feature styles 
of music not always associated with computers, and the fact that 

Acorn User November 1997 

hup //www.idg. 

Royston's compositions are original works makes them all the more 
special. So crank up your copy of Rhapsody3 and enjoy six more 
ragtime masterpieces in the syncopated style... 



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In the shade 

* * 

Star info 

Author: Alex Holloway 







Alex Holloway of Edgware has come up 

with a funky shading program. We will let 

him explain what it does and how it works: 

'Shade is a program which allows you to 

draw using the shade hobs' effect seen in 
demos such as Xtreme. Shade is Rise IT only 
(24-bit colour), and requires at least 1Mb 
VRAM to work (a version for machines 
without VRAM is of course technically pos- 
sible, but the display would be very small). 
The keys are as follows: 
mouse draw (click Select) 

Insert shows menu 

Delete clears screen 

Print saves screen 

The menu offers the following options: 
• Change colour shift allows jrou to specify 
how much of each colour to be added to or 
removed from the screen while drawing, 
and takes integer values between -10 and 

+ 10 (higher values are possible but don't 
give the effect I. 

• Change brush type allows you to select 
which sprite to use as a brush shape. Extra 
brushes can be created by adding sprites to 
the Brushes sprite file inside '.Shade. These 
should be 20x20 pixels in two colours, and 

will be recognised automatically by the pro- 

• Change background colour takes input of 
values between and 255 for red, green and 
blue. Note - this clears the screen, all previ- 
ous drawings are lost. 

• Change filename for screen stive allows you 
to specify a pathname to save to when Print 
is pressed. 

How Shade works 

'Lines up to 430 are for setting up and 
mainly involve getting the brush sprites 
sorted out, the main loop is lines AM) to 
510. x% is the current x position of the 
mouse, x2% is the previous x position of 
the mouse. (Similarly for y% and y2%). 

'When drawing, Shade takes points two 
at a time, and interpolates between them to 
create a continuous line - this is done by 
PROCdraw_across and PROCdraw_up. 

This is done with respect to either the hori- 
zontal or the vertical depending on whether 
the gradient of the line is greater or less 
than 1 (decided by PROCdraw). 

'For each position on the line, the assem- 
bler plot routine is called. Registers at the 
start are as follows: 

RO - start address of screen memory 

Rl , R2 - x, y location of plot 

R3, R4 - width and height of plot respec- 

(Originally different sized brushes were 
planned, however I never got round to 
implementing this) 

R5 - start address of mask, generated 
from sprite data when program is started up 
by PROCsetupjpixtable 

R6 - address of block containing colour 
information (cols%) 

R7 - brush type 

'Lines 900 to 1050 do setup, translate the 
co-ordinates information into addresses to 
start and end the plot; the remainder is the 
actual plot code. This section goes through 

each memory location to be changed, 
checks if it isn't masked out, and if not, 
splits out the colour components and adds 
(or subtracts) in the colour shift. During the 

plotting process, registers are used as fol- 

Rl - shift for current colour (red/green/blue) 
R2 - 8-bit value of current colour compo- 
nent of pixel 

R6 - address of current position in colour 
info block 

R7 - bit offset from of current colour in 
pixel data 

R8 - mask for current pixel loaded here 
R9 - start address of position in plot, 
incremented with each pixel 
RIO - end address of plot 
Rl 1 - colour data of current pixel 
R12 - end address of current line to plot 
'Lines 1490 onwards are the user inter- 

face, this should be fairly 
self-explanatory; a user sprite area, start- 
ing at sprite%, is used to store the 
current picture while the menu is being 
used. PROCsetcols makes sure that the 
text is in a readable colour no matter 
what the background colour is.' 

Race against the machine 

Author: Scott Boham 

A 'nice little car game' now, 
from 16 year old Scott Boham. 
First design the track using Z, X, 
? and ". When complete, press 
Space to start the race and use 
the same keys to control your 

The program can easily be 

customised to increase (or 
reduce) the number of cars - 
just change the first line. 

And if you fancy some night- 
driving, try the one-player 
Race2 - only the road ahead is 
shown, illuminated by your 

November 1997 Acorn User 


Star info 

> Let's twist again 

z ^ — ^— 

Author: Mark Adcock 




Not one, but four variations on the old Spirograph theme from 
(spooky) Mark Adcock now. 

Whereas the original toy featured only one pencil, Mark's elec- 
tronic version has three. 

There are colour and grev si ale variants in both 16 and 256 
colour modes and you will easily be able to deduce which is which 
from the program names. 

lor that 'chalky' effect, the screen memory is accessed directly 
and 1 is simply added to the colour. Press Space at any time to skip 
to a new pattern. 

Spin city 

Author: Thomas Madams 




It seems \le\ wasn't the only one influenced by the Xtreme next frame, subtracting one from the colour of each pixel 

demo - our old chum Thomas Madams emulates one of the every frame - the opposite to what Alex's Shade program 

effects from it with Spinaway. does really. 

Splnaway simply spins a sprite around and moves away At the moment, it is not particular easy to change the 

from the screen as it does so. The trailing effect is accom- text or sprite used - the data is stored as a bitmap in a file 

plishecl by instead of clearing the screen before plotting the called splndata. 


All submissions be they programs, hints, tips, 
music or madness to the following please: 
*INFO, Acorn User, IDG Media, Media House, 
Adlington Park, Macclesfield SK10 4NP 

or, if your submission is about 100K or less, e- 

mail us (including your real address please) at: 

You needn't include a letter but please put your 
name, address and program title on every disc and 
include a text file containing your name, address, 
disc contents and program details. An SAE will 
ensure your discs are returned. *info submissions 
only please - if you are also submitting material to 
another section of the magazine it is best to do so 

Compatibility table 


RO 3.5+ 

R0 2 

R0 3 

R0 3.1 

















J No 














! Spiral 









































F Yes 





) Yes 















I No 





Acorn User November 1997 

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Memory Hard Disc 

Rise PC 233Mhz StrongARM 4M ... 4Mb 1 2Gb £1105.00 

Rise PC 233 Mhz StrongARM 10M ... 10Mb 1.2Gb £1390.00 

8 Speed CD ROM, when bought with above £50.00 

OUR CURRENT SPECIAL OFFERS: When buying a RISC PC before 20th 
October, choose ONE of the following FREE: 

1. 15" Multimedia Monitor with speakers 2. Canon BJC4200 Printer 


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A7000 + 8M, 8 x CD 8Mb 1 .2Gb £860.00 

When buying an Acorn Computer, why not extend your warranty ??? 
Extra2years: RISC PC £235. A7000+ £94 Extra4years: RISCPC£470, A7000 £188 

MICRO LASER 14" colour monitor, 1024x768, 0.28dp. 1 year OSM £159 

Acorn & PC Computer Systems if 

Printing I Stationery if 

Desktop Publishing M 

Graphic Design aT 

Imagesetting if 

Scanning sT 





Acorn 14" AKF60 *£255.00 

liyama8617E £515.00 

CTX14" £189.00 

CTX 17' £430.00 

CTX 21" £1199.00 

ADI 15" £299.00 

Acorn 17' AKF92 *£610.00 

liyama Pro 901 7E £549.00 

CTX 15" £265.00 

CTX 20" £920.00 

Sony 15" Trinitron £350.00 

ADI 17' £495.00 

Prices marked ' only available when purchased with Computer. 

Acorn Network Computer (CALL IN AND SEE ONE FOR YOURSELF!) 

NC with 28.8 modem 8Mb £450.00 

NCwith 1 0BaseT Ethernet 8Mb £450.00 


DX4-100 £220 

5x86-100 £350 

PC Pro £39 

PC Pro * PC XChange ... £49 
Windows 95 £80 


4 X 4 Auto Changer £125 

24 spd IDE C110 

12spd SCSI E170 

Parallel Port 24 spd £220 

Parallel Port 4x4 a c £199 


Pocket Book II 256K £230.00 

Pocket Book II 1MB £305.00 

A Link / PC Link / Mac Link £56.95 

1Mb Flash Disc £113.95 

Parallel Link £28.45 


— r.™ MI ?M».M.- t< :u.M=t.- m 

Acorn JP150 £18.79 

Canon BJIOetc £18.75 

Canon BJ200/230 £17.61 

Canon BJ130E £14.08 

HP51626A £19.92 

HP51649A/51625A £23.44 

Epson SO20047 £16.39 

Epson SO20025 £9.55 

BJC600 Black £8.57 

BJC6OOC0I £6.57 

BJC800 Black £16.44 

BJC8OOC0I £20.63 

Can BC20 £27.60 

CanBC21 £42.48 

CanBCl-21BK £5.86 



Epson SO20025 £4.64 

Epson SO20034 £6.56 

Epson SO20036 £9.85 

Epson SO20047 £6 57 

Epson SO20049 £10.28 

Canon BJI642 £4.22 

Canon LBP4 £32.89 

Canon LBP8 £29.36 

BJC600 Black £2.35 

BJC6OOC0I £2.35 

BJC800 Black £4.59 

BJC8OOC0I £5.29 


Canon LBP8 £65.15 

Canon LBP4 £67.55 

Canon LBP460 £69.31 

.., £69.33 
. £111.86 
.. £63 30 
£130 77 

1, .■■HTTTP 

Canon L300 fax 


HP LaserJet 3Si 

HP LaserJet 4L 
HP LaserJet 4V/4MV 

HP LaserJet 5L £50 17 

HP LaserJet 5SI £152 16 

Panasonic KXP4400 ... £12.92 
Panasonic KXP4420 .. £32.31 
lew ol the con> ..tor our full colour 28 page Computer Consumables Catalogue 

which contains hundreds of products' - Mouse Mats Ribbons. Ink Jet Toner Discs, Cleaning Products, Labels. Disc Boxes CD 

ises. and much more 1 

HP51626A 40ml refill £8 95 

HP51626A80ml(lills2l) £16.50 

HP51629A 80ml refill £16.50 

HP51645A refill £15.50 

HP51649A refill £22.20 

HP51641 A refill (3 x cols) £20.75 
HP51625A refill (colour)... £22.20 
LEXMARK 1380620 refill £13 50 
LEXMARK 1380619 refill £18.75 

Canon BC05 refill £20.95 



Parallel Printer Cable £5 

Parallel 36 way to Parallel 36 way £5 

25 way D to 25 way D £5 

SCSI 50 way IDC to 50 way IDC £12 

SCSI 25 way D to 50 way Centronics £12 

SCSI 50 way Cent, to 50 way Cent £12 

SCSI II Hi Density to 50 Way Cent £20 

9 way D type to SCART £12 

5'/«" Drive Power Splitter £4 

5V1" - 3'/2" Power Adaptor £4 

Two way Printer Sharer (Cent. 36 way) £13 

Two way Printer Sharer (D type 25 way) £13 

BBC Printer Cable £7 

9 way to 15 way Monitor Adaptor £7 

Original Acorn mouse £27.50 

Microsoft serial mouse £22.50 

Standard PC serial mouse £15.00 

RISC PC Case Slice kit (PSU) £110 

RISC PC Case Slice kit (no PSU) £85 

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Acorn Grey Polo Shirt £15.95 

Acorn Parker Pen C4.95 

Casio QV10 Camera + Acorn Kit £355 

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RISC PC Technical Ref Manual £47.50 


A305/A310 4Mb £110 

A305/A310 4 8Mb £185 

RISC OS 3 Carrier Board £22 

MEMC1A Upgrade £49 

A400/1 1Mb Pack £38 

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A3000 1 2Mb (expandable to 4Mb) £46 

A3000 1 -4Mb £83 

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A3010 1 -2Mb £42 

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A3010 1 -4Mb £87 

A3020 / A4000 2 - 4Mb £76 

A5000 2- 4Mb £80 

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RISC PC / A7000 

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Un ". vknntwiMi} Msbmum phmia 1 1 rw wuttfu 
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Conflogro 1 'oiling ' mill 
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175. II 1,1,1: 

♦ Cumin Ivo 

r»«y VMrvk/nonth 1 

ylook Voluoi 
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Hints & tips 


•v •% Rambles through 

Acorn Wood 

Another question and answer session from Mike Cook 






Many people think that if an application has been 
placed on the cover disc of a magazine then it is 
in the public domain - not so. The copyright of 
that application has not been relinquished - it is 
owned by someone. I he arrangement I have with 
Acorn User for my own hardware column is for 
the publishers, IDG Media, to have first publica- 
tion rights lasting six months but after that time 
the sole copyright of my programs reverts back to 

Other authors may have other arrangements 
but what is certain is that you can't just stick an 
application on your website just because it has 
been on a magazine cover disc, this goes for mod- 
ifications too. If you want to modify an author's 
program then you own the copyright for the mod- 
ifications but the author still retains the copyright 
for the original. That means you can't just go and 
distribute the modified application as if it were 
your own. 

At the very least there should be a note some- 
where in the application to the effect of 
describing your modifications. However, the best 
way to distribute your modifications is as a patch 
file that will alter a copy of the original program 
that the user already has. This is what I did when 
I wanted to add some effects to Slide Show demo 
that came with the Rise PC. 

I wrote some extra code that would cycle 
through the colour palette of each image giving a 
psychedelic look to it. As I did not own the copy- 
right to Slide Show I incorporated all the 
modifications into an update application that cre- 
ated a new program from Slide Show. The fact that 
everyone who could use my modified version 
already had a legitimate copy of Slide Show was 
no reason to say that I could distribute a modified 
copy. Most of the problems like this can be 
resolved with a modicum of common sense and 

Alan Meti olfe from At i rington, just a hit further up 
the road from where I live, comes up with a helpful 

In reply in your request foi info for < annon i»l t JO 
printer drivers For (ilenn Burgess I have enclosed .1 
copy i>i .1 drivei written for me by Gary Forrest <>i 
DeskTop Projects fame when 1 bought .1 BJ130e 
from him 111.1 n \ moons ago 1 found u worked 
well undo both RIS< os .' \ | but later 1 moved 
mi to the turbo drivers in < omputer ( oncepts 
through thi various n » Isions released 

1 have included ,1 text file DipSw's' which 
should wive the |umpei links problem he is expe 
riencing. My old faithful Mi IQe now resides in 
m\ workshop as the ink drawing pump no longer 
works and the head has started to show banding 
problems. 11 has goi to the age where its repaii is 
no longei economically viable', so if anyone 
would hkc to collect 11 foi spans 1 would be more 

than willing to donate it including spare ink car- 
tractor teed ami manuals etc. 

Thanks for that Alan, the Charity stand run by 
Norwich Computer Services at the London and 
Wakefield Acorn shows would be a good place to 
donate your printer. No sooner have we solved 
one printer driver problem than we are faced with 

Ben Geach from Cohhum has been eyeing up an 
interesting new prodiu t, he writes: 
1 would like i" Find out 11 there is a printer driver 
tor the Acorn thai will support the Hewlett 

: Offio |e( I printing function 

on im LSOOO. i have looked through llu 1 
on iiu I :-.i hut .mi unable to find am 

mention an HP Office let Has such .1 driver been 

d .mil it so please can you tell me where 1 

1. m get hold <i| it ' 

Ben sent me a small leaflet about this piece of kit, 
it appears to be an inkjet printer combined with a 
flatbed scanner so it can act as either/or, by 
putting the two together a copier. It doesn't sound 
like the sort of thing you could knock up 
overnight but is any dealer out there looking to 
support it? 

Alex Heys from Billbige writes to me to make a plea 
for a small LCD display to he im hided a\ one oj my 
future projects, hut he also has this advice for a 
topic that appeared in these pages recently: 
in response to Peter Poertinat's request tor ,1 

de\ ice l" Check whether his other phone is in use 

1 appeal to have Found just what he is looking for 
in the latest innovations catalogue. Costing 
the 'Privacy hue replaces your socket doubler 
.md a simply allocates your line on .1 inst conn 

lirst served basis 

it also im hides .1 iine in use LED. You can 
(ont.K t Innovations » ia the Web on 

hi t p and look under 

communications, alternatively it you don 1 have 

\et access, then the telephone can be used on 

65 Finally would it be possible to 

write some softwan to decode RDS information 

via Mini radio tin, 

Thanks Alex, I have seen a copy of the catalogue 
but must have missed that. I always find their 
products tempting but not tempting enough for 
me to purchase. 

As to your last point, the RDS (Radio Data Sys- 
tem) transmits information on top of the radio 
signal that allows suitably equipped radios to dis- 
play short text messages. These are mainly simply 
the name of the station, although in Switzerland I 
did notice that one station had a scrolling mes- 
sage and another appeared to be displaying the 

artist of the record they were playing. 

My understanding of the system is that the 
information is carried in the radio frequency 
part of the signal and so could not be extracted 
from simply the audio signal. That means there 
would need to be more hardware, and as the 
radio is a discontinued discounted mass pro- 
duced item it would inevitably cost more than 
the radio itself. 

Also the RDS system is useful in cars when you 
are in a strange location and want to know what 
radio stations are what. In a fixed location they 
don't change that often so I don't see it being so 

Martin Wilson has a whole ship load of questions 

to fire at me so / will split them up: 

\i\ questions all relate to m\ V301Q model, it s 

not the more common variety as it has separate 

mam chips on a daughterboard. On the original 
Irchimedes \3000 there was .1 feature where the 

top end oi the sound was reduced so that thi 

built-in speaker was less likely to distort Does the 

\3010 have this and can it also be worked round 
to get better high frequency sound.' 

All computers have a low pass filter on the sound 
system, this is to reduce the sampling noise and 
computer interference. If you do any modifica- 
tions to this then it is more than likely you will 
induce buzzing and interference noise. 

However these filters are just simple second 
order filters so if you want to give the lop end of 
your sound a boost then simply fit a high pass fil- 
ter or graphics equaliser between the sound 
output and the amplifier. Normally you can com- 
pensate for any internal filters by adjusting the 
tone controls on your Hi-Fi. Having said all that, it 
really doesn't make much of a difference. 

iiu motherboard memory system is run at 
I2MH2 1 believe, can this be increased to n or 
even I6MD2 and how will tins effect the monitoi 
display 1 1 have .1 true variable multisync), serial 

and parallel ports' Hardware wise I have an US 

internal H'l interlace .md both internal and 

external hard drives plus an Atomwide printer 

s< si interface. 

Your system is running at 12MHz because this is 
the fastest speed that design will work at depend- 
ably. Sure, there are tolerances on production runs 
and it might be possible to tweak an individual 
system up by a small amount but you are going to 
make it much less reliable and have less tolerance 
to things like increased temperature. 

for the extra speed increase it is simply not. 
worth the effort, you will not notice that your' 
computet runs any faster. It won't make any dif- 
ference to the serial port hut would throw off the < 

November 1997 Acorn User 



Hints & tips 



Rambles through 

timing on the serial port. You can compensate for 
this by writing different values into some chip reg- 
isters but, without delving into it more deeply, I 
can't be more specific. 

Q I believe my tfOlO can be upgraded to UKM3and 

would like to lit one. I've read thai, speed-wise 

_ there's not much difference between tin- slowest 

Z MM3 .11 20MHz and the fastest .it 40MHz. win is 
this .mil is it related to the speed ol the memor) 

It is common now for the processor to run faster 
than the memory because it is expensive to make 
fast memory and relatively cheap to make a fast 
processor. Ultimately the speed of the machine is 
governed by how many instructions it can 
process per second. These come from the memory 
and so the memory access time will be a crucial 
factor. However, processors like the ARM3 and 
the StrongARM have a cache or onboard memory 
so that when an instruction is fetched it is stored 
on the processor chip - if it is needed again it can 
be accessed much faster. 

This means programs that use tight loops exe- 
cute much faster than ones with no looping. 
Therefore the speed of the machine depends very 
much on what sort of program it is executing 
and that makes comparisons difficult, if not 

The secret of why the StrongARM is so fast 
with BASIC programs is that the whole of the 
BASK! interpreter can sit inside the cache, 
whereas with the ARM3 processor the cache is 
not that big and so the extra processor speed is 
not that much of an advantage when executing 
interpretative BASIC. 

Lastly what is the safest maximum speed ol the 
serial port and v% i 1 1 this be improved in an \k\i '.' 
Why elms something like < onnector allow speeds 
far higher than RISl OS itself? P.S I ve done lotsol 
soldering in the past imi no surface mount work. 

The RISC OS has to work on all sorts of machines 
and so has to be compatible with the slower hard- 
ware found in earlier machines, that is why newer 
plug-in cards can work faster. To be fair to the 
designers the need for faster serial port speeds is 
quite new, until a few years ago anything above 
9600 baud was not needed. 

The question of the maximum reliable speed is 
almost impossible to predict because it depends on 
what else your computer is doing at the time. Basi- 
cally the computer has to respond to an interrupt, 
get the character from the serial port and put it in 
a buffer at a rate of one tenth the speed of the ser- 
ial port. 

For example, with a speed of 32,000 baud you 
need to be able to respond at a speed of 3.3 KHz. 
That's fine if the computer is doing nothing else 
but with the requirements of video refresh and 
sound production you begin to push what you can 

The only way is to try it and see - if you don't 
get the speed you want, try to reduce the processor 
load. Incidentally, surface mounting work is virtu- 
ally impossible to do without the correct 
equipment, such as vacuum picks and hot air 
irons. A surface mount work station will cost you 
about the same as a Rise PC so it's not an activity 
for the amateur. 

78 Acorn User November 1997 

http //www 

fames Stevens is hoping to save money on his moni- 
tor, he writes: 

Recently I have decided to upgrade from my ageing 
U010 to a Rise PC. Being an V-Level Computing 
student on a tight budget I would prefer to use my 
existing AK1 ^2 monitor However, I am confused, 

Vs the \Kl>2 is a Multiscan monitor, will it be 
able to display mam oi the His, ih \ high resolu- 
tion Screen modes, as a SVGA monitor ^\\\' \lso, 

will the amount ol VRAM make a difference? Cur- 
rently I usually use mode ii (800 \ 600 16 
colours] but Find it a pam to haw to change to 

modi. 28 (640 \ 480 256 Colours) whenever I use 

.i\w applications which require dour 

. Uo,dd the MCF52 be able to display an 800 
le w ith 256 i olours or even 16 and 
24-bit colours? 

The number of colours a monitor can display is 
only dependent on whether it is an analogue or 
digital monitor. The early 8-bit monitors were dig- 
ital but all the 32-bit machines have used 
analogue monitors, you can therefore use your 
monitor to display any colour depth. 

As to the resolution, the Rise PC comes with an 
AKF52 driver and offers resolution up to 1600 X 
600. However, having said that you can't expect a 
razor sharp picture at that resolution. The amount 
of VRAM you have available will limit you to the 
combination of screen resolution and colour 
depth. Without any VRAM you can only get a 256 
colour mode. For higher depth modes simply mul- 
tiply the horizontal and vertical resolution 
together and multiply this by two for 16-bit colour 
and four for 24-bit colour. 

fames continues to look to the future and asks: 
i am in the process ol choosing a i niversity to fol- 
low i omputer Science. Many Universities oiler 
: students access to the campus network from 
their bedrooms, using a dreadful Wintel PC. 
Would you see an\ problems connecting a Rise l'( 
to the network using a Pt < aid and appropriate 
version ol u indows? 

Yep, I would see lots of problems. Not with the 
basic setup but with the Internet software you will 
probably want to run - most is a bit flaky to say 
the least. However, if you have a proper ethernet 
connection for the computer there is no need to 
resort to PC technology at all. The whole point 
about the Internet is that it does not matter what 
sort of computer you have, so with the correct 
software and interface card you can run it all from 
the Acorn side. 

David Goad from Hayes has been reading my hard- 
ware column and has a bit of a wish list, he says: 
\iicr seeing your recent article on a Pit program- 
mer for the Archimedes I was wandering ii 

had an) plans to do an article on a universal 

de\ii e programmer that could program most ; 
oi programmable logu devices, EPROMS, PALS 

(i \l S and I'll S as well as some Ol the more popu- 
lar single chip computers, as tins facility is 
seriously lacking on the \tt and although I have 
the ability to design the hardware my program- 
ming skill would not be up to the lask. 

I did look at the possibility of making a GAL pro- 
grammer a few years ago. A GAL by the way is 
Generic Array Logic and allows you to make all 

sorts of chip functions from a single chip. The only- 
problem is that chip manufacturers will not release 
the programming algorithms to anyone who isn't a 
licensed registered developer with them. 

Their excuse is that they want to be able to 
ensure the reliability and reputation of their chips 
but I suspect the real reason was to keep the price 
of the programmers up. I did have several 
attempts at trying to worm it out of them but they 
all failed. The other problem is that with device 
specifications changing all the time a lot of effort 
has to be put into keeping such a project up-to- 
date and with the size of the Acorn market for this 
sort of device being so small, I am sorry the 
answer has to be no. 

Last month Chris Bell from Llanbedr had a problem 
about seeing if lii\ printer was online. Following my 
suggested solution he writes back: 
I vv tried youi SYS' Parallel Op" suggestion and ii 
does indeed give various results depending upon 

the punier State. However inv setup la Ri$( P< 600 

ami IIP I aserjet 51 1 gives different results to those 
that you said you got from yoi 
SYS'Puallel Op" I" S%: PRIM S% yields the 
printer cable disi onm 

prinler umiU'i led. swih lied on. no pap< ■ 

printer connected switi bed on paper loaded 

S% 1D&D8 
Perhaps you can see a pattern but I can't. Obvi- 
ously i could pist look for 5% <i> &D8 on my 

setup but this WOUldn t neeessarils work for olhei 

people I'd appreciate your further thoughts. 

Well let's look at the bits in the status register, bits 
to 3 are not used so we are left with five bits that 
are brought out to the port, these are: 7 - Not 
Busy, 6 - Not Ack, 5 - Paper Error, 4 - Select, 3 - 
Not Error. The important thing to remember is 
that while some of the signal names are preceded 
by Not, only bit 7 is actually in inverting input. 

So with nothing connected, logic inputs will 
float high and read as ones, hence you will get k78, 
bits to 2 always read zero and bit 7 is the inverse 
of the input and hence a one. I get the same value 
on my computer. Now with the cable connected 
but printer not switched on there is a path to earth 
for the signals and it looks like all those that were 
floating high have now gone low as this is the 
inverse of the not connected bit pattern. 

When you switch on with no paper your printer 
is indicating that it is busy, bit 7 low and it has an 
error - bit 3 low, it is not selected - bit 4 low and 
finally it has a paper error - bit 5 high. So it looks 
like your printer is pulling out all the stops to 
indicate it is not ready to go and not just singling 
a paper error. I would think you would be safe in 
looking at the top five bits for all setups remember 
bits to 2 should not be relied upon and should 
be masked out of any test. If you are worried 
about other setups then offer the user an option to 
ignore the status bits and go ahead anyway. 


Contacting me 

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Thru OUT 


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Trrtern^l -fit:-tin<3 


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10 Channels TN 

32 Channels OUT 


TTie i^Ai^^B is designed to 

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Mike Cook's hardware series 

Checking the 


In the third part of this project Mike Cook explains 
the uses of a software PIC simulator 






Over the last two months I have presented 
software to program the Maplin 16C.H4 PIC 
blower and an assembler to generate the source 
code. This month, to complete the trilogy, I will 
look at a software PIC simulator. The first thing 
you might think is 'why bother?' - and I do 
have some sympathy with that point of view. 
There is nothing to beat sitting down and think- 
ing about a problem. However, most problems 
you will encounter when learning an instruc- 
tion set stem from a misunderstanding of it. 

( omputer manual writers have not got the 
best of reputations when it comes to clarity and 
accuracy of expression. This is mainly because 
the topic is quite complex and often authors 
assume knowledge that you don't have. Mind 
you, this is better than wading through tons of 
turgid prose explaining absolutely everything, 
so that by the time you have read it it is diffi- 
cult to extract the information you need. 

A simulator can be useful in that you can 
immediately check the results of an instruction. 
That is the secret of using not only a simulator, 
but any piece of test equipment. As a tutor of 
mine told me many years ago, 'never make a 
measurement without some idea of what you 
expect to see'. Wise words indeed, because with- 
out expectation you can never be assured or 
surprised and so you might as well not bother 
with the measurement. 

There is a difference between a simulator and 
an emulator. A simulator is a piece of software 
that will behave like a device whereas an emu- 
lator also has real inputs and outputs and can 
be plugged into the final circuit to test out the 
interaction of the hardware. An emulator is 
another step up in complexity from a simulator 
and unless it can be made to run in real time is 
of little use. 

Most emulators use specialised hardware and 
are quite complex. That's not to say the simula- 
tor isn't complex - it's the most complex 
application I have written for quite a few years. 
The trick to writing complex applications is to 
start simply and then build up, but here I want 
to concentrate more on how to use it rather 
than how I wrote it. 

Load up the simulator from the cover disc 
and drag a hex file onto the icon bar. You 
should get the control window bristling with 
controls and information. Like seeing an oscil- 
loscope for the first time, it could be that 



Address Op-Code Mnemonic 



there is too much to take in at once but it is 
not so daunting if you take it slowly. At the 
top is the path name of the file you are simu- 
lating, when you drag it into this window you 
simulate a power up reset. This is different 
from the normal reset you get from the reset 
line on the chip as some registers are preset to 
certain values. 

The next row of icons show you the current 
address, op-code and mnemonic - this is the 
instruction that is about to be executed. ( licking 
on GO will execute that instruction and you can 
see the results 
reflected in the other 
indicators. The simu- 
lator will now be in 
a paused state with a 
new instruction 
displayed waiting to 
be executed. The 
heart of the 
simulator is a disas- 
sembler - a program 
that takes the raw 
op-codes and trans- 
lates them into 

I decided not to 
use the original 
assembler syntax 
but rather pad it 
out a bit so the 
meaning of the 
mnemonic was made 
clearer. For example, 
in the assembler a 
mnemonic can have 
an extra number 
that is used as file 
storage location or 

i ' C - 

. '<■■: - 

PIC 16C84 Simulator Control 

Input File \s Square S RunTheRisc No33 Count/H 



inc//ite 6K. / 





Sleep Beset 




Break Points 

(% Step 
J Run 
J Skip 









7 6 5 4 3 2 10 

i/o Ports D Ci O D D A 


a numeric value. Which it is depends on tin- 
type of instruction being used and there is no 
need to specify if the number is a file or a 

However, this is often the cause of confusion 
with beginners, so in the simulator the instruc- 
tion will specifically have the word file or value 
in the mnemonic as appropriate. The PIC 16C84 
has only one accumulator called W and its 
value is shown under the op-code. You can 
change this, and most other values, at any time 
by typing a new value in. Note you have to 


November 1997 Acorn User 81 

http //www. 


Mike Cook's hardware series 

Checking the 


press Return before the simulator uses this 
updated value. 

In this way you can check a whole host of 
Operations without having to rely on the code 
you are simulating to put the correct values in 
files. For example, you can type in another 
address and skip over a section of code to the 
part that is giving you trouble. Having said that, 
remember that the code you skip might have 
done something that affects vour problem code. 

On the real chip the status register is actually 
file location 5, here it is shown as individual 
bits which you can click on to change their val- 
ues. The bits TO and I'D can be changed by 
clicking on them but as far as the real chip and 
the simulator are concerned, they are not 
writable. That is because they reflect various 
events going on in the processor, however, they 
are changed by these events. 

The eight indicators under the word Stack 
represent the sub-routine return address slack. 
As a sub- routine is called, the address of the 
next instruction is pushed onto the stack. 
When a return trom sub-routine is executed, 
the processor goes to the address stored at the 
top of the stack and all the other values move 
up. On the chip this is a hardware stack and 
there is no way you can access il - here you 

I have not made an indicator for a stack over- 
flow or underflow as I wanted to make it 
behave like the real chip. When an overflow or 
underflow occurs, the stack simply wraps 
round. Similarly, when a reset occurs the stack 
is not cleared. This is so that 'clever' program- 
mers can continue to be clever - the more 
sensible among us will ensure that this never 

Next to the GO button you have a choice of 
whether to execute just that one instruction 
with STEP, the default, continuously execute 
instructions with RUN or miss out the instruc- 
tion with SKIP. When running you can stop at 
any time but if you are interested in the state of 
the machine at a particular time you need to 
use the break points. 

You can set up to four of these and when a 
running simulation encounters an address that 
is the same as one of the break points, it will 
stop and go into the single step mode. To clear a 
break point simply type a number greater than 
the biggest address - say 1000. At the bottom of 
the control window there are two rows of indi- 
cators representing the input/output ports. On 
power up these will be inputs, represented by 
switches set at logic one. (licking on the 
switches will change the value. 

However, if bits in the two TRIST registers are 
cleared, these inputs will change to outputs and 
be shown as LEDs. The TRIST registers along 
with all the other registers can be accessed from 

Acorn User November 1997 

http //www.idy 





[3 E 












Q£ EfJ£ 

E Q] 








| ft | 0I - TMBO 

J ipraiti Tone 

| | 04-f» 

( I 06 - it DATA 



09 - HAM 
85 - TRIST A 
86- TRBTB 

the monitor window. You get the monitor win- 
dow from the menu. Note here that ticks 
against the windows don't change when you 
dose the window - they indicate the windows 
that will be opened on an iconbar click, lor an 
uncluttered appearance, values only appear 
here when they are used by the program so you 
can easily see what registers (or files) you have 

Some of the registers concerned with inter- 
rupts are displayed as individual bits that can be 

changed with a ^ 

click. There are 
also some pseudo 
registers here as 
well, these are val- 
ues used in the 
simulation that 
you might want to 
change. For exam- 
ple, if you have the 
watchdog timer 
enabled this will 
time out and 
cause an interrupt 
approximately every 
18mS. However, this 
is not precise and 
depends on things 
like the tempera- 
ture of the chip. 

The watchdog 
timeout is a num- 
ber that the 
watchdog tinier 
must reach before 
generating an 

interrupt. It is preset to the number of cycles 
representing ISmS if you have a 4MHz clock. As 
the simulator does not work in real time this 
can be too much for testing, so you can simply 
type a lower number in here. See the help file 
for further details. 

Learning to use a simulator is like learning to 
use an oscilloscope or any other complex instru- 
ment - the more you practice the more you can 
get out of it. The basic trick is to be able to pre- 
dict what will happen - in that way you get 
your surprises and learn. I have sent out a few 
copies of the simulator for beta testing and I 
would like to thank Bill Jeffs for spotting a few 
mistakes in the original. 

However, I would not be surprised if a few 
subtle bugs are still in there, so if you come 
across any differences in behaviour between the 
simulator and the actual chip please let me 
know and 1 will see about correcting it in a later 
version. In the meantime 1 think we have all 
the tools needed to be able to make full use of 
this remarkable chip. Best of luck in your 

PIC 16C84 Simulator Mcnitc 

m n\ 



Wotcndog Ttfn*f | T6B | 
1 30 \ Ptticatt 

Wcutida) Time Out [ ?08 | 

P*9«»r Files 
| 01 | PC | 61 | 0D | )£ [ 06 | IE | Of 

[ It | 10 1 00 | It | 00 1 12 | 00 1 13 [ 01 | M | | 15 | 1 16 | [ l7 

I I ■« I l»l 1 1*1 I'BJ |K| I'D I l«l \W 

| \n\ |2l| 1 22 1 |23 1 1*| [2S| [26 1 \?1 

1 I l«l I « I |2A| |2B| |2C| [»| \x | J2F 






Single-User £90.3 
iyti-User £36. 


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Use high quality PS/2 (round connector) 
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Buy our SOLO digital joystick Interface 
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956 7947 

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Date: / / 









• $ % 




Steve Mumford explains how you can exert greater control when plotting fonts 

We're now at a stage where we can 
paint a string of text to the screen in 
a chosen font without too much trouble. 
As I mentioned last time round, this can 
be handy but it's definitely not the end 
of the story. This month I'll introduce 
some of the other SVVI calls available for 
more sophisticated manipulation of text 
prior to display. 

First, it's important to be able to 
convert between OS units and milli- 
pointy as some of the more flexible font 
manipulation commands, such as 
I out ScauSti -ing. only take input in the 
form of the latter. Two SWI calls are 
provided to ease this process, and these 
are Font..ConverttoOS and 


They're simple to use - just set registers 
1 and 2 to the X and y coordinates you 
wish to translate, and a call to the appro- 
priate SWI will convert and return the 
values in the same registers. The default 
'exchange rate' is 400 millipoints per OS 
unit, but this can be altered if you're 
really desperate. 

l-ont StriugYVidth can also be partic- 
ularly useful - its function is to calculate 
the length of a string as it would appear 
on the screen when plotted in the 
Current font. If you know the dimensions 
of the area you want to paint the text 
into, this call can predict where you'd 
need to split a long string to fit it into 
the available space. It takes values in 

registers I to 5 - the first is a pointer to 
the string you wish to analyse, the 
second and third hold the maximum v 
and y sizes of the area the text is to fit 
into, the fourth holds the numeric code 
of the character at which a line-split may 
take place (normally '32', which repre- 
sents a Space) and the fifth stores the 
number of characters you wish to process 
- normally the length of the string. 

Armed with this information, 
lout StringW idth will take a note of 
the font currently in use and scan 
through the given string, character by 
character, until one of several criteria is 
met, taking note of the positions oi the 
assigned 'split' characters on the way. 
Obviously, if the string comes to an end 
before its on-screen size exceeds those 
values in R2 and R3, the call will termi- 
nate and will calculate sizes based on the 
whole string. 

However, if the predicted size of the 
painted text exceeds those given in R2 
and R3, the function will return early. In 
this case, the SWI will return the length 
and the dimensions of the string as it 
would be plotted, up to but not includ- 
ing the last successfully scanned split' 
character. In most situations, a space will 
be used as the separation character, so 
Font_StringWidth will just discard the 
last interrupted word. 

On returning, the call will give you 
five values, again in registers 1 to 5. Rl is 

a pointer to the last character that was 
reached in the scan, R2 and R.i give the v 
and y offsets that would result if the 
string was actually printed to screen, R4 
holds the number of occurrences of the 
split' character specified, and R5 gives 
the position of the character within the 
string at which the scan stopped - the 
character before the last 'split' character 
il the text had to be broken over more 
than one line. 

One way of using this call is to parti- 
tion a long bit of text into smaller 
chunks that will all fit within a certain 
width - by taking the returned values 
and re-submitting the modified string, 
it's possible to work through and format 
a complete column of text. 

I'ont ScanString is a more powerful 
relative of the above SWI, and is only 
available in RISC OS 3 or later. It closely 
mirrors the format of Font_Paint, so it 
can give details about most of the effects 
of a FontPaint call without having to 
display the text on-screen. 

As well as more sophisticated termina- 
tion criteria, it can deal with text being 
painted in different directions and help 
you discover where to insert a caret 
following a mouse-click within a region 
of text. In the later versions of the oper- 
ating system, this call replaces 
Font_StringWidth as well as a couple of 
other system calls, and pros ides all A,-, 
their functionality within one SWI. /lU 

November 1997 Acorn User 

httpY/ uk/acornuser/ 



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• HTML creation tools 

• Bett'97 Show 

Issue 178 -February 1997 

• Acorn Internet Relay 

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The pernickety pessimist 

In response to the letter written by Wilf 
Beeson (September 1997) and the comment 
of Steve Turnbnll, the Ixiitor (July 1997), I feel 
it is important to clarify one point - without 
promotional means, a company is in no 
sin. ill difficulty. 

Certainly, I agree that every Acorn user 
should do what they can to help advertise, 
such as creating their own websites and so 
on. Unfortunately, I am not, at present, on 
the Internet but have every intention of 
launching my own little magazine - well, 
more of a pamphlet really - with a disc per 
issue. Naturally, I shall do everything I can to 
elevate the public opinion about Acorns. 

However, if a company remains so depen- 
dent on its relatively few loyal customers, (he 
progress will an uphill fight. If that is how it 
m ust be, we will all have to get our act 
together and force the disbelieving world to 
swallow the simple fact that Acorn is the best. 

So called 'quibbling' in this case, is merely 
an attempt to elucidate a problem. The 
refinement and development of a company 
depends on the illumination of these faults. 
Therefore I would urge anyone with any 
quibbles' to make them known. Yes, I am a 
constant critic and I will try to find positive 
things to say in the future. 

Another thing I would like to comment on 
is Acorn's ability to maintain company inter- 
est. Hewlett Packard refuse to produce any 

printer drivers for their latest range of deskjets 
and other printers. When I inquired as to win 
they had shut off this area of the market the 
simple reply was that they felt Acorn wasn't 
worth their while anymore. 

Ihey are not the only company who will not 
cooperate. In my attempts to find the appro- 
priate software to download the images of my 
RC260 Canon Camera, the only things avail- 
able were for PCs priced at around five 
hundred pounds. Incidentally, does anyone 
know what I need? The software I have seen 
seems to focus on other cameras. 

If everyone is so keen on the idea of the con- 
sumer being the advertiser, that's great, hut 
programming skills are required to create soft- 
ware and websites. The Programmers Reference 
Manual is not exactly cheap. I haven't got it, 
much as I need it. It can only be purchased 
through Acorn dealers or magazines. There are 
no programming books for the Acorn in any 
of the libraries in Lincoln. I asked the librarian 
to dig up what they had access to, internally 
and externally. She found two books - both 
on the Acorn Electron and not exactly what I 
had in mind. There were plenty of PC manu- 
als, but Acorn, not a hope. 

It seems that if you want to do real serious 

programming a step beyond Lee Calcraft and 

Alan Wrigley's Wimp Programming for I//. 

you need over one hundred pounds spare cash 

to start. 

William Simpson 


Acorn virtuality update 

Just to let you know, I have been adding a 
few more decent features to the engine 
and hope to be doing something commer- 
cial with it soon. Hie sercenshot shows 
the running engine which now has floor 
and ceiling lexturing and variable detail 
levels. I've also fixed that stupid occur- 
rence when the walls look squished if you 
walked too close to them. 

Greg Scott 

November 1997 Acorn User I 87 

Write to Acorn User, Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, SK10 4NP. E-mail: 

Internet business 

I was recently looking over some Acorn User 
mags from earlier in the year and came 
across Alex Singleton's letter about how he 
thought the Internet was only useful to cer- 
tain businesses. 

I have to disagree with this because some 
people will put their business websites on 
the Internet and some people will look 
there for ideas. As more businesses get on 
the Web, more people will be aware that 
they will be able to find what they want on 
there. Basically whatever you want to 
km>w, you can probably find several pages 
on the Internet about it. 

At the end of Mcx's letter he says that he 
thinks that online communication is the 
way forward but if small businesses decide 
not to go online because they don't think it 
will give them enough business the general 
public may think it wouldn't be worth 
looking online either because the informa- 
tion they require may not be there. So if the 

2000 more rumbles 

I agree with Paul Dunning that just because 
the OS doesn't fall over at year 2(KK), you 
shouldn't assume that programs running on 
it don't. If you're writing a proper applica- 
tion you should ask the OS for the year .is a 
number and store it as a number, rather than 

range from 1981 to 1996, versions of file- 
server code released from the late 198()'s 
onwards returned the full 7-bit year. 

True, early programs that only used the 
bottom four bits did fall over and in January 
this year I had a number of phone calls from 
people whose programs where saying that it 


Time stored as 








32-bit seconds 





7-bit years 





7-bit years 





5-bit years 





40-hit centiseconds 




ask for it as a string and chop it up. Even in 
MS DOS where most of the problems are 
appearing, the year is returned as a 7-bit off- 
set from 1980, so it's where people process 
that number incorrectly that problems arise. 

As a comparison, this table shows some 
comparative epoch definitions in various sys- 

In the news section in September 1997 it 
was stated that 'early versions of the NFS as 
used in the Beebs expired a while ago', fhe 
NFS knows nothing about dates, it's the file- 
server that sends them and any application 
that asks for them that interprets them. 
While it is true that early fileservers only 
returned the year as a 4-bit number giving a 

way forward is by online communication 
there must be some point in small busi- 
nesses going online. 

Phillip Webster (aged IS) 

Another day nearer 

In reply to Paul Dunning about the year 
2000 problem. You wondered if there are 
any significant RIS< OS applications built 
before 1996 that would have problems. 

Well, yes and no. Eureka, the excellent 
Spreadsheet from I.ogotron, as supplied 
(even version 5.05 the last release) cannot 
display 2000+ dates unless the user creates a 
new lemplate to get around the problem. 
The default lemplate within the App, 
which is not user modifiable, has not been 
given the extra yy attributes required to dis- 
play this date. 

That's not to say it cannot present the 
2000+ date, the underlying application can. 
Hut without manual intervention by the 
user it cannot. What needs to be done is cre- 
ate a new Template file, to be stored in: 
llureka. Templates. 

Then bring up the Number Formats win- 
dow (Menu-Format-Number), scroll to the 
bottom of the formats list and create a new- 
one, in the form: dd-mmm-wvv. Click on 

was 1981. Most of these were fixed by chang- 
ing hits of code from something like: 




It's surprising to think that the early pro- 
grammers who tried to save space by putting 
a year into two characters as 1900+'97' 
instead of '1997' and created a 100-year date 
range didn't realise that they could have put 
the year into one byte as a number, used 
half the space and more than doubled the 

Jonathan Harston 
)(■ Id" 

Add, then re-save the lemplate. 

If the user always uses this template as 
their default. 2000+ dates should he no prob- 

Dave Symes 

Don't bug me 

William Simpson isn't the first person I've 
seen scoffing at Intel's hardware bugs and 
their reaction to them (AU letters, October 
1997). I've even clone it myself. But think: 
What about Digital? Did not a great many 
Rise PC owners buy hugged StrongARMs? 
What have Digital done to address the mat- 
ter? It's all very well Acorn patching the OS 
to sweep it under the carpet (and well done 
to them), but I hear the bug causes serious 
performance problems with RiscBSD. 

Tony Houghton 

TV star quality 

Did anyone notice it? Fhe highlight of 
Saturday (30 August) evening's television. Yes 
you've guessed what it is I'm talking about - 
the Archimedes at 9pm in A Mimi To Kill on 
Channel 5. Isn't this just the best sort of 
advertising Acorn can get? 

Now I, like many Acorn users, know that 
Acorn cannot afford to launch a multi-million 


Acorn User November 1997 uk/acornuser/ 

pound advertising campaign that has heen 
designed by top advertising gurus, but one 
way of achieving a great deal of advertising 
at a much lesser cost would be to offer A 7000 
and Rise PCs to television companies for 
inclusion in their productions, lor example a 
few Acorns most certainly wouldn't look out 
of place in programmes such as BUGS - 
BBCl's techno programme where the BUGS 
team can do anything with a computer. 

Paul Stewart 

Not that bad 

Having read the review of our product, 
WinRisc, in the August issue of Acorn User, I 
have to say it gives an entirely misleading 
view of the product. It states categorically 
that the program is useless due to the speed 
at which it operates. The reviewers have 
attempted to use WinRisc for things which 
it is simply not designed to do, for example, 
we make it clear that WinRisc is not 
designed for graphically intensive tasks 
such as full motion video, yet they com- 
plain that it does not render video quickly 
They have also given several exact timings 
tor WinRisc to perform certain tasks, and I 
have compared these with timings on 
another identical system, and found that 
the timings in the review are up to 20 times 
slower than the actual time taken to per- 
form the tasks. I can only assume that the 
reviewer's computer system had a serious 
software or hardware fault. 

Several other major Acorn magazines have 
reviewed WinRisc and none has found the 
speed of the program to be a significant 
problem, yet you claim that it is entirely use- 
less for any serious work. There are hundreds 
of regular users of WinRisc who would dis- 
agree, unless you are implying that their 
work is not serious? 

Your reviewers seem to expect WinRisc to 
run faster than the ordinary PC card soft- 
ware, which is of course impossible, since it 
runs on top of this software. In fact it is 
around 20 per cent slower than IPC. for most 
tasks, which I think is perfectly acceptable. 
Obviously if the PC card itself is Faster than 
a speeding glacier so will WinRisc be, but 
there is no other justification for that title. 

The difficulties your second reviewer had 
in installing WinRisc were entirely due to a 
failure to read the documentation supplied. 
We always recommend to customers that 
they use Windows .11 since it is consider- 
ably faster, however WinRisc still runs at a 
perfectly acceptable speed under Windows 
95. I was given a copy of the article before it 
went to press and informed you of the 
errors, and was told that steps would be 
taken to check the article before it went to 
press, however it was not checked and I was 
not told that it was going to press until I saw 
the article in the magazine, hence the delay 
between the publication of the review and 
of this letter. 

If any reader would like to see for them- 
selves how fast WinRisc operates, please visit 
your local Acorn dealer and ask to see it. 
Over 100 people came to see it at the 

Wakefield show, running on an SX33 PC 
card, and not one of them was disappointed 
by the speed, even on that very slow system. 
If any buyer finds WinRisc to be 'useless' we 
will naturally offer them a full refund. 

Chris ( las don , 
AF Software 

The best 

I've been an Acorn user since about 1986 
when I bought an Electron, partly because it 
was the cheapest way of playing Elite at the 
time. Even before this I used to pick up 
Acorn magazines when I aspired to owning a 
BBC Micro. 

I think the time has come for Acorn to 
licence RISC OS to other manufacturers who 
can sell their own computers with ARM 
processors - perhaps not matching the speed 
of Acorn's more prestigious machines, but 
sold at a sub-£500 price point. The 
StrongARM could be the basis of a superb 
games console. 

Martin Wilson 
Yeovil, Somerset 
Acorn will licence their technologies to anyone 
who wants to huy - ami that's precisely what 
they are doing again ami again. Mostly it s in 
the guise of the NCOS hut as I've said before, 
make no mistake. NCOS is RISC OS. 

Of course that's "only" for the NC, but with 
Acorn's new global positioning other, very 
large, companies arc licencing their software 
for a multitude of different products and 
who's to say that a StrongARM -powered 
games console featuring RISC OS, isn't among 
the forthcoming products? 

It's time to cast your vote in the Acorn User Awards 1997. So take a 
little time to look back over the year and let us know who and what 
you think has stood out from the rest in the Acorn marketplace. 

Just fill in the form opposite with your votes in the Best Product, 
Best Advert, Best Acorn User Article/Series and Best Dealer categories 
and post it to: 

Acorn User Awards 1997, Acorn User, IDG Media, 
Media House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 4NP 
or e-mail your vote to 

Best Advert*: 

Best Article* 

Best Dealer: 

*Best Article and Best Advert from the November 1996 to 
October 1997 issue (inclusive). Best Article can be a series 
or a one-off article. 

November 1997 Acorn User 


Hercules was given 12 labours to com- 
plete. If he had been around today, one 
of them might have been selling Auini 
computers and accompanying software to the 
Japanese domestic market. This task actually 
falls on Alexander Streater, who explains a 
little about Japan. 

'Such is the wealth in Japan,' he says, 'that 
more and more people are tending to have 
more than one platform. People may have a l'< 
running a Japanese version of Windows 95 and 
a Mac, or they will have one of these machines 
and a dedicated laptop wordprocessor. I he 
good thing is that they are all absolutely 
incompatible; non-compatibility is very 
normal in Japanese society. Because of this, 
Acorn machines could find themselves a niche 
at the expensive end of this trend. This too is 
possibly the way into areas such as the network 

It was about 13 years ago when Alexander 
first saw this niche. He'd been invited by a 
Japanese corporation to research automation 
control. When he came back to England, Acorn 
had just produced their first RISC, machines. 

'Even though 1 was not working for the cor- 
poration any more, I knew the Acorn computer 
was definitely something they would be inter- 
ested in. I managed to sell them one. You have 
to realise that at this time it was "old" Acorn 
and not new'' Acorn, so the Japanese found it 
very difficult to communicate with people 
back at Acorn even though they tried. If it had 
been new Acorn, I think it would have been 
different. 1 decided it was something which 
could work out, so 1 flew out and started 
showing some people. Unfortunately I think I 
had just missed the boat because by this time 
all the big Japanese corporations had tied up 
with Sun.' 

Even with this initiative. Alexander found 
that showing good technology in Japan does 

not make you any money - you really have to 
build contacts, and that meant moving to 
Japan. Then, after 10 years drinking with 
someone, that someone might trust you enough 
to make the right kind of Introductions. This is 
the way Japanese corporations act when 
buying. So Alexander and his wife set up a 
school in Japan to teach English. 

'The school pays for the bread and butter. It 
only takes 20 hours a week of our time, so we 
are virtually retired,' grins Alexander wickedly. 
' I he rest of the time we do whatever interests 


The good thing 

is that they are 

all absolutely 



is very normal in 

Japanese society 


us. We have spent a lot of time travelling 
around Japan demonstrating the Acorn system 
running programs like Artworks in Japanese. 
This always gets a good reception. 

'The system is not quite complete and it is 
not backed by Acorn - we would like an Acorn 
solution. There was no support in the oper- 
ating system for Japanese - it was not until a 
couple of years ago we managed to solve this 

'We have not made any major deals yet, but 
what we are doing as well is trying to make 
people aware of the technology. Now we have a 
front-end processor so we can type in all the 
characters. Most software works straight away 

in Japanese without any changes. If there are 
any developers out there who are interested in 
the potential of the Japanese or far-eastern 
market, they should get in touch with me.' 

Japanese engineers are particularly 
impressed. They are always amazed how beauti- 
fully well-designed everything is, how good the 
operating system is and how nice the interface 

Tor the first 18 months we were using the 
industry standard font, which is the equivalent 
to Homerton in English. We realised that this is 
Simply because all the characters are flat there 
are not many curves - this means the font is 
easy to display on low resolution monitors 
when nothing is anti-aliased. 

It occurred to us to try the equivalent of a 
serif font like Trinity. When we announced 
this, we were met with dismay and concern; 
people said that it would never work and it 
would be too difficult to read. When a group 
came to see it and we switched the computer 
on, booted up and opened a document their 
mouths actually dropped open - they were 
amazed that every horizontal line appeared to 
be visible. Some characters are very similar and 
they look almost identical, but with this you 
could distinguish them all.' 

Alexander hasn't made his millions yet, 
although he's well on his way. If he gets there, 
he'll probably carry on what he's doing at the 
moment, but build and design houses 'as a 

I would design one, build it, live in it to see 
how it works and then get on with the next 
one. An idea which interests me is having an 
ordinary looking house and walking in to find 
that the floor is a huge piece of glass under 
which goldfish are swimming.' 

Alexander Streater can be contacted via e- 

mail atdonqurilp' i_ T 

Jill Regan nx) 


Acorn User November 1997 

Summer Price Reductions 

Rl l) prices - at (east Hi' , 
Rl D *•' = at least 
(Since lul\ 97 Prices) 

i 'id ii re by Walter Bliggs 
using Studio24Pro 

The cheapest way to buy the RiscPC of your choice. Let Pineapple install 
the upgrades you require into a basic StrongARM RiscPC and save money! 

StrongARM RiscPC (233.Mli/) (4Mb 1.2Gb HI)) Base Price - £ 1099.00 inc vat 

General Upgrades 

CDRoma - (when bought with ■ RiscIH I 

x8 speed CDRom £ 50.00 

x24 speed CDRom £ 75.00 

HarddHves - (exchange tor RiscPC 1.2Gb III)) 
1.7Gb Harddrivc £99.00 

2.5Gb Harddrive £ 129.00 

3.8Gb Harddrivc £ 199.00 

5.1Gb Harddrivc £299.00 

Other sizes available - please ask 

Hack planes 

2 slot backplane £ 34.00 

2nd Slice (inc 4 sloi backplane) £ 89.00 

RiscPC Memory 

IMbVRam £80.00 

2MbVRam £115.00 

8Mb SIMM £39.00 

16Mb SIMM £59.00 

32Mb SIMM £ 105.00 

Other si /cs available - please ask 

PC Cards & Software 

DX 2-66 PC Card £169.00 

DX4-IOOPCCard £229.00 

586-100 (or l33Mh/> PC Card £ 351.33 
PC Pro & PC Exchange £ 49.95 

Windows 95 (Installed for von) £ 79.00 


Acorn I4"AKF60 £264.00 

Acorn 17"AKF9I £639.00 

Iiyama 17" 8617E £515.00 

Qyama l7"9017EPro £549.00 

CTX 14" £ 189.00 

CTX 15" £279.00 

CTX 17" .28mm 30-70Khz £449.00 

CTX 17" .26mm30-85Kh/ £549.00 


33.600 Ext Voice Modem BABT £85.00 
33.600 US Robotics Voice £169.00 

Ant Internet Suite software £1 16.33 




Buy a new RiscPC and have an extra £200 to spend! 

From the 1st September if you buy a RiscPC we will give you a vouchei which allows 
you i" spend £200 on any goods purchased from Pineapple Software. This can include 
am of our normal stock items or .m> third part) products we can obtain for you. This 
oiler is in addition to our FREE gifts shown opposite! Limited period only! 

Pineapple FRKK gifts 

With ever) new RiscPC you receive - 
I year subscription to the Virus .Scheme. 

Studio24 \ I An & photo-retouch software. 

20:20 Finance available on all RiscPCs (subject to status). 20% deposit and 20 monthly payments at 0% 


I here are now ti grow ing number ol 
scanners which will work on Rise! IS, Mosl 
Hi these need a SCSI interface though so 
the Epson GT5000 parallel is siill oui most 
popular model 

\ new inexpensive parallel port scanner 
which works just on the PCcard is now 
available ai £169.00 !! 
All oui scanner prices include Twain and 
Imagemaster software, SCSI scanner prices 
do not include the SCSI connecting cable. 
Epson GT5000 parallel * £299.00 
Epson GT5000 SCSI * £349.00 

Epson GT8500 par&SCSl 
Epson GT9500 par&SCSI 
Umax Vista S6E SCSI £269.00 

Umax Astra- SCSI E269.0Q 

AgfaSnapscan • SCSI £259.00 

Nl w iiui (parallel) *** 

SCSI Cards & Cables 

CumanaSCSI II Card £189,00 

I I.SOX SCSI II Card £145.00 
50 mini 'D' to 50 Centronics 

50 mini TV to 25 D' plug £19.00 

25 'D' plug to 50 ('anionics E16.99 

50 Centronics plug to plug £15.99 

50 Centronics plug to ski EI6.99 

Switch Boxes 

These are ideal for parallel port 

switching between a printer & scanner 
Parallel 2 wav E16.99 

Parallel 4 way £19.99 

25 'IV plug to 25 T)' plug £4.99 

25 D" plug to 36 Centronics £4.99 

Monitoi and keyboard switch boxes ulsoavailal 


Pineapples removable drive system is 
available for both IDE and SCSI 
systems. Provides total data protection! 
IDE mounting kit (inc cable) 
IDE removable case E10.00 

SCSI mounting kit (inccable) LP). on 
S< SI removable case 

Hare DDE hard drives 

1 .2Gb IDE £145.00 

1.7Gb IDE 

2.0GbIDE * £169.00 

2.5Gb IDE * LI 79.00 

3.2Gb IDE * f 

3.8Gb IDE * ' 

4.3Gb IDE (Fireball ST) * 

1.3Gb IDE (Cyclone 5.25") £239.00 

5.1Gb IDE 

6.4Gb IDE (Fireball ST) * £399.00 

IDE Expansion 

vl IDE Expansion card £69.00 

Bare SCSI harddrives 

1 ,0Gb SCSI 

2.0Gb SCSI * • 

3.2Gb SCSI (Quantum ST) • I 

4.2Gb SCSI * i I 


TV Coders 

We have a range ol P\l. l\ coders 
available which allow the output of an) 
Acorn Computer to be displayed on a 
normal TV or recorded onto a \ ideo 
recorder. All models have S-VHS as 
well as standard video outputs. Please 

ask for more details. 

PI .(73 PAI. Coder * E 

AVK73 PAL Coder 

AVK/5 PAI. Coder 

Monitor adapter 9-1 Spin £4.1 1 

Monitor adapter 15-9 pin £4.1 1 


'Man) Acorn User front 
. covers have been created from 
scratch using this program 

alone, concrete proof of the power of 

this creative tool' Acorn UserMar96 

Now just * £99.00* 

I Isers \\<<\c FREE update vZ I'< is n«u available. 

Pineapples Virus Protection 
Scheme has been running 
for over live years and is 
still being updated with new 
viruses on a regular basis. 
New software versions are 
seal OUI to members every 
three months and the total 
number of viruses which 
can be removed is over 100. 

Joining fee just £28.20 

Inexpensive multiuser licences 
'If you're interested in virus protection, 
join the Pineapple virus protection 
scheme and buy Killer. Accept no 
alternative - 'Acorn User Feb 96 


Canon BJ30- portable mono £159.00 

Canon B.TC70- portable col £199.00 

Canon BJC24Q- promo pack £169.00 

Canon BJC62G - colour 
Canon BJC4 200 - promo pack 
Canon BJC4550 (A3) 

Caium BJC5500 I \2i £698,00 

Epson Stylus 200 mono £139.00 

Epson Stylus 200 colour £179.00 

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Other Items 

Artworks video tutorial * 1 1 I 99 

Casio QVlOa Digital Camera £376.00 

Casio QV 100 Digital Camera £528.00 

Sibelius 6 software E180.95 

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Sibelius 7 software £940.00 

Studio24 version I £35.00 

\corn Netstation (Ethernet) £467.00 

Acorn Netstation (Modem) L467.00 

A7000 upgrade to A7000+ £249.00 

As an Acorn Centre of Technology 

Pineapple Software can help you with 

M.I your Acorn computer related 


\\c have many items in stock which are 
net \Ihiwii in this advert. Please ask for 
anything you require which may not be 
shown. We also undertake repairs and 
upgrade* to all Acorn computer models. 
Collection can be arranged if necessary. 

Pineapple Software 

352 Green Lane, ILFORD 
Essex IG3 9JS 

Tel 0181 599 1476 Fax 0181 598 2343 



Terms:- All prices include 
17.5'r Mil. Carriage £15 on 
computer systems. £5 on all 
other hardware. Other items 
free. Phone for quote outside 
UK. Official orders, cheques 
and all major credit cards 
accepted at no extra charge. 

'Pineapple offer some affile 

finest and friendliest after 

sales support you will find' - 

Acorn User Mar { )h 
Wnj not come unci visit us (easj 
parking) where ><>u can see most 
of the Acorn range of computers 
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Puzzled by the complexities 
of networking? 


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Jomwide nerve been designing and 
ling networks for many years now - 

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aftersales hotline supporTare carried out 
by our fully qualified team of experts. 

Contact us now for a network 

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